Page of Swords Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

Page of Swords Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

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Page of swords is part of the minor arcana. The card depicts a man holding a sword. 

The Page of Swords stands for communication and freedom of expression. You might explore various things that develop your personality. 

The sword is a representation of intellect and how powerful it is. As he journeys through the challenges that await him, he is eager to learn whatever it is that life offers. 

As he looks around, he can grasp a more precise image and be informed of his surroundings.

Page of Swords Upright Keywords

  • New ideas
  • Curiosity
  • Thirst for knowledge
  • Witty
  • Communicative
  • Inspired
  • Vigilant
  • Confident
  • Fair
  • Protective
  • Guarded
  • Using the brain and intellect
  • Honesty
  • Youthful
  • Justice

Page of Swords Reversed Keywords

  • Disappointing news
  • Scatterbrained
  • Defensive
  • Sarcastic
  • Impulsive
  • Lack of planning
  • Player
  • Mind games
  • Gossipy
  • Insulting
  • Rude
  • Dim-witted
  • Blunt and abrasive
  • Cold
  • Cynical

Page of Swords General Meaning

As the man grips his sword and looks around him, he shows his readiness. He paces and shows his nature of being guarded. 

The man is observant and can strike at once when an enemy presents itself. The enemy can be negative emotions or people that bring negativity in his life. 

He strikes his sword and triumphs over these challenges.

His sword is his weapon of intellect. The sword is double-edged and powerful. 

It stands upright even as the winds continue to blow over them. The upright position depicts justice. 

With the man’s intellect comes his sense of justice. Justice and careful thinking rule his decisions. 

Page of Swords (Upright) Meaning

This card stands for honesty, justice, and bravery. You are brave and, at the same time, vigilant of your surroundings. 

You use your intellect to overcome the challenges around you. Like the man, you can learn from your mistakes and from the struggles you encounter. 

New ideas are flourishing in you. You have so many plans that you want to put to work and goals you want to achieve. 

This may be the time for you to nourish yourself overall. Pursue things you are interested in and gain knowledge from these experiences.

Each day, you are diving deeper into different ways of expressing yourself. You are building connections and can communicate your message effectively. 

Your quick wit and overflowing ideas go very well together. However, there might be nervous energy surrounding you that might disrupt the normal flow of ideas.

Page of Swords (Upright) in In Love and Relationship

The Page of Swords is an important card for a love reading. This could mean that one of you in the relationship is always emotionally unstable.

This is the only way for your partner to understand you. It’s important that you’re both on the same ground of understanding and patience.

In opening feelings, learn more about Page of Swords as feelings. It will give you a more detailed explanation about the card's representation in emotions.

If you are single and would like to be in a relationship, you should lower your guard. This card tells you to make an effort and, at the same time, be patient. 

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Page of Swords (Upright) in Career and Finance

The page of swords can also be a promise. It tells of the potential success of what you are currently working on. 

You might also be participating in activities that will help you grow.

Life will present a new avenue from which you can learn. You may experience, apprenticeship, a new project, and etcetera. 

The page of swords tells of your opportunity to learn and experience new things. If you have been waiting and anticipating a call or message about a recent job you are applying for, this card brings good news. 

You might be one step closer to doing extraordinary things. You will be able to express yourself in a new environment and share your brilliant ideas

In terms of the financial aspect, this card tells of your overflowing ideas. An idea will significantly help the course of your financial flow. 

This card means that you would have a great idea that will bring you financial success. However, do not be arrogant and become selfish along the way. 

A gentle reminder that you still need help from friends and families. 

In every idea you have, make sure to have ample knowledge about it. If not, research or ask someone more knowledgeable in the field than you.

Page of Swords (Upright) in Health

Page of swords indicates your opportunities to heal from what still bothers you. Overcoming these past mistakes and struggles will bring clarity to your mind. 

You will become more equipped to win over your challenges. It’s important not to overdo yourself as well. 

Overdoing things might strain you and ruin your health too. Just keep it in the zone and take care of your body.

Page of Swords (Upright) in Spirituality

Page of swords in terms of your spirituality indicates neglect. You might be neglecting your spiritual growth. 

Balance is essential to be able to live your life to the fullest. You need to take care of all the aspects of your life, including the spiritual.

Page of Swords (Reversed) Meaning

Page of Swords can also indicate lacking a sense of justice. You may be ignoring the truth and settling with lies and injustice. 

As a card of justice, the page of swords reversed symbolizes the lack of it. A clouded mind can also devoid you of just decisions. 

Page of swords is also a card symbolizing intellect. In this case, you might be using your intellect and wit for harmful intentions. 

