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Onyx Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

Onyx is a type of stone under the Chalcedony family. It is usually a black stone, but brown, pink, red, and green Onyx stones. These gemstones also have a colorless variety. Onyx stone is a powerful and defensive stone that will aid you in dealing with your opponents in any confrontation.

It is a suitable companion stone that will defend you by deflecting any threat or negative energy directed at you. The Onyx stone will also be teaching you how to control your fate.

History Of Onyx

Onyx stone is the “Gem of Saturn” in spiritual connotations. Saturn is the ruler of the world of Karma, the universal law of cause and effect. Onyx also means “sadness” in Arabic, which explains the energy that Onyx can provide. It has the recognition of absorbing pain and sorrow.

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Since the veins found on the stone resemble the colors of a fingernail, the name Onyx comes from the Greek word ὄνυξ, which means claw or fingernail. Countries like Mexico, the United States, Peru, Madagascar, India, Afghanistan, and Brazil are all rich in Onyx stone.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Onyx

  • Physical Healing

Onyx stone is famous for its ability to improve the kidneys, skin, and hair. It's also said to help a pregnant woman's labor injuries by facilitating a fast and painless delivery. Similar to Unakite , Onyx's healing properties are helpful to those with bone marrow diseases, as well as bone, teeth, and soft tissue disorders.

Onyx, the same as the Schalenblende, will help you recover from illness quickly and entirely by strengthening your immune system. It may aid in the elimination of wastes as well as the absorption of nutrients. Onyx can also help to speed up cell regeneration.

  • Emotional Healing

Onyx stone is a calming stone that makes you feel comfortable when you're around it. To prevent nightmares or night terrors, keep an onyx near your head. It connects with your sentiments by start wishing for the stone to protect you from any harmful effects as you sleep peacefully.

As a birthstone, it recognizes and integrates your dualities. Onyx stone anchors the emotions into a more healthy way of behavior and instills self-control in general. Onyx is an emotional tonic that helps you overcome your fears and anxieties. Onyx bestows the priceless gift of making good energies.

  • Mental Healing

Onyx stone is an excellent option to place on your desk or your workspace. This stone will help with mental concentration, grounding for you to stay on track. The Onyx stone may counteract destructive thought patterns. It holds onto the wearer's memories of past events to encourage you to face what is bugging you.

The Onyx stone is ideal for psychometry, with vibrations telling the narrative of those suffering from mental issues.

Onyx can bring you into the future and, because of its ability to instill personal courage, it will assist you in being the master of your fate. Onyx stone, the same as the Carnelian stone,  encourages vigor, perseverance, and endurance. It aids in the learning of lessons by instilling self-assurance and making you feel at ease in your surroundings.

  • Manifesting Prosperity

Onyx stone draws energies of luck, abundance, and wealth to those who wear it. This stone will support you to stay on track financially and give you the clarity you need to make sound decisions.

In high-pressure business situations, having that level of clarity is critical. It aids ambitious people in avoiding exploitation by less scrupulous traders and dealers. Onyx will assist you in seeing the big picture and trusting the process.

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  • Relationship Healing

Onyx is a lovely and calming gemstone that carries passion, affection, and friendship energies. It also improves your sensuality to other people. It will assist you in achieving a healthy balance that does not leave you or your partner feeling neglected or exhausted. Onyx stone will foster harmonious relationships while keeping temptations, disruptions, and conflicts at bay.

Onyx will secure your relationship and reinforce your loyalty to each other when there is a danger on the way. Onyx will be of great assistance to you. It will motivate you to put your best foot forward and approach your love life with optimism.

Onyx stone will help you overcome feelings of hopelessness, abandonment, or sorrow. It will also help you feel more comfortable in your love and friendship. The Onyx stone will offer you a purpose in life and provide you with long-term happiness, comfort, and stability in your marriage or relationship.

The Metaphysical Benefits Of Onyx

Onyx stone is suitable for providing spiritual counseling, tarot card readings, channeling any other modality that exposes you to paranormal forces. Onyx will help you create a defensive shield while enhancing telepathic communication with the higher self. Use it to open your intuitive ears so you can receive messages from the spiritual world.

It can improve spiritual vision and dream experiences. It activates psychic senses to inspire spirituality.

Onyx stone heals long-term grief. It fosters the understanding that separation is an illusion and that reconciliation will occur. Onyx encourages psychic communication with the deceased through messages from the dead. It assists past-life progressions by avoiding and eliminating negative psychic attacks.

Onyx stone promotes the feeling of protection from evil and is protected by the light. It enables the feeling of someone watching you over by angels, feeling loved as it eases loneliness. Onyx shows you how to use your energy wisely and channel negative energy into a positive force.


The Onyx stone is a wonderful tool for enhancing your intuitive skills. It will boost your spiritual goals and dream experiences. It will assist you in increasing your courage, endurance, and vitality so that you can meet life's challenges. Onyx stone will boost your self-esteem and teach you how to assert yourself when it comes to things you need, wants, and deserve.

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