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Pisces and Pisces Compatibility: Friendship, Love, and Sex

COLORPurple, Lilac, Mauve, Violet, Sea GreenPurple, Lilac, Mauve, Violet, Sea Green
RULERNeptune, JupiterNeptune, Jupiter
DATE RANGEFebruary 19 – March 20February 19 – March 20

Before proceeding, know more about Pisces in March 1 Zodiac.

General Characteristics of Pisces

Pisces are artistic people who appreciate art on a different level. They are the poets and dreamers of the zodiac.

They are the sentimental type of people. Pisceans are people who tend to feel a lot and have strong emotions.

They have a lot that they want to accomplish. These individuals like to have a meaningful contribution to the world. They are full of sympathy and know how to show care and affection to people important to them.

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Their creativity and artistic nature push them to create and express themselves in art forms like poetry, painting, and others. They understand individuals. They quickly understand people and are sensitive to others’ feelings.

They are inherently people with dreams. With this nature, they are most probably the ones to pursue dreams, goals, and ideas that, at times, can be pretty unrealistic. Of course, they could sometimes be oblivious of the more logical paths available to them.

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They have a huge heart and overflowing care for others. However, they seem to have trouble receiving the same energy or care from others. Nevertheless, they continue to love the people around them, especially their families.

They are very much aware of their emotions as well as their surroundings. These individuals are gracious and like to make people happy by giving. They are willing to go to lengths to ensure the people around them are so glad.

These individuals are very kind. They understand the value of other people’s feelings.

They try their best to be sensitive rather than disinterested towards other people. They may be very much of a dreamer, but fortunately, they can also get out of their bubble.

Pisceans are also people with intuition. Before making a decision, they try to reach out and connect with their intuition.

They are the type to choose pragmatic reasoning to make decisions. They would instead rely on their intuition rather than checking facts about the matter.

Pisceans feel very deeply. When they are happy, they would feel elated, and when they are sad, they are the type to show it and are not going to hold back tears. They are highly idealistic, which sometimes causes them to deny reality.

These individuals are entirely selfless and are ready to help other people. When they sense an urge to help, they do it with no doubt. Pisceans are full of love, and they shower people around them with their immense love.

Pisceans are inherently kind and gentle. They are the type to show these soft and kind approaches to people they care about more often or even constantly.

They radiate warmth, and people who seek comfort can be attracted to them. They have a huge heart and strong tolerance, so they care so much for the people they care about.

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Pisces and Pisces as Lovers

Two Pisceans in a relationship is a couple that has a lot in common which is similar to Cancer and Pisces compatibility. They are both sensitive to each other.

This pair is very understanding and share a lot of things in common. They are the type to enjoy doing things together because they have similar interests. You may also read Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility.

No matter their high level of sensitivity to each other, they can find it hard to communicate their feelings. They have been so used to providing for others and giving out their love and sincere emotions.

Thus, it might feel a little bit off to receive as much as they give. It could be a strange feeling to get reciprocated at the same level.

They are the type to put other people before themselves. And so, it may be a new feeling to have a partner lookout for them.

They may need some time to get adjusted to a specific environment. As time goes by and their relationship keeps growing, their love stays strong.

Pisceans often fall in love with people who need saving. In short, they often find themselves falling for someone they deem that need their help. They can be drawn in by their need to act like the martyr in the relationship.

They can be reeled in by the thought of making another person’s life tolerable. Well, naturally, people will tend to look at Pisces’ action as pity.

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A lot of people do not want to feel like their partners only love them out of compassion. Perhaps, they can even feel like it’s offensive on their part.

During these situations, to continue and strengthen their relationship, Pisces should learn to adjust too. They should learn to accept their lovers as they are. Instead of trying to change them, they can start by being supportive of their partner’s growth.

When both of them are helping each other grow rather than trying to fix each other, their relationship should become stronger. With two Pisceans in a relationship, you can be assured of a faithful partnership. They won’t ever want to cheat on their soulmates.

When they love, they love deeply, and that includes being faithful to their partners. They will surely shower each other with love and make sure they feel valued every second of the day. This pair is one of the sweetest in the zodiac pairings.

This couple’s compatibility levels are high as they have a lot of things in common. They are both calm and gentle, and so there is more likely peace in the relationship.

This pair has a solid emotional connection. Not only emotional but also their physical and spiritual connection is vital as well.

While they may seem too good to be true, of course, relationships have their ups and downs. This pair can have arguments and misunderstandings too. These can often be rooted in their tendency to lie.