It’s dangerous because intellect is an effective weapon, a double-edged sword. It can spiral down, and you might use it for manipulation, deception, and forwarding injustice.

This card in reverse can also tell of lies that may be coming out of your mouth. You are insincere, and your words don’t hold weight. 

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Page of Swords (Reversed) in Love and Relationship

The Page of Swords in reverse can mean that someone is insensitive. It could be you or your partner who chooses to be arrogant.

This relationship will not grow if you don’t choose to compromise. You both need to understand that you have different goals.

You and your partner might also be playing mind games on each other. You might be very defensive and argumentative. 

One of you may lack the empathy to understand the other. If empathy doesn’t exist, your relationship will surely be toxic.

Page of Swords (Reversed) in Career and Finance

Page of swords in reverse in the aspect of career tells of your ideas going nowhere. It’s overflowing but isn’t directed in any direction at all. 

You cannot exhaust and put them into action, and eventually, they become such a waste. This card symbolizes that you might be in utter confusion and have no idea what you want to do. 

You might find yourself transferring from one field or job to another. It seems that choosing and staying is a more significant challenge for you these days.

Another thing that you can do is act upon them. You might be confused and not like the jobs you have at first, but still, try your best in every field.

 Act on these things and get yourself somewhere, at least. You do not know what’s in store for you, so that it would be an adventure either way. 

If you happen to wait for a reply on something you are applying for, the answer might not be what you hoped for.

In the aspect of finance, this card in reverse may tell you that your money-making ideas are not practical or feasible. You might be sounding like a fool by all the talks without a proper plan or action at all.

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Page of Swords (Reversed) in Health

In terms of your health, this card in reverse indicates mental obscurity. You might be suffering from mental health issues. Your mind is a little scattered, and you might be a little confused. 

You’re making a lot of things happen at once—a gentle reminder to slow down and allow yourself to breathe.

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Page of Swords (Reversed) in Spirituality

Spiritually, this card warns you to be careful of people with sharp minds. They might use their intellect to manipulate and even use you for their benefit. 

They can manifest as spiritual leaders who sound like they know everything. It would be best if you were grounded in what you know is right and stand by justice. 

Do not get swayed and make the right decisions.

Page of Swords: YES or NO?

Page of Swords is a card that embodies mind clarity, decisiveness, and confidence. Whatever it is you aim for will surely be yours at the right time and with the right actions. 

The answer to your yes or no question is YES. You can win even the most challenging feat with the right mindset and complementary activities.

Page of Swords Advice

The Page of Swords wants you to remain cautious. Try and keep your eyes on the real prize of this situation.

It’s okay if you’re having second thoughts about taking an opportunity. So it’s always important that you do your evaluation and research first.

Don’t be shy to seek for more answers to gather the facts. Also, don’t hesitate to approach people and ask them for help.

Page of Swords Reversed Advice

The Page of Swords, in reverse, wants you to step back. This may not be the right time for you to take the leap of faith.

It’s always okay to retreat or walk away from the situation because you may experience harsh consequences along the way.

Try not to be impulsive in deciding and doing something. Evaluation of research can help you decide if this is really for you.

Page of Swords as a Person

The Page of Swords is someone who is always on an adventure. You may be someone who continues to seek the exquisite objective world.

You’re a free-thinker who probably loves poetry and prose. You believe you have the free will to create a meaningful life for yourself.

Page of Swords Reversed as a Person

The Page of Swords, in reverse, is someone who wants to fit in. If this is you, then you have a hard time to seek your purpose.

So you continue to wander in order to find your true purpose. Because most of the time, you would feel perplexed and lost about everything.

You’re someone who wants to feel belonging to the crowd because you don’t want people to see you as someone who is insignificant.

Page of Swords Present

In the present, you need to be more careful with people. It’s essential to be aware that you’re not the only human in this world.

So you need to be extra compassionate and understanding to others. You need to show to them that their dreams are always valid.

Page of Swords Past

In the past, you showed how dedicated you are to your work. You did everything it took in order to achieve what you wanted.

You had a clear and abundant vision of your goals. As a result, you tried your best by exerting constant effort to succeed.

Page of Swords Future

In the future, you’ll experience hardships that are foreign to you. So you’ll probably have to undergo a stagnant state because of this.

This is because you’re not used to experiencing constant hardships. You believe that everything is already a piece of cake to you.

But nothing will be harvested if you don’t choose to work harder. You need to show everyone that you can conquer all the challenges.

Page of Swords as How Someone Feels About You

Someone feels the urge to approach you recently. This is because the person finds you intriguing and wants to get close.

This person feels like they need to get to know you. They want to start up a decent conversation that will shift into a meaningful one.

