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Pisces in 2nd House: Sorry, What Does This Mean Again?

Receiving energy from this house amplifies your skill of managing your finances and assets. You will put monetary achievement at the forefront of your mind. You use your current financial state to predict how your life will turn out. This power is not limited to what is tangible but also speaks to the value we attach to ourselves and in what we create. 

This is also called the ”house of value” or ”house of money” in which this placement focuses on our wealth. The natal bodies assigned to you moves according to what secures you in the material world. Inclusive to this house is the concept of borrowing and lending money. This gives others a clearer view of how you establish your boundaries. 

The second house monitors the regular cash flow by comparing the income and expenses. Knowing how your money circulates will affect your life positively. When you channel this energy towards others, instead of keeping it to yourself- what you give will return tenfold. Use others as a catalyst of this divine power, and spread it into the universe. 

While being goal-driven will push you forward in life, you must not let the power of the second house consume you. This will result in chaos and the intoxication of a life with no personal value. Rubbing elbows with affluent members of society may get you on top, but the view of the summit will not be as worth it. You must stay true to your genuine life-long goals. 

It’s easy to spot if you are misplacing the energy of the second house, similar to having the north node in the 2nd house. These achievements would not resonate with your core, and you will perceive it as a failure. You must put this energy in their right places. And in doing so, you will be able to restore the balance of your being. Having equilibrium will allow you to rise up the social ladder. As you elevate your position, eventually, other aspects of your life will follow.

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The second house centers on self-value. Having equilibrium will allow you to rise up the social ladder. As you elevate your position, eventually, other aspects of your life will follow. The second house is not simply about accumulating wealth but also one’s inner desires. It empowers the person whenever he adds something to his collection. It makes him feel worthy.  This becomes a compass of pointing him in the direction of gaining more, especially in his career. But unfortunately, happiness is not included within that package, so he’ll have to be more discerning.

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Pisces Ruling the 2nd House

Pisces of this placement, despite being born in the house of money, are often negligent of their finances. They’re all over the place with their expenditures that they’ll eventually lack funds. But no matter how financially careless they are, they always find themselves in lady luck’s good graces. They somehow manage to survive despite all odds.

Because of their talent for art, they never run out of income, even with their careless regard for money. People with Pisces in the 2nd house ruling their natal charts easily lose track of things they possess. They need to constantly remind themselves just to keep their belongings. This applies in all aspects of their lives. From having a daily reminder of where to put their accessories to keeping track of all their finances.

People with this astrological position have a lot of uncertainty in their lives, and they are conscious of it. This frightens them. The prospect of losing something valuable or of not earning enough money. All of these dreadful eventualities are constantly at the back of their minds.

Pisces people distract their minds from these negative possibilities by trying to think of a possible result. When things get scary for them, they resort to forming ideas in their head. His can become an unhealthy coping mechanism when they start to live more on these delusions than checking in with reality. Because of their fear, they tend to belittle themselves.

They always think that other people can do it better. That if they interfere, things would just get complicated. They tend to blame themselves for any inconvenience that occurs. This incapacity to get in touch with reality can also bring them to the other side of the spectrum. Instead of underestimating, they will think too highly of their abilities. They become overconfident to a point where they believe they can get anything they want.

They forget the real reason why they started and focus more on gaining unnecessary things. They will start to forget the value of genuine relationships and meaningful things. They will start to forget the people that they were before being blinded by these delusions. In any individual, losing one’s self is the hardest work to repair.

To avoid this, Pisces must never underestimate the importance of why she started in the first place. It’s ok to have huge dreams as long as they don’t get so enormous that you forget you’re human. Never be so enticed by the monetary objectives that you are ready to put your relationships with others at risk. Acknowledge what you want deep inside your heart. After realizing it, only focus on the things that would help you achieve these goals.

Do not try to change lanes and decide to take a U-Turn after. Focus on the road and believe in yourself. Everyone has a distinct path to success. You still have more than enough time ahead of you. Do not compare your trip to that of others because you will arrive at different points. Just because you’re concentrating on a particular path doesn’t imply you’ll never get to where you want to go.

Never be carried away by the material things. The things that money can’t buy are the ones that would make you feel most alive.

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Pisces Traits:

They’re Perpetually Absent-minded. 

They can forget where they came from or what they want to get from the other room in an instant. Since they can be careless, they tend to put things in different places and won’t remember them once it’s time for retrieval. They’ll always grasp in their pockets or bags for things that are no longer there. They’re very forgetful in mundane chores. Locking the doors, paying the bills, putting back the keys.

This gives people the general impression that Pisces are not in full control of their lives. This makes others doubtful of their abilities at first glance. Money usually belongs in the wallet, but not for Pisces in this house. They’ll stuff it in all available spaces. And like the clown that they are, they find it surprising that they’ve lost a few bills.

