Opening Prayers: Start Everything with a Prayer -

Opening Prayers: Start Everything with a Prayer

It is written throughout the Scriptures about Jesus Christ pausing to pray when life is full of challenges. Sometimes, in the middle of his life, he would pause to pray a brief prayer.

Other times, he would sit in solitude to spend more time connecting with God the Father. You are reminded over and over again about the importance of prayer in life--whether you are in distress, happiness, joy, or sorrow.

When you spend time praying, even as simple as opening prayer, you are following the steps and great pattern laid down by Jesus—to always seek first the Lord’s Kingdom in everything you do and everything you are.

The following prayers are made with compassion and guidance sought from the Lord. You can use the prayers in different life occasions and events.

Choose the one that is suitable for you. You can also use it as your example and inspiration to make your prayer.

Before you begin the prayer, pause for a while so you can feel the connection with the Divine Creator first, and with pure intent and a grateful heart, pray before the presence of the Lord.

Short Opening Prayer for Worship Service

Pray this short prayer for worship service to seek guidance. May his love inspire you to go all in in the service of others entirely.

Our hearts are grateful as we gather here today

We thank you, Lord, for the gift of family and fellowship that made us feel fulfilled every day

We pray that you quiet our minds; still our hearts, strengthen us and inspire our spirits with your love

Thank you for gathering all of us here today that have caused us to hold each one accountable in everything we do

Thank you for this family that inspires us, even more, to walk with you

Thank you for another chance that you’ve given us to restore our lost souls and renew our faith

As we start this worship service, open our minds, so we receive your eternal wisdom

Open the spirits that we see your light and guidance

And open our hearts that we experience your wonderful love

Allow us to be of service and live the life that we are meant to live

We surrender ourselves to you in adoration and welcome your Holy Spirit among us


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Opening Prayer for Virtual Meeting

It is amazing how the love of God moves you so that no matter the obstacle, you will find a way to gather and pray in unity. The pandemic and everything that is happening worldwide can’t stop one soul from praying and seeking the guidance of the Lord.

As you gather in a virtual meeting, pray that even if you are divided by distance, you are all not divided in the love of God. After your meeting, pray a closing prayer for unity despite distinction.

Father in Heaven, thank you for gathering us all here today

We place ourselves before you, Oh Lord, may you guide us and support us in this meeting

May your spirit remain with us during our session to guide and inspire us to think and speak according to your will

Impart your eternal wisdom to us so that we may reach a successful conclusion in our meeting today

Please help us to engage in meaningful and purposeful discussion without judgment and open to the opinions of everyone

As a group working towards the same goal, allow us to grow even closer and nurture the bonds of the community

Fill us with your grace and light, Oh Lord, as we make decisions that might affect the whole system of the community

Continue to remind us of the sole reason why we are here

Please help us to be in the present moment as we work to solve the challenges and issues we are facing as a group

Lead us all into a solution mindset and take action so that the community and every one of us may reap the benefits of our collective wisdom

We work not just in unity as a group but also in oneness with your Holy Spirit

Lord, we present all these prayers and the prayers that we have silently in our hearts

We ask all of this in the glory of the Lord


Opening Prayer for a Memorial Service

Pray for the passing of a dear loved one in honor of the life they have lived. May you be reminded that your sorrows are not the end and that the future offers a most promising life.

Lord does not give you challenges that you can’t take. Remember that love is stronger than death.

A loved one may have passed, but their memories live with your forever.

