Past Life Connections in Astrology: A Soul Connection? -

Past Life Connections in Astrology: A Soul Connection?

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Have you ever met someone with whom you felt connected despite never having met before? This event could result from a random yet potent interaction between two strangers.

If you have thought about your past life connections, it is because you are connected. It is because our eternal spirit recognizes everything that has occurred to us.

What is a Past Life Connection?

Exploring your past lives can help you gain a much more profound understanding of who you are today. It has the potential to offer counsel and insight into your current circumstances.

Suppose you are having difficulty with something in this life. Looking at it from the perspective of a previous life can help you.

It can gain a new perspective and let go of any destructive patterns that may be holding you back. Discovering a connection to a previous life can also be a therapeutic experience.

Accessing the memories of a previous life can help you understand. Also, let go of what is no longer serving you if you have been coping with pain or trauma from this lifetime.

If you have been having these experiences, accessing the memories of a past life can help. Your former life connections are any events.

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Also, people or locations from a prior incarnation. In which you feel a deep connection, whether from that lifetime or another.

These connections may or may not be beneficial to your current life situation. Also, offer you some insight into that situation.

What is Past Life in Astrology?

Past life astrology refers to the idea that your birth charts contain information. It that can shed light on your life before you were born into this world.

Besides, it sheds light on the experiences, both positive and negative. Things that you bring into this life, as well as the areas in which you still need to grow and improve.

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How past life can benefit your current existence?

How exactly can the astrology of past life benefit you in the present? First, it can shed light on patterns and habits that aren't helping you.

Providing you with the understanding required to begin altering these responses. Both good and bad karma is carried over into your current life.

Thus, if you perform unpleasant actions or activities in your former lifetimes. By knowing this concept, you can make changes to make you cheerful in all key aspects.

Before comprehending your karmic lessons. It would be best if you calculated the past-life energy in your birth chart.

It focuses on three critical locations. Then, once you understand your places, you can consider merging them.

The 12th House

Astrologers believe that the 12th House is the House of past lives. It is also the place where karmic lessons are learned.

The Twelfth House provides a window into existing worlds before you were born into this one. It holds an uncanny shimmer for developing stories and myths about where you came from.

It gives you a glimpse into realms that existed before you came into this world. In particular, look at the sign you have in the 12th House and the energies.

You have in the House might help you gain insight into your life before birth. Mars and Saturn can reveal prospective perils or strains in the case of Mars.

Likewise, the limitations or obligations, in the case of Saturn.

The southern node

Next, take a look at the position of your south node. This alludes to the things you bring into this world with you.

Also, the things you tend to gravitate toward are behaviors and habits. Take special attention to how the south node engages with the rest of your chart.

For example, does it come into contact with a personal planet? Is this a beneficial and supporting aspect, such as a trine or sextile?

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Or is it a challenging aspect, such as a square or opposition? Suppose a person does not have any prominent characteristics from the south node.

In that case, it indicates that you will not have to deal with drama throughout your time. But, you, with many characteristics to the south node, may need help breaking behaviors.

From that vantage point, glance at your north node, which will shed light on the skills we need to get. The north node represents your future self.

It acts as a guiding light to help you concentrate on the south node through this incarnation. The north and south nodes are opposite and serve as a natural remedy when they oppose one another.

The Aries, the sign, is opposing Libra. It teaches Libra how to be independent and self-sufficient.

Libra teaches Aries the importance of working together and forming partnerships. Your chart may be unique and will provide hints about your karmic past.

Also, the lessons you can get from delving into it.

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Past Life Connections in Signs


In past lives, your soul was a solitary warrior, soldier, knight, viking, or herder. Also, a hunter spent most of their time acquiring strength and courage.

Also, physical prowess, initiative, and impulsiveness. These attributes are treasures you offer to this life, like living on the side of a mountain.

These were a few arduous tasks that comprised the inhabitants' daily routines.


You are connected to the soil or a rural lifestyle in past lifetimes. In your past life, you are farmers, landowners, and builders. Which is stable and quiet or prosperous pillars of society who lived a steady life.

Your motto was security, and you could live a quiet traditional lifestyle. But instead, you are emphasizing basic pleasures and acquiring material luxuries.


A past life in which you developed your abilities and intellect. Regressed clients view themselves as merchants, traders, or craftspeople.

You resided in urban areas or gravitated towards populated areas. It is where you can connect and trade ideas and skills with others.


In your previous lifetime, you were a member of traditional tribes. Also, clans or tiny communities are bound by blood ties.

Yet, you were cultivating a nesting, familial, and caring disposition. You might identify with a matriarchal role.

Such as mother, head of a large family, or defender of the land and country. There would always be a deep link to their ancestors' land and traditions.

This position relates to hospitality, cooking, land ownership, and farming.


You would view yourself as lords, royals, courtiers, wealthy bourgeois, and high rollers. Life was filled with either inherited or earned recognition and a brilliant personality.

As a result, you may have a sense of entitlement in this life. Also, a sensation of being exceptional.

If your life is more mundane, you find it difficult to adjust to its coarseness.


You were the diligent laborers of the past. You would recall lives as servants, maids, serfs in villages, and enslaved people.

But, then, life would have been modest, practical, and arduous. So it is with an emphasis on service, routine, and building a strong work ethic.


In your past life, you lived in luxury and were members of high society. It is where you enjoy the arts and polite repartee.

You recall several times when you were married or in a long-term partnership. You are working toward a common goal.

You are born with the gift of compromise. You are understanding, patient with others, charming, and diplomatic.

Still, you may need help to take the initiative on your own or with the help of a partner.


You tend to have more difficult prior lives than others. It is because there were many tumultuous events in life.

Such as death, war, power struggles, trauma, cataclysms, and persecutions. Besides, you developed emotional strength, which you carry into this incarnation.

You can no longer be frightened or shocked. Yet you may feel uncomfortable that a catastrophic event is imminent.

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These were the ancient travelers and nomads of the ninth century. Either your society resembled the horse-breeding Scythians.

You were compelled to migrate for business or education. People recall spending extensive time away from family and friends.

Besides, you like exploring unfamiliar locations, gathering information, and disseminating it globally. Thus, in this life, you can feel at ease speaking with foreigners and traveling overseas.


In prior lifetimes, you held or attained higher social positions and authority levels. You desired reputation, respect, and control, obtained through hard work or other methods.

Even if the power role was at a local level, they were governors, leaders, ruler. So you have an ambitious disposition and a sense of superiority.

It can be a powerful motivation for achieving achievement.


In your past life, you were a member of communal groups that lived and worked. Often perceived as part of a system of serfdom.

But, there was a strong sense of camaraderie and friendship among the individuals. Each of them played a unique role in the social organism.


You have memories of your life in some form of seclusion from society and the everyday world. The most common form of this seclusion is living in a monastery.

It is a remote outpost, a hospital, a prison, or a far-off country. It is where you do not have the same physical freedom as other people.

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