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Why is One Person The Only Awakened Twin Flame?

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At this moment, you might be questioning if your partner is genuinely your twin flame because you recognize him or her, but they do not. You feel like he or she is not undergoing a spiritual journey like you are.

If you have forgotten about it, the twin flame journey is not all about the mind, but rather it is all about the souls. Recognition of twin flames is actually part of your spiritual awakening, and because your soul is one with the soul of your twin flame, it recognizes itself in his or her body. 

As you may have already known, your twin flame is your perfect mirror, and it may look like you are not ascending at the way and time; you are still both ascending. It can be very tough when you are the awakened one, and the other one doesn’t have any clue about this whole twin flame journey.

Your Plan in the 5th Dimension

Twin flames know exactly what they are going through on some levels, but this is just not reflected in this matrix. You are most probably the awakened one in the relationship and what you need to know is that you had chosen to be before either of you even started this lifetime. 

You need to understand that everything was planned in the 5th Dimension by your souls before you decided to come here on Earth and find each other.

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In all truthfulness, you are both spiritually evolved people, and it is only a matter of time before the both of you wake up to your spiritual awakening. The unawakened twin flame gets to have the quick crash course of everything about spirituality, and the awakened one, you, gets to have the regular course of this topic.

Why Am I the Only One Awakened?

This soul recognition usually happens when nobody even realizes it, especially in the beginning.

The truth is it only takes one twin flame to do all of the bouncing energy work that needs to be done. It would be best if you were reminded that you have the exact same energetic field, and whatever it is that you are doing for your soul is bounced out for your twin flame.  

You are in this situation right now only means that your energies are out of balance or not maintained right now.

From my twin flame journey experience, I used to be in a very dark place before meeting my twin flame. Working two jobs, struggling to pay the bills, and extremely lonely. 

After meeting him, I was able to launch a business and make $11,300 the first month, move into a bigger place, and continuously move forward, grow, and be better. This is enough proof that twin flames can be empowering and inspiring. I'm sure this got you more interested; well, you can speed up your twin flame’s journey to you by identifying them.
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(P.S. Finding your twin flame is a meeting of souls, and could lead to a tumultuously hot ‘bedroom’ experience.)

The thing about the journey of twin flames is that only one twin flame has to do all the work, and the other one is only there for the ride. If you are the awakened one, you are balancing and doing all the work for yourself. 

It actually doesn’t matter what they know or what they believe in because they are already awakened as you are because, again, you are one soul.

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You and your twin flame are exactly the same beings, and you cannot be separated even though you are in separate bodies. Knowing that you realize that you have your twin flame all the time and within you.

If you truly believe this, whatever negative thing that is thrown at you will be irrelevant. And if you finally embody this type of energy, or you get to that type of space, you will be manifesting your twin flame to be in your life for good. 

The sacredness of this idea will help you be clear with everything that your soul desires itself and that these twin flames being together physically will happen last. Let’s talk about it like this.

If your twin flame is waking up as you do, they will not be able to hold the space or be the pillar and perfectly hold this mirror so you can look at it. This mirror serves as your guide and does all the work that needs to be done for the both of you.

When both of you were planning and agreeing on what to do in this 5D world, you were contracted to do all of this soul work. You also agreed that he would be the one just to hold the mirror and be the support that you need because if you were both doing the same thing, this whole thing would not work at all.

When you are at a point of awakening, you unconditionally love yourself, and when your twin flame comes along, he or she shows you where and how you do not love yourself. This explains why your twin flame triggers all of the insecurities and past traumas in you. 

You contracted him to do all the standing up and holding the mirror for you.

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What Do I Do if My Twin Flame Is Not Awakened?

As the awakened one, you have to treat it like a game because you are here to wake yourself and your twin flame up. And the thing is, you get to go first and be the beacon of light first before your twin flame. 

As you find yourself deeper, you project it to your twin, and he or she gets to find love within themselves.

You are reading this article, you are judging your twin flame for him or her not waking up, which will only cause separation for the both of you. What you need to do is find yourself in an unconditional kind of love and project it to him or her.

Look at him as an advocate in this twin flame journey and always send him genuine love and blessings along the way. If you are judging him or her for not waking up at the same trajectory and path as you, you will not be able to heal his soul in the 5th Dimension. 

If you do not know that you can heal him in this Dimension, now you do, and you need to drop all of these judgments down.

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Some Tips to Heal Yourself in a Soul Level

The first thing to do is actually recognize your power and how you can create yourself every day through your thoughts and actions. It is also important to raise your vibrations by remaining steady when you can be with your emotions, rather than fighting or fearing them.

You should also see whatever trauma you have for what it is because this will eventually be your greatest teacher. You should know how to accept this, move forward, and do whatever it is that you can do in order to heal this.

When we are triggered or something terrible happens, we tend to avoid the uncomfortable feelings or sensations in our body, and so we do things to numb this pain or suffering. 

This may be by watching television, eating comfort food, taking drugs, drinking, or smoking but what needs to be done is to lean into these feelings instead. 

After all, feelings are the keys to healing. Learn how to tune into your feelings and talk to them.

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