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Obsidian Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

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As volcanic lava comes into contact with water, it forms the Obsidian stone. The Obsidian has the mystical sense of being the supreme stone for confronting your shadow self for you to begin entering the world of light. Obsidian stone is the dark sorcerer of the crystal realm.

It has a penetrating force that will transport you to the depths of the underworld to face your greatest fears and hidden sentiments. So brace yourself for a spooky adventure with the Obsidian stone.

History Of Obsidian

When translated from its Latin name Obsidianus, Obsidian means “of/from Obsidian.” The Mayans have used Obsidian stone in trading since 100 B.C. The other name given is Obsidius' stone to this form of black volcanic glass.

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Ancient people used the Obsidian as a cutting tool and a ritual item. The archaeologists occasionally find it in excavations. Obsidian is available in a lot of places from all over the world. From Greece's azure shores and fisherman huts to Iceland's and Mexico's abandoned towns.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Obsidian

  • Physical Healing

Obsidian's healing energy will help the muscle tissues as well. It may also aid in the treatment of bacterial and viral infections. The Obsidian stone can also pull stress and anxiety out of your body, replacing them with calm and relaxation. It will help you understand what's causing your aches and pains and ease depression and anxiety.

  • Emotional Healing

Obsidian stone aids in the understanding of who you are, not how others think you are. This stone aids in the identification of out-of-date behavioral patterns. Similar to the Jasper stone, Obsidian diffuses emotional blockages and old traumas. It is giving your feelings more meaning and clarity.

Obsidian stone encourages compassion and fortitude. It is a powerfully protective stone that acts as a barrier to negative emotions. It connects you to the earth and supports you in times of need through the base chakra. Obsidian stone is beneficial to compassionate people and protects you against psychic attacks and harmful spiritual factors.

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  • Mental Healing

Obsidian broadens awareness and aids in the transformation of limiting attitudes, communication, and behavioral habits. It sharpens the senses and aids in the comprehension of mysterious events, experiences, and connections. The Obsidian stone clears the mind and dispelling doubt.

You can accomplish mental clarity by knowing what is causing your mental stress. Obsidian extends your consciousness and lets you reach the world of the unknown with courage and ease until it clears the doubt. It explains how to get rid of all destructive situations. When working toward a target, Obsidian encourages you to develop and lend support to others.

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  • Manifesting Prosperity

Obsidian will ward off bad chi and cleanse toxic energy that affects your decision-making, thought flow, and impulsive control. The Obsidian stone will improve your mental insight and discernment. It will assist you in using your power for the more significant benefit of all.

It is the perfect stone to take with you if you're feeling lost and none of your plans or hopes are going forward. In these moments of self-doubt and self-criticism, Obsidian will help you stay grounded. You can relax when rethinking your strategy by allowing its forces to overwhelm you.

  • Relationship Healing

Obsidian stone, however, is not meant as a stone of passion. But, the calming energies of the Obsidian stone can be able to assist you to manifest the love you want. It will also help you in resolving issues in your current relationship. Obsidian stone will help you in removing negative energies from yourself, your partner, or your relationship.

The Obsidian stone can wash away all the negative thoughts and feelings that are causing your relationship to suffer. Negativity erodes the basis of your relationship over time. If you don't get rid of it, it will consume you and cause you to turn on one another.

That is why the Obsidian is all about self-improvement. It also serves to remind you that you can love someone entirely without losing yourself in the process. It reminds both you and your partner can fall in love and grow old together. Even in a committed relationship, it is possible to be yourself.

The Metaphysical Benefits Of Obsidian

Obsidian is the stone of reality, and as such, it is an excellent meditation tool. The stone has several advantages that you can notice in subtle but successful ways.

You must begin somewhere because there are so many things about the universe that you have yet to learn. Obsidian stone is a wonderful calming stone for learning how to communicate with yourself and your inner reality. It supports you to jump deeper into your spiritual journey until that nothing or no one can shake your conviction.

The power of the Obsidian Stone is to mainly enhance your root chakra. It is one of your most powerful chakras because it is responsible for keeping you grounded regardless of what is going on in the world. When you have a blockage in the root chakra, you feel untethered and suddenly unstable, as though danger or negativity waits at every turn. But fortunately, the Obsidian stone will start sending its healing energy straight where you need healing.

The strength that the Obsidian stone will provide you is standing safe and strong without the risk of any psychic attack.  Obsidian stone assists you in achieving honesty by helping you see the shadow side of your actual existence. It is allowing you to become once again whole by looking for the higher truth of your being. Obsidian stone will start to demonstrates how to meet spiritual invulnerability and liberation.

The Obsidian stone is allowing you to rediscover and developed to the point of clairvoyance. Obsidian energizes the soul's intent by releasing unwanted stress and clears energy blocks. Obsidian binds your soul to the physical body.

This stone promotes development on all levels. It will reveal hidden abilities and powers that you might possess. Obsidian stone encourages you to venture into the unknown by presenting you with new horizons to discover.


The Obsidian stone is a beautiful stone that will also assist you in staying focused on your objectives. It will alert you to people who are attempting to hurt you and absorb their negative energies. Even if there is darkness and sadness in your life right now, the Obsidian will help you realize that there is still light and hope to wait for you to find and unleash.

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