While you do actually lose money, it’s actually more on misplacing it and misspending. But, this can work in your favor when you find extra cash lying around. You might be short in paying for the bill when suddenly you fish out an extra dollar or two from your pocket. 

Squanders Money At Every Opportunity

Shopping malls are like amusement parks in your case. Everything sparkles, everything begs for you to buy it. There’s a voice inside of you whispering that that particular lampshade belongs on your night table. You rarely lose sleep over not buying an item because you don’t hesitate in your purchases. And the next thing you know, your card has reached its limit.

You incredulously ask the cashier to double-check. But, there’s no mistake about it, because unlike you- the machine knows how to keep tabs on your money. Every once in a while, you compute your finances, and you see a gap between your income and expenses. You try to search your brain for answers, but there are just too many inconsequential expenses.

Plus, you’re not one to remember prices because the only thing that matters is you were able to afford them. Contrary to popular belief, you’re actually aware that spending extravagantly is wrong. But splurging is your guilty pleasure, and no amount of moral correctness will change it. 

They’re Ingenious

Because they spend more than they can earn, there are times when they have to live from paycheck to paycheck. Despite their expenses, they still manage to survive because of their creativity. Their natural talent for art lands them in different jobs. These jobs usually do not last because they’re not passionate enough to work for it, long term.

They go where their intuition leads them, and this is what keeps them afloat. But you only ever drift in the same place for a short time before you start drifting away. For Pisces, money burns a hole in the pocket and they rarely have much left for their savings. Because they find different ways to earn, it’s unavoidable that they work with other people. Others will see Pisces’ who don’t have a firm grip on their finances, and they would take advantage of that. It’s better for people of this sign and house to be cautious in lending their money to other people. 

Very accepting of others these people radiate, warm, positive energy that beckons others to come closer. When you ask them for a handshake, they’re more likely to give you a hug. They share what they have without hesitation and have a pure soul. They see good in everything, which could lead them to trouble. Be as it may, they hardly hold personal resentment and continue to trust others.

This makes their financial management all the more problematic. They’re on good terms with the majority and give off the aura of being reliable in most aspects. Their positivity influences those around them. Others will gravitate towards such a free spirit despite being whimsical. Their ways are as fluid as their animal sign.

Unfortunately, the same goes for their finances. Added to that is how they see beauty in everything. They don’t find it a necessity to keep something grand for themselves. Because of this, it’s hard for them to quickly get on top. They’re not self-serving or ambitious enoughEven though others may exploit them, their generosity will actually invite more blessings in their life. Not everyone will come to only take from these people. There are a few individuals who will repay with more than what they have received. 

How You Handle Finances

Pisces in the 2nd house enable their share of people to have unrealistic spending and budgeting habits. People with this astrological placement tend to go overboard when shopping. They place unnecessary large portions of their budgets on their desired material things. The clothes that they like, their dream shoes, favorite brands of makeup, and any other tangible things that would help them look good and feel better. Buying these things gives them a great amount of comfort.

This massive spending is more of a coping technique for them. They utilize expensive material items to escape into their fictitious perfect world. When Pisces receives an order or purchases something they desire, there is an obvious sense of delight on their face. When kids talk about the items they want to buy, you can sense their excitement. They try to fill the emptiness in their souls by amassing an abundance of worldly possessions.

They do, however, have a penchant to rely on others. When they don’t have enough money to meet their extravagant material requirements, Pisces individuals turn to someone they know who can help them. When they experience financial struggles, they tend to feel bad and low about themselves. They feel like their life is already messed up because they can no longer tend to the things that bring them joy. They feel like the only key to happiness is through good wealth and a ton lot of tangible extravagance. But, they have to realize that there’s more to life than it.

A Pisces will only notice this when she has everything. She will then realize that despite her financial stability, she still couldn’t feel the fulfillment she thought she’d get from it. Even with her ability to afford the world, she still feels lonely inside. She thought she’d be good as long as she has what she want. She can stand without the help of others. She could be her support system.

But, after acquiring all the things she “thought” she needed, she will then realize how foolish it is to not have someone. Even just one. Someone, she could call her “person” no matter the circumstance. To not feel like this, a Pisces must learn how to feel satisfied with having just a “good” amount. They don’t need to have the “most”, they don’t need to be the “best”.

They need to learn how to appreciate life by having just enough. When they continue to get overpowered by their material wants, their relationships with others might get affected. They might irritate others by overpowering them financially. Or, they might be too codependent that other people will see them as “gold diggers” or wealth chasers.