This person feels like you have so much to offer. Not specifically to them, but in order for the world to start changing.

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Page of Swords Outcome

The Page of Swords, as an outcome, leads you to an adventure. This journey will enhance you to test your analytical and creative skills.

Perhaps there is a weird situation that you need to solve. As a result, you’re going to have to provide all your time and effort.

You’re trying to seek the possible answers to this situation. You’re trying to digest and analyze the facts that are available.

Page of Swords Pregnancy and Fertility

The Page of Swords is an essential card for pregnancy. Expect to receive good news in terms of having a baby.

You’re now ready to show your abilities in entering a new phase. You’re now entering a new stage of parenthood.

This is an unfamiliar road for you, but you’ll make it there. You just need to believe that you can do it with the help of others.

Page of Swords Energy

The Page of Swords has immense energy to strive. You may be someone who wants to remain consistent with your goals.

If you want to create change, you’ll start it now! You believe you can harvest an abundance of ideas and plans for yourself.

This immense energy resides with your passion. You’re willing to do everything it takes to get to the top!

Page of Swords as Action

The Page of Swords is a virtual card for action. You may be someone who continues to symbolize hope and consistency.

This is because you’re always focused on the goal. If you rely on one goal, you’ll focus on it before moving on.

Page of Swords as Intentions

The Page of Swords has honest intentions to present. You may be someone who is willing to raise the confidence of others.

This is because you know what it’s like to doubt yourself. You know what it’s like to hesitate about an opportunity because of anxiousness.

But your intentions to other people are kind and genuine. This is because you’re willing to offer a helping hand for others to succeed.

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Page of Swords as How Someone Sees You

Someone sees you as a person who is always genuine. They believe you have the ability to inflict kindness towards others.

They see you as someone who can help them build their confidence. They want to learn more from you in terms of living a practical life.

They see you as someone who is willing to succeed despite the circumstances. But you never fail to show kind intentions no matter the cost.

Page of Swords Time Frame

The Page of Swords can have a specific time frame. However, this will still depend on your current situation and energy.

A specific event may take place in a matter of eleven days. Whatever this is, it may be in relation to your ideas and reality.

A specific period may begin on December 21 and will end on March 20. The Page of Swords can have a representation of the number seven.

Page of Swords as a Woman

The Page of Swords can be a representation of a woman. If this is you, then you may be someone who never runs out of ideas.

In the tarot reading, a young woman stands confident. She is holding a sword in her hands, which symbolizes her bravery.

Page of Swords as a Man

The Page of Swords may be a representation of a man. You may be someone who constantly wants to learn and succeed.

This is because you have a specific and clear plan for yourself. So you want to continue discovering the opportunities that are fit for you.

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Page of Swords Communication

The Page of Swords can be an essential card for communication. This may be in relation to an unexpected message from someone.

The message can be in the form of a text or an email. So expect a significant person in your life to message you about an important matter.

When you apply communication, you make sure that it’s a healthy one. So you should always make sure that you can understand people.

Page of Swords Reconciliation

The Page of Swords may be a card for reconciliation. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that a past person will reconcile with you.

This person continues to think rationally about your connection. They feel like they need to be alone to think deeply about this.

So they continue to ignore or want to walk away from this. But rest assured that they’re willing to change themselves for the better.

Page of Swords Physical Appearance

The Page of Swords has a specific physical appearance. But it will always depend on the person who received the card.

You may be someone who has a sleek appearance. You may be someone who also looks like you’re always energetic or active.

You can have strong and evident broad muscles and shoulders. This may represent your eagerness to take care of yourself more.

You’re someone who looks intelligent or life smart. But you may also look like you’re peculiar in a good way.

Your eyes may have the color of brown or hazel. Your hair color is also brown.

Page of Swords Reversed Outcome

The Page of Swords in reverse shows that you finally accepted everything. Perhaps you’re now coming to the point of moving on.

You’re finally letting go of the grudges you had in the past. You’re finally accepting the fact that some things aren’t for you.

Page of Swords Reversed Pregnancy

The Page of Swords in reverse may show no sign of pregnancy. This may not be the right time for you to enter parenthood.

You may be someone who is not ready for this big responsibility yet. You need to accept the fact that you need some growing to do.

This is a time for you to continue working on yourself. This is also the chance to be there for people who need your assistance.

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Page of Swords Friendship

The Page of Swords card is an essential card for friendship. This could mean you need to be extra cautious of everything around you.

Try not to get yourself in trouble because of your friends because this may likely affect your personal space and reputation.

So you must choose the right people because there are times when your patience level can be put to the test.

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