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What Are Personal Dragons & What Do They Look Like?

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Many people love to hear stories and watch movies about dragons. Although dragons are mythical creatures created by fiction, some people believe they once existed in this world. 

A personal dragon is also a spiritual guide for humans. Some refer to them as their Guardian Dragon. 

Their primary duty is to accompany their humans in all their lifetimes.

These dragons live in our minds and spirit, and they are among the best protectors humans have. This article will learn more about these personal and spiritual dragons and identify which type you have.

What is a personal dragon?

It would help if you walked a lighted life for you to have one. Your Light should be brighter compared to others for you to acquire a personal dragon. 

One does not automatically have a personal dragon when they’re born. In shorter words, guardian dragons are something to earn.

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Not all humans come with personal dragons because dragons are picky when it comes to guidance. They always have blazing love and many hearts to everyone, except for those with a closed mind and heart. 

If a person has a stone heart, dragons will not be able to help them. They can only work with people who have a desire to help others.

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Spiritual people and personal dragons

Keep in mind that these guardian dragons contain angelic energies and came from angelic realms. It could be here from Earth or angelic realms in other dimensions.

Guardian dragons are also helpful, especially when you are in a very dark place. Sometimes when our thoughts become clouded and gloomy, our guardian angels find it hard to stray us from such thoughts. 

With a personal dragon, nothing is impossible. It will be there for you to drag you away from darkness and have negative energies.

Personal dragons are experts in defending against the dark. They are great at blocking negative energies, and they are always there to give Light. 

Aside from Light, they are also living creatures. 

How can I prepare myself to meet my Personal Dragon?

Meeting your dragon is similar to meeting your guardian angel. You need to calm yourself first and meditate. 

Clear your head, set your thoughts and emotions aside. You should feel relaxed before you encounter a meeting with your guardian dragon.

Once you’re settled down, breathe and start from the roots. Try to build a connection. 

You can imagine yourself as a tree with growing roots. You need to be in a different space. 

Do not think about being on Earth for a split second. Let your mind wander.

With his mighty blue Cloak of Protection, you will be safe and secure. His protective powers will also attract the dragon to reach you.

 Ask Archangel Michael to help you understand your dragon and see the elements it possesses.

Once you see your dragon, talk to it. It would help if you were calm and patient when doing so. 

Understanding your dragon will take time, but it’s not impossible. Try to imagine your dragon’s features. 

The way you picture them will also tell what type of personal dragon they are.

Types of Personal Dragon

If you already have a picture of your dragon in mind, it’s time to identify what they are. There are different types of guardian dragons, and they differ in many ways. 

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Its physical attributes also matter. Let’s start with the eye colors.

If you picture your dragon with brown eyes, it is an Earth-Dragon. If it has blue eyes, it’s a Water-Dragon. 

Sometimes, blue eyes also signify an Air Dragon. If the type of blue is darker, it’s water. 

Light blue-colored eyes signify an Air Dragon.

If the dragon you have in mind has red or orange eyes, it only means your dragon is a Fire Dragon. Now, there might be times where your dragon shows a white eye color. 

You might think it’s blind, but it’s not. White eyes only mean your dragon is not showing its color to you yet. 

With that, you need to wait for it to show and shell out to you.

There are also times where personal dragons show two eye colors. The right eye color could be different from the right and vice versa. 

With that, it only means your dragons bring two elements. Here are some combinations you should know:

  • Green and red means both Fire and Water-Dragon.
  • Blue and green means both Air and Water-Dragon.
  • Brown and green means both Earth and Air Dragon.
  • Blue and brown means both Water and Air Dragon.
  • Red and brown means both Fire and Earth-Dragon.
  • Red and blue means both Air and Fire Dragon.

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Purpose of Personal Dragons

As mentioned, personal dragons are protectors and guides. However, they also have other duties and purposes as to why they exist. 

Similar to angels, personal dragons also work according to the Universal Law of Reflection and the Universal Law of Request. . If you don’t ask for them, they will not intervene in your life.

They are there mainly to protect humans.

Personal dragons work alongside angels. If humans put themselves in danger, both of them will always be there for you. Regardless if you ask or not, a personal dragon must protect you at all costs.

They give light in the darkness.

If you are going through a dark path in life, personal dragons are there to guide you. As mentioned earlier, guardian angels are only limited to guiding you in dark places. 

Thus, there are also dark or fallen angels who are there watching you. But, for personal dragons, you are always secure and safe. 

They can protect you and guide you even when you are in the deepest, darkest pit in life.

They are powerful and truthful beings.

One best thing about personal dragons is they are powerful beings. They encourage humans to take advantage of their powers and capabilities as well. 

Dragons make humans realize to speak their truth at all times. Always keep in mind that your dragon is not only your number one protector, but it can be your source of encouragement as well.

They are wise.

As powerful beings, they always have the right things to say. They lead you to the best path, and they are wise when it comes to handling life. 

Your dragon can also be your teacher. They can share their wisdom with you if you allow them to share it with you.

They teach you all the right things.

Besides wisdom and knowledge, your dragon also teaches you to live a life full of love. They teach humans to be grateful for their life and embrace the gifts given to them. 

Kindness is what they encourage in this cruel world, and you should always follow their advice.

They possess the same energy you have.

Your personal dragon’s type will depend on the energy you bring. Usually, your dragon’s energy connects with you. 

According to spiritual experts, your zodiac signs are relevant to your dragon’s personality as well. Your energies always connect, and it’s something that keeps you both on the same page.

Most personal dragons on Earth come from the 4th and 5th dimensions.

Personal dragons love to stay and guide humans here on Earth. 

With that, they love Earth and the inhabitants in it. Humans are lucky to have these guardian dragons around for protection and guidance.

History of Personal and Spiritual Dragons

Many say dragons existed billions of years ago. 

The fire dragons were the ones who cleared the planet’s space, while the Earth dragons created the soil and rocks.

The water dragons provided water on Earth and filled the land gaps that the Earth dragons made. 

Lastly, the air dragons provided the air for inhabitants to breathe on this planet. They also got in-charge in looking after the winds.

The dragons who got involved in the Earth’s creation worked hard to gather all elements together. They also received help from other beings, such as fairies, sylphs, gnomes, and more. Hence, the Earth resulted in a beautiful planet. 

They became among the essential beings during the ancient pre-Atlantean Earth times.

Up to this day, some humans still believe spiritual dragons are lurking in the face of the Earth. A popular theory is that some water dragons are staying in the Bermuda Triangle. 

The Bermuda Triangle is the Earth’s most dangerous place. People believe there are dragons in the area left untouched for millions of years.

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