Heavenly Father, we gather here today in both sorrow and joy

We are deeply in pain as we mourn the loss of [name],

Yet we are happy that our loved one will never feel pain, sadness, and sickness again as you have welcomed him/her into your Kingdom

Oh, comforting and compassionate One, may your presence be with us as we suffer loss and endure the pain of grieving

We humbly pray for your comfort to shed light in this difficult time and cover our loved one’s family with our light

May your love shine upon us that we may know the grace and mercy only you can give

Mend our wounded hearts and remind us that our salvation is in your hands

Remind us that our departed loved one never left and that his/her love for this family remains still

We send our gratitude for the life and precious memories of our loved one

Please help us to carry our sorrow without bitterness, to look forward slowly to a bright future again

May your help us heal our regrets and allow us to forgive ourselves so that we may find peace in you

May we rediscover a life full of happiness and freedom, and help us to restore our faith in you

God the Father, give us a glimpse of hope and courage for the future

Allow us to remember the happiness in the lives of those we have loved

Thank you for life, for the breath, and for the love that is stronger than death

Be with us now more than ever as we support and encourage each other


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Opening Prayer for Class

Praying before the start of class helps both students and teachers to connect more, not just physically and emotionally but also in a spiritual way. This will help both parties to get to know the Lord deeply with the help of prayer.

Dear Lord, thank you for the new day we are about to share and for giving us new opportunities to learn and grow

As we gather here today, guide us as we discover more about the world around us

Help us focus our minds for us to learn, play and share

Help us focus our hearts for us to be kind, compassionate, understanding, and patient

Thank you for looking after us and for the love you have for all of us

We pray that you bring the successful and fruitful day

Thank you to our teachers who are here to teach us

Thank you for our school, which has become our second home of learning and laughter

Thank you to our families for their support in sending us here

We pray that you give us peace, comfort, and presence of mind here now, in this very moment

Guide us that we may learn about your truth and your love as well

We ask all of this through your Holy Spirit that inspires us to become a better person


Opening Prayer for Graduation

Graduation is the most celebrated occasion in one's life. It is the end of one chapter and a sign of a new chapter ahead! So, pray and speak these beautiful words of St. Ignatius Loyola, “Go forth and set the world on fire.”

Oh, Gracious and Loving God, we ask that you place your hand upon our graduates and their families.

Today is the culmination of years of work filled with challenges and triumphs!

Years of perseverance, hard work, wins and losses, laughter and tears, friendships and growth

We send you our gratitude as we share the memories of the past that will be in our hearts forever

We ask for your guidance as we look forward to a glimpse future full of hope and courage

Thank you for inspiring our hearts to remain in your love and strive for growth and success

We thank you for all the challenges that we have shared that made us discover ourselves deeply

This is the day, Lord! Rejoice with us as we celebrate this grand milestone!

Allow us to get to know ourselves more that we know which path to take and what we truly desire

Allow us to stay faithful in our dreams for the glory of your name

To use the gifts that we have discovered and will yet to discover

To be of service to others and to discern what is right and good

Empower us to walk into the future full of faith, hope, and with a great love guided by your light

Strengthen us as we walk in the excellence of our academic perspiration

This is the day, Lord! The end of one chapter and the beginning of another one!

Be with us as we open a new door full of opportunities

We put our trust in you in, knowing that you have led us in the past and your will lead us now into the future

If this happiness of mine is not your will, I would gladly close the door that is not meant for me

Give me clarity to know and understand what our purpose is

And fuel us to step forward toward that purpose

We send our gratitude for all the knowledge, guidance, and people who led us and shaped us along this academic journey

Move us into stepping on another milestone that will change our lives and can change the world!

This is the day, Lord! To “Go forth and set the world on fire.”!

In gratitude, we pray


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Opening Prayer for a Program

Start everything with prayer, no matter what you do in life. Always pray for God’s guidance that the program may end fruitful and successful.

Dear God, we give you thanks for everything that you do for us

As we gather here today, we ask for your guidance in our lives

We pray that your love and compassion will live in our lives

May your goodness and understanding be present among us today

We pray that you bless this gathering with solidarity, hope, vision, and purpose

We pray to stir your hope within us, and we may take action led by your guiding light

Fill our lives with your vision and allow us to see your truth

That our voices and actions are by your will

Don’t allow us to be separated in your divine love


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