Introduction to Pendulum Dowsing for Beginners -

Introduction to Pendulum Dowsing for Beginners

Humans have been using pendulums for centuries now. Even today, some people rely a lot on pendulums, such as choices and decisions in life. Pendulums help people which path to take when they feel confused or scared. Some also say it is a window to one’s future, and it can determine their fate.

For thousands of years, people do pendulum dowsing for several reasons. They can discover essential things in their life through it. It could be about their health, wealth, or even find lost objects they have been looking for. In shorter words, pendulum dowsing helps people balance their chakras and decide in their lives.

If you are new to pendulum dowsing, this article can help you. Pendulum dowsing requires patience and the skills to read through the signs. Beginners need to learn how to keep their balance and peace within for them to do pendulum dowsing. But don’t worry. By the end of this article, you can handle pendulum readings like a pro.

What is a pendulum?

A pendulum usually is an attached heavy metal or thing to a chain. It is somehow compared to a large pendant, but the object is pointy. According to some, it could be anything as long as it attaches to a metal string or chain with a fixed end. You can use a pendulum in between your fingers.

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The common misconception of pendulums is they possess divine properties. However, pendulums don’t necessarily have much in them. Most pendulums are pretty standard; so, the material does not matter. It could be a metal, crystal, or a particular stone. As long as the object weights it, you can use it as your pendulum for dowsing.

Where can you get a pendulum?

As mentioned, pendulums can be anything. It can be a heavy pendant that you own. You may also buy one online or from a tarot shop. Most pendulum owners prefer to buy one from a shop. The reason is that you can feel the object and feel if it suits you. You will know if it’s the pendulum for you if you feel drawn to it.

Keep in mind that a pendulum is a personal thing to keep. Thus, it would help if you felt the object intimately when you buy one. Using an owned object as your pendulum, such as a necklace, is also a great idea. Keep your pendulum close to you at all times, and let it feel your energy. You should also not let other people touch it.

What is Pendulum Dowsing?

Aside from it can help people in their life decisions, pendulum dowsing is more complicated than that. Pendulum dowsing is also a form of divination. It can only provide two answers: yes or no. You need to ask a question and let the pendulum answer it for you.

As a beginner, you might wonder how pendulums give you an answer. The process is not hard to understand. We, as humans, have our Higher Self within us. Our Higher Self connects to the Source all the time. It always has the answer to everything.

The Source then hands down the answer through a nervous signal to our bodies. When you turn the pendulum after you ask a question, your hand will perform small movements. These movements are almost unnoticeable, but if you look at them intently, you’ll find your hands twitching. The movements will pick up in strength and will cause the pendulum to swing to the answer.

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How can you do pendulum dowsing?

Before asking a question to the pendulum, you must remember that you should agree to your Higher Self whatever the pendulum will say. Agreeing on you to your Higher Self means you need to prepare both in body and spirit. When the answer is there, you need to accept it, even if it’s terrible.

When doing pendulum dowsing, you need to clean your pendulum first. This step is a must because you will be dealing with your Higher Self. Also, one thing to remember when performing pendulum dowsing is you need to be confident with the answer. Ask the pendulum for a negative answer, and wait for a reaction. If it swings from left to right or front to back, that can determine a “No.”

If it swings from the back to front or right to left, it could mean it’s a “Yes.” However, there might be times where the answer to your question is indefinite. You could get a “Maybe,” and a great sign for that is when the pendulum spins in a circle.

Another thing to keep in mind is when you’re asking a sensitive question, ask the pendulum if it’s OK to do so. Whether it’s a fragile question about yourself or other people, you should ask the pendulum for consent. This is crucial because it could cause damage, as well. If the pendulum says “No,” you should not force it despite how curious you are.

However, if your question is innocent, you don’t have to ask the pendulum about it. Let’s say you want to ask the pendulum if it’s safe to eat something you’re craving. It is not as sensitive as asking if your partner has an affair. But, if you have doubts in your heart, even if the question is not a big deal, you can still ask away.

If your pendulum shows an uncertain answer, such as a “Maybe,” you need to take a break from it. Forcing a question for an answer will not help nor work too. Please wait at least a day and ask it again to the pendulum. You may also want to rephrase the question, and maybe then your question will have a definite answer.

Things that may block the pendulum from working

There might be times where your pendulum will not perform right. Indefinite answers will also happen in cases like this. Certain factors might block your pendulum from working, and here are some of those you can look into:

  • You are not physically prepared for the performance. Keep in mind that your pendulum works along with your energy. Your energy works with your body, just like a chain. If your physical body is restless and tired, your energy will also go low. Make sure to eat and drink water before performing pendulum dowsing.
  • Your emotions are all over the place. Just like any divination activity, you need to keep your emotions in balance. It would help if you were emotionally, mentally, and spiritually ready when performing pendulum dowsing. If you are too depressed or sad, or maybe too excited and happy, it will positively affect your reading. Keep your calm and relax when asking the pendulum, no matter how curious or anxious you are.
  • You need to detach from your expectations. If you ask the pendulum something about a job promotion, you need to keep yourself calm. Even if your inner self is screaming, “Yes,” you need to be patient and let the pendulum do its job. Therefore, you need to detach from your expectations and let the energy tell the answer.
  • Remove all opinions in your mind. This statement is similar to the last item discussed. You need to set aside all opinions you have in your mind. Turn off your mind the whole time, or else it could intervene with the results. Remember that your mind positively affects the pendulum’s reading at all times.

