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Onion spiritual meaning: Symbolism and Dream Interpretation

Onion is one of the essential condiments when cooking. It has a rich flavor that can enhance stews, casseroles, sauces, and soups. Although its aroma is intense that can make you cry, once it’s cooked, it gives a mildly sweet flavor that can improve the taste of other ingredients.

If you’re a cook or someone who loves to cook, most of the time, you handle onion. So, it’s not weird if you’re wondering about its spiritual significance.

An onion represents memories, tears, layers, jealousy, and evil spirits. If you see someone cutting an onion and it makes you cry, it means that person is highly jealous of you in your waking life. This person could be your friend or family member, so be careful of this person.

Conversely, if you’re the one who cuts an onion, you’re giving the best to your current situation. You’re trying to make the best decision in every situation, for example, saying yes to a proposal or going out on a date.

But before you give yes, you had an in-depth understanding of that person because you want to be sure.

Other symbolisms and spiritual meanings of onion include divine healing. Traditional athletes eat onions to boost their stamina and endurance.

It’s a habit that Roman soldiers adopted while marching across Europe.

They are also helpful in treating ailments, such as dysentery, relieving toothache, and promoting sleep. They are considered a valuable medicinal plant for managing hair loss and headaches during the medieval era.

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An onion could also represent your current problems. Unfortunately, it’s hard to say what the problem might be, but it may indicate that bad luck is coming your way.

You may have to postpone your long-term goals and commitments to focus on the problem that’s right in front of you. Just be calm and optimistic, even though it’s hard to accept the situation that you’re in right now.

Like how your eyes get wet when you slice an onion, whether you’re sad or happy, and onion may represent a variety of emotions and moods in your everyday life. If something positive happens to you, you may feel excited about it, but you might get uninterested in it in the next few days.

So, make sure to balance your thoughts and try to meditate.

Moreover, onions can make you cry, which means you have a collection of sad thoughts from the past that can bring tears to your eyes. It’s acceptable to recall these moments from time to time but don’t dwell on them.

Biblical meaning of onions in a dream

When one dreams of onion or garlic, there’s a level of negative energy surrounding the dreamer, where many unfavored happenings come on their way. It is the time to focus on the things or plan your next step and take your time to process it all slowly.

It is the moment where balance and grace are essential and a deep reflection on the multiple layers of life that affect everything around us.

In general, dreaming about onions shows that certain aspects of your need attention. Onions have layered skin, which means you have to peel them.

Psychological assistance is essential when you live during this period because it’s filled with pressure.

Some of these challenges came from childhood, and they are difficult to face in the present. Moreover, dreaming about onions can mean stress and distraction due to jealousy from other people.

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When you peel an onion, you feel crying because of its intense smell and flavor. It may become a problem handling these problems; that’s why you need to learn and manage things properly.

Hence, dreaming of onions can also bring nasty and negative energy. But instead of dwelling on it, look for ways to get through it slowly.

The interpretation of dreaming onions will depend on what you see while you sleep. Not all dreams about onions are bad news.

When you dream about seeing many red onions, it symbolizes that you have friends trying to get into arguments or fights.

Someone has an evil plan and tries to make you jealous.

Dreaming of peeling red onions and you cry, you have lots of emotional problems, and you’re in a bad mood. Even though your current mood is good, eventually, it will turn into sadness.

Meanwhile, if you see someone cutting red onion and it makes you cry, this dream means that they are jealous of you. It could be about your love life, career, or family.

Therefore, it means that you need to do your best to evaluate the current situation.

When you dream of buying a red onion, it means healing from something or someone; it could be a disease or from a heartache. For example, someone recovers from a deadly disease, or your friend has moved on from her current heartbreak.

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On the contrary, if you sell red onions, it means that you’ll give up on something or someone that hurt you. 

If you dream of eating onions, it symbolizes that you’ll overcome all of your current problems. It also shows your progress in the business or project you’re taking part in.

Your hard work will finally pay off, and it’s now the time to enjoy it.

Meanwhile, if you dream of eating onions but don’t like them, it means that someone is trying to send a negative vibe towards you. However, you don’t have to worry since you have a solid resistance to protect yourself from bad energy.

If you eat onions and get bad breath, it means that you’re in good health. It means that you’re powerful enough to get the goal you desire. This dream also tells you about luck and wealth.

When you dream about onion skin, it signifies that you will face an unpleasant situation ahead, mostly financially, so you need to be prepared for what’s coming.

On the other hand, when you dream of cooking red onions for dinner, it shows your desire to transform your life into something more.

You feel bored with your life today, which is the sign of carrying out your plan.

Sauteing onions in your dream indicates that you’re starting to lose patience when trying to solve only a single problem. No matter what decision you take, it seems that you have missed something.

Perhaps, you should be asked for advice from someone you trust.

Planting an onion in your dream signifies that you’re living in the past. You often think about the outcomes of your past decisions that you’ve made that affected your present life.

You can’t even think of your plans for the future while you’re trapped in this cycle. It’s now the time to cut and turn to the things that you’re expecting. Many beautiful moments are coming, and it’s up to you to recognize them.

White onion dream meaning

Dreaming about white onion represents that the world is putting an end to your spirit. You need to neutralize the situation and make the best solution.

Meanwhile, dreaming of a red onion suggests that your health may jeopardize, and you need to take better care of yourself. With sufficient care, you can overcome any health issues.

Eating or seeing it in your dream with green onions means health and supplements that you’re adding to your life. They are healthy additions that can make your life livelier.

Maybe you can get to meet new people that can provide good ideas.

If you dream about spring onions, it means that you’re working on several activities that you’re working hard for yourself to make better. Soon enough, you’ll get something that you’ve been achieving for so long.

However, you need to work hard and analyze every decision you make to continue your projects. However, it would help if you stuck to your spiritual belief to maintain a good balance between the spiritual and material aspects.

Aside from the onion color, you can also dream about the raw onion. The representation of raw onions in your dream means there’s trouble in your family.

Perhaps, certain family members are too harsh about their thoughts and opinions, which could cause discomfort. Or, there’s someone in your family who could have a bitter feeling towards you.

Rotten onions in your dream can signify that someone holds a negative feeling towards you. It came from bottled-up negative emotions and thoughts that this person has for you.

Because of this, it will only lead to unhealthy encounters and bittersweet memories.

Eating onion rings in your dreams indicates that you’re feeling happy about something. But this happiness may end right away if you don’t handle it well.

Learn how to manage it and be contented when good things come by. Enjoy the accompany of your friends and family without worrying too much about the arguments that may arise.

To dream about dicing or chopping onions suggests that you’re losing patience about finding the primary source of the problem. You’re cutting things that can meddle in your business.

However, you need to solve your problems at the end to reach your main goal.

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