Part of Fortune in 11th House: Approaching Your Pot Of Joy -

Part of Fortune in 11th House: Approaching Your Pot Of Joy

Part of Fortune in Houses tells us where we can find luck and joy in our lives. Each House has different representations and areas that detail our greatest joy, where we can look for it, how to attain it and when it is most likely to be achieved.

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11th House is the House of compassion for other people. It is the House that sets you to socialize and introduces you to the community you belong to. In this House, everybody exerts their efforts for a collective goal that you all want to reach. Your gifts and skills are better of shared with a broader community rather than keeping them to yourself. 

Communities are not limited to the physical groups we know like support groups, clubs, organizations, areas or locale, fraternities, associations, and neighborhoods. In current times, the Internet is a tool of the 11th House because it bridges you to other people despite the distance and time differences. It helps you be in touch with various communities without the act of physical socialization.

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The key to your happiness in the Part of Fortune in 11th House is your vision. Through collaboration and collective movement, people who have the same ideas and mindset as yours team up with you to attain the joy and success of everyone in the group.

You are evenhanded, unbiased, and straightforward in setting a vision or goal that benefits many people. 

Having the Part of Fortune in the 11th House in your birth chart means that your sense of happiness, success, and enjoyment is through the practice of doing other people a well-deserved service and favor. Your satisfaction is dependent on the help you can give to other people, especially in your community. 

Often, people see you like the rose among the thorns, the peculiar and odd one out of the bunch of people in your group. People see you like that because you have this curiosity to question the structures of society, and you have the urge to change it. 

You are unconventional that you easily spot a situation in society that does not benefit everyone. You do not fear other people's judgment, and you do not feel the need to fit in and conform to the community's standards. 

Your happiness and good energy will freely flow once you take the liberty of letting yourself loose off of society's restrictions and what it wants you to do.

You have the ability to manifest your dreams into reality.  

It is established in your subconscious ever since you were born to help other people and be the voice for those who cannot fight for themselves. Your sympathy for other people's struggles is what fires your passion for doing the right thing for the people. 

You always want what is best for the group and not just for one person. You constantly look for improvements, and if you do not see any, you take it into your own hands and figure something out. 

People see you as a reformer of society's stipulations and structures. You do this even by simply being social and voicing out your thoughts. You imprint your suggestions to people's minds by sharing your values in spiritual, cultural, or social settings, and later on, these values are put into action by the whole group.

Your vision and dream about your community manifest themselves as you socialize and conspire with people of the same opinion and thoughts as you. The united plans for the betterment of everyone are actualized and carried through together with like-minded people of your community.

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Association and sociability are valuable for you.

You love to make connections and bring people together. You are naturally a welcoming person who can quickly meet people you can correlate with. Finding people with the same vibes as you are not much of a challenge than picking out who you do not vibe with. 

Devoting yourself in establishing and strengthening the connections and friendships that you have with other people brings out your greatest joy in life. With their help, you can make any dream come to life.  

With your friends and other acquaintances, you are more inspired to pursue your dreams. They believe in you and trust your judgments about the things you want to change in the community. Over time, the unceasing support and love you receive from them will take you to your pot of endless luck that you can share with them.

It is best to be careful of your personal interests.

The opposite House of this placement is the 5th House. It is known as the House of Pleasure in astrology, representing the hobbies, interests, and anything that pleasures an individual.

With many people that you can meet and a bunch of things you can all agree or share with, there is no doubt that there is a wicked interest that will arise at some point. You need to be careful when establishing connections by choosing the right people. 

When you share a bond with the wrong community, it will block the flow of energy into your life, making it hard for you to find joy in doing what you love.

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You might feel obligated to work on something or start creating.

In this placement, you are exposed to a lot of creative people. Your aura can easily attract creative energy that you might have the urge to do something to relate to the people around you.

You are a creative person, but you often focus on something that will only serve you. In order to keep the flow of energy towards joy, you need to take in this creative energy objectively. Do something that you know will serve everyone in your community

If you focus on coming up with a project that only benefits you, spiritual blockages develop and interfere with how the Universe wants you to attain joy in life. 

Part of Fortune in the 11th House is as selfless as one can be. It adheres to the person's social ability for the sake of a never-ending flow of happiness. Their uniqueness will bring immense change not only in their life but for everyone else in their chosen community.

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Part of Fortune in 11th House takeaways:

  • Part of fortune reveals our ultimate joy, where we can look for it, and how we can get our hands on it. 
  • 11th House represents our compassion for other people and the service we can offer for them.
  • Part of Fortune in the 11th House affirms that through collaboration and coordination, you will reach your vision for the community and thus, leading you closer to your pot of joy.
  • You make sure that equality is evident in the community and everything benefits everyone. 
  • You are capable of materializing your visions and dreams through the help of other people. 
  • You build strong foundations with people and devotes yourself in strengthening them.
  • Sharing a bond with the wrong people may lead to spiritual blockages. 
  • Creating for the sake of oneself will make it hard for you to find enjoyment in what you do. 

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