Part of Fortune in the 7th House: The Hero We All Need -

Part of Fortune in the 7th House: The Hero We All Need

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Part of Fortune or the Lunar Ascendant tells us where and how we can attain success and wealth in life. We determine the Part of Fortune by measuring the lines of the sun, the moon, and the ascendant and how they intersect on the night or day of our birth.

Part of Fortune in the 7th House is a placement that shows a strong desire for connections, whether in love or business. Having a Part of Fortune in the 7th House may reveal a lot about you and your pathway to good health, success, and abundance.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Focus on the help you can give rather than the reward you can get.
  • Establish the connection you have with other people.
  • Nourish the relationships you have by giving them time and understanding people’s ways.
  • Discover your needs along the way.
  • It would be best if you looked forward to the clearing path towards your pot of gold and luck.
  • Believe that the Universe is watching over you and will grant you the reward you unknowingly deserve.

One of the main ways to achieve a happy and successful life is through a purposive relationship.

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Now, you might ask if that is considered a toxic connection, but let me tell you that unconsciously, you gain satisfaction by seeing other people feel good about themselves when you lend them a helping hand.

It is your greatest pleasure to see the world objectively and understand the way people indeed are. 

You are attentive and vigilant of how people are acting. You are slowly learning to understand people’s actions and reactions to things they can and cannot control.

Little by little, every action clears something in your mind and leads you to a solution that people actually need. You offer this solution to people, and without any second thoughts, you assist them in solving their own problem even though you have your own. 

There is something about the happiness you feel when you do something for other people. It gives you a sense of purpose and clears your mind about what you think of yourself. 

Being with other people is like reflecting who you are, what you want to be, and what you want in life.

Your interaction with other people slowly takes you on the right path towards your fated wealth and abundance. Aside from the happiness you feel, you are always a few steps closer towards your pot of luck each time you reach out your hand to those in need.

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You love to see other people’s growth, and you help them nourish themselves.

You always want what is best not only for yourself but especially for other people. You see their needs before they even discover them themselves, and it has become your purpose to awaken them to their senses and show them what they need to get to their goals.

The desire to lend a hand and give is innate in you. It is as if you have a green thumb that anything you plant and nourish grows into something greater than expected of it. 

Selflessness is inborn in you that it helps you see the best in all things.

As often as not, you make many sacrifices for the sake of others, which results in loads of disadvantages in life. You put their needs over yours that most of the time, it takes a toll on you. 

This habit leads to your discomfort, but you endure it all for them because, again, that is just who you are.

During your younger years, you easily give in to their demands and requests, but this innocence led you to discover what is good for you and what is not. Others may see you as an excellent target to get benefits from, but you have learned throughout your years how to help in ways that you know are better. 

You can quickly determine what a person lacks, and you instantly help them to have it. On the opposite note, you can’t even pinpoint right away what you need to reach your goal or what you have to do to get to where you want to be. 

However, despite wondering about your desires, your connection with other people is your first step in discovering them. You are very much an extrovert who understands yourself by expressing and hanging out with great company.

The relationships you establish in romantic or business ways can show you how to create your success and wealth or bring it to you as is, maybe on a silver platter. You sometimes have to figure it out by yourself, but most of the time, the Universe will let you know in an instant. 

Be that as it may, you have to remember that your genuine happiness and fulfillment will come from the nourishing and riveting connections you have with people around you. 

Once the Universe has acknowledged your generosity to help out other people and please them, all good luck and fortune will come your way.

There is no need to ask people to acknowledge the help you give or beg them to give you something in exchange for it, a credit perhaps. Keep lending your hand to those who need them, and let the Universe pay you back in a perfect and fated time.

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