The Process of Pendulum Dowsing

Now that you know a pendulum and how pendulum dowsing works, it’s time to set your foot on the ground. Pendulum dowsing is for everyone, but it is something you need to take seriously. Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been trusting the pendulum for years, you must follow the right process.

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Stay grounded and connected.

Just like any divination activity, pendulum dowsing requires a connection with the Source. It would be best if you settled down, stay grounded, and find your peace. Once you have it, you need to imagine a situation that will help you keep your peace in mind.

Some people would imagine themselves as trees that have strong roots attached to the ground. The way you keep grounded will depend on you. Keep a strong imagination and concentrate on connecting with the Source. If you find yourself bothered when attaining that connection, performing pendulum dowsing might not work.

Next, you need to imagine yourself coming out of your chakra. You can lift your head as you further connect with the Source. If you’ve been into spiritual activities in the past, you don’t necessarily have to do this part. However, as a beginner, it is crucial to keep grounded and connect to the Source.

Open your mind and heart.

Taking deep breaths and keeping yourself calm at all times is essential in pendulum dowsing. You should open your mind, heart, and soul at all times. Relax, and open yourself to the Universe. Having a peaceful state of mind will allow you to receive the reading correctly, whether it’s negative or positive.

Ask help from the angels.

It is essential to ask for guidance and help from angels when performing pendulum dowsing. The best angel to pray to is Archangel Michael, but you can also pray to other angels. Ask them to guide you during the whole activity. They will protect you at all costs and will even help you find the answers.

Clear your head.

Clearing your head means you need to detach from your thoughts and emotions. You need to be completely blank and let your energy flow. Take your ego and thinking for a break and be at peace for a few minutes. Once your head is clear, you are now ready for your readings.

Ask a question.

This is where the reading starts: the question-and-answer part. Simple questions only require a “Yes” or “No” answer. The answer will also base on the present time, and it does not predict anything from the future. Thus, it would be best to keep in mind that answers will depend on the exact moment you are in. Some pendulum readers ask their questions daily and see if the answers change.

However, before asking, you need to think about your questions beforehand. First, you need to assess whether it is OK for you to ask such. Instead of asking the pendulum, “Can I go on the ski trip with my friends this weekend?” you need to be more precise. Keep in mind that you are asking the pendulum for answers, not permission.

The best way to ask the question is, “Is it the best idea to go on a ski trip with my friends this weekend?” With that, the pendulum can answer your question in a precise way. Always think things over before asking the pendulum so you can land on the best answer it can provide.

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Don’t be assertive.

Another thing to remember when asking a question is you should accept whatever the result is. Whatever the pendulum says, you should accept it with all your heart and soul. If the answer is not what you are expecting, don’t push it. Do not ask the pendulum the same question in one activity.

You can always try the next few days, or maybe the next time you do pendulum dowsing. For others, they wait for 24 hours and ask for the pendulum again. As mentioned in the earlier parts of this article, answers may vary depending on the time you ask them. If you ask the pendulum the same question again and again at one time, it will get confused.

Be mindful that the pendulum is aware of your energy. When you ask the same question over and over again, there will be a tendency that you will feel pissed and frustrated. With that, you might doubt the pendulum’s power. Whatever the question is, good or bad, accept it.

Keep in mind that whatever the answer is, the Universe is telling you to accept it. Always trust the results because the Universe gave them to you. It is giving signs to you to follow, and it will help you.

Use the answers to your advantage.

Whether the pendulum’s answer is negative or positive, start planning from there. What are you going to do about it? How are you going to use it to your advantage? Think these things through. Take some small steps and build yourself from there, and you’ll be able to pull up.

Pendulum dowsing is not easy to do. It takes time, patience, and most important of it all, practice. It would help if you practiced thinking about more understandable questions. Make it easy for the pendulum to direct you to an answer.

Why pendulums don’t work?

There are times that you will wonder, “why is my pendulum not working?” Keep in mind that pendulums are dependent on one’s energy. Your energy will positively affect your pendulum’s reading. Here are some reasons why your pendulum might not work effectively:

  • You feel emotional, agitated, or blue.
  • You are not calm enough to do the activity.
  • You may be close to a piece of electrical equipment. Your place could also have high frequencies.
  • You are not focused. You phase out a lot.
  • Your pendulum might not be working. You should try a different one.

Importance of pendulums in a spiritual aspect.

Performing pendulum dowsing can go in different ways. Most people do it for guidance and healing. It does not limit to physical healing, but also emotional, mental, and spiritual. Some people do it to cleanse negativity, find lost things, and find other life paths.

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