Personal Relationships

People with Pisces ruling their 2nd house are good at appearing bright and optimistic. They attract people with their happy faces and light auras. Others find them easy and comfortable to hang out with at first glance. They don’t like showing people their vulnerable side. They prefer to comfort themselves with material things than venting out to others. Pisces prefer to have relationships that enable them to keep their privacy.

A relationship where they wouldn’t be put on a pedestal just because they choose not to disclose every bit of information in their life. They like to handle things on their own so they would highly appreciate it if their partners would let them sort things out. They need a relationship that is deeply rooted in trust. They want a partner who would unconditionally believe in them.

When Pisces is attached to someone, however, they could trust them a little bit too much. To a point where they’d be willing to trust them with their finances. If you’re a Pisces who have this birth placement, you need to screen people carefully before letting them have too much involvement in your life. You’re prone to attracting scammers and swindlers especially if you have a lot on your place. So, you must always think more than twice about investing your trust and emotions in people.

They tend to get very cautious around people who ask them about their finances. Or, with people who would question their spending and shopping habits. But, again, when they start to trust someone, they’d be willing to give it their all.

They’re very materialistic people, and if a person they’re interested in won’t understand that, then they’ll likely lose interest in them. They want someone who’d be willing to stay with them despite what others call “their flaws”.A Pisces with the 2nd house in her natal chart wants a relationship with the right amount of everything.

A relationship where she can have time for herself as well as a time solely for her partner. A partner who respects her wanting of privacy when it comes to her earnings all while still willing to give her a hand whenever she’s in a financial struggle.

Despite their strong material desire, Pisces people want a relationship that goes beyond fulfilling one’s physical and material needs. They want a partner who would relate to them on a deep emotional and spiritual level. They might get attracted to people who shower them with gifts and other tangible things, but as they go for the long run, they’d start to feel a lack of happiness with them.

They would eventually wish they’re with someone who can understand them on a deeper level. Someone they can share their hobbies with. Someone they can completely get candid and free with. Someone who would show them a different side of the world. A side they never even thought existed. Pisces people want to feel validated by their partners. They wouldn’t care about the world if they just have even one person who they know would always be by their side. When they find a partner like this, they will hold on tight to them.

Because people with this birth placement put their whole trust in a person they’re interested in, they also don’t easily give up on them. When Pisces is deeply invested in someone, they can go blind and deaf just to keep their loved ones near. They love genuinely. These are the people you wouldn’t want to hurt. You wouldn’t like seeing them get a broken heart.

If you’re someone with a Pisces partner, you need to take importance on a balanced relationship. Your relationship will surely blossom so long as you know how to keep things in moderation. If you’re someone who has this astrological placement, however, you need to learn how to love someone without giving it your all. If it’s meant to be, it wouldn’t ask for too much.

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Finding more value in things that are not tangible 

Even though they like buying things, they are not tied down by their possessions. This is easily seen with how quick they are to spend their hard-earned money. In choosing a career, they don’t measure its practicality. They let intuition lead them in finding the right job. People born with Pisces in this domain are open to new experiences and new people. They find it important to form connections and to explore more of the world. When they see life mirroring parts of themselves, it sparks their artistry.

Having little regard for money will limit their freedom of movement. So they have to balance it out along with their other priorities in life. Since their adaptability skills are high, this would not be impossible for them. An eye for perfection just because they have the eye to see goodness in everything doesn’t mean they have low standards. Quite the opposite, they’re on a quest to finding perfection. The concept of perfection for them is quite erratic. It’s not a conventional beauty. 

They like to romanticize even the simplest things. While this makes life easier for them because it’s a value of resiliency, it can also be problematic. When it comes to having a partner, she has this clear-cut image of what he should be. She’s clearly setting herself for disappointment and hurt. The best way for this is to separate your dreams from your reality. Being impractical is not always a good trait. It’s naivety in the long haul. You’ll soon run out of luck, and nothing will save you from the consequences of the indecisive decisions you make.

Dearest Pisces of the Second House

You often lead a path of your own. One that is not usually taken by others. Nonetheless, you try to invite them into your journey. You share your gift of seeing and creating beauty with others. For this, the universe will shower you with its approval. But my child, you must take caution of missteps along the way, for you are bound to make many.

Strangers will not always turn to friends. Though materials of this world are not of utmost importance, they will help you with the freedom you seek. Your element of water will try to drown you in your vulnerable state, but you must remain calm. In the face of adversities, you must weigh your heart and mind evenly. Your suffering may bring you to your knees today, but it will be your needed push to transform.

Do not brush away mistakes and learn from them. Your intuition is powerful, so trust it, but also attend to the signals of your current reality. As a Pisces, you often find yourself not fighting with the current. This makes you flexible in every situation.

Your mantra for today: 

I trust my intuition. But in doing so, I will set boundaries because it’s good for my soul. Today, I will embrace my true purpose in life. Neptune will guide me.

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