They both have a negative feeling about lying, so it can spark an argument between them when caught making one. Because they have a lot of things in common, they probably like doing the same things.

Pisceans are people who believe in the good in all people. For that, they try their best to be kind, and so are their partners.

Two kind people together are good news for the world. They 1are able to nurture each other and grow together.

With the endless things in their vocabulary, they won’t have a problem running out of things to do together. This couple makes a good pair as a couple. They can lean on overthinking, but they sure are understanding of each other.

They provide comfort despite both their emotional struggles. When two Pisces are in love, they love without hesitation and ifs and buts. These individuals are highly dedicated when in adoration.

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Pisces and Pisces in Bed

This couple is a romantic pair. They are the type to plan romantic dinners and getaways.

They will most likely plan about their dates and anticipate until the day comes. Pisceans have fun spending time together.

This couple is both soft and gentle, so we can assume that they will quickly get along with each other. However, that’s not for all couples.

They can also have a hard time connecting. But with the right things in place and the combination of their emotions, sparks fly between two Pisceans indeed.

This couple can have a magical sex life. However, there can be instances where they are not participating in physical contact. This makes the relationship more of a platonic one rather than romantic.

Perhaps, they are trying to avoid the complications of having physical intimacy with each other. They feel safe staying in their small bubble where they are in control of their feelings. They fear that if they develop physical intimacy, the safety they feel will be over and gone.

Pisceans know that physical intimacy comes with other things like dealing with physical imperfections. They are cautious about moving on to the next level as they have so much to encounter after doing so.

Once they try and begin having a physical relationship, they are both cautious of their decisions. They calculate and are very careful of their choices regarding their sexual activities. It will be beneficial for both of them to know each other's strengths and weaknesses.

When both of them settle all issues, they will never want to stop making love. Both of them are happy to have each other by their sides. Lovemaking for this pair is something not short of fantastic.

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Pisces and Pisces as Friends

This friendship is one with solid sensitivity and emotions. Both of them are deeply aware of their feelings. Two Pisceans as friends can understand each other very well. Both of them care about their friendship.

They love being together and spending time with each other. With all the things they do as friends, they are satisfied with each other. They value harmony, love, and beauty in their friendship.

This pair of friends are devoted to the relationship they share. They appreciate each other very much. These two know the values of having friends and are thankful to each other for staying by each other’s side.

Pisceans are mild and gentle, and two of them together are ideal for each other. They can be susceptible and easily tricked.

Their sensitivity can cause them arguments with each other. They can have times when they are too sensitive and lazy, causing problems for each other.

When they encounter some problem, they prefer to avoid the issues by looking away and running away. When they sense these types of issues, they have a high tendency to evade them as soon as they can and as much as they can.

Pisceans are very flexible and adaptable so they will befriend people quite easily. They are pretty easy to be friends with.

One of the best things about their friendship is their care for each other’s principles. They like to dream together. With this, they also enjoy thinking and daydreaming together. Together, they have fun appreciating the pretty things around them.

Pisces and Pisces at Work

This partnership is one with deep connections. Both of them are sensitive and emotional, and so they connect deeply.

This partnership has a deep emotional connection. They have good communication dynamics and can understand each other on a deeper level, even spiritually.

The partnership between two Pisces makes them both happy. They feel like their partnership is something they are very thankful for. The two of them see their partnership as something profoundly satisfying and one of the best things to happen in their careers.

Their love and value for beauty and peace is something only they could share in the zodiacs. This is one of the reasons for their excellent relationship with each other.

They both want their partnership to work to be as best as possible. And so, both of them work hard to prove this.

Both of them are also very adaptable and flexible. This makes them effective in whatever they do together. They are willing to adjust and take the necessary actions to better their processes and works.

This partnership should focus on working and setting goals for each of themselves. They need to encourage each other and do their best in their respective jobs and individual tasks. Encouragement sure goes a long way, especially in work.

One of the best things about this partnership is their relationship as a whole. They get along with each other very well, just like two fishes swimming peacefully in a calm pond.

They are ready to help each other and are always there for each other when they need it. These two make a very respectful pair.


Similar to Scorpio and Pisces compatibility, these individuals are very romantic and emotional. Thus, two Pisces signs brought together create a couple with a strong connection. They are the type to have no trouble getting along with each other.

Both of them are bound to be excellent friends because of the connection they share. This pair understands each other very well. This couple finds harmony, beauty, and love in everything they do.

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