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Pisces in 3rd House: Letting Feelings Take Control Over You

When Pisces is in the 3rd House, you have a conflict of decisions and emotions. Even when you use your mind, there seems to be something ruling over your mind.

Pisces in the 3rd House makes you curious about your environment. At the same time, you unconsciously let your feelings take control of your life decisions. This placement is about communication, but there seems to be something hindering you: the emotions that eat you up.

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You are a sensitive individual when you have this placement. You have ideas you want to expand because of your intuitive decisions.

With Pisces in the 3rd House, feelings arise in any situation.

3rd House Astrology

In astrology, the 3rd House is about communication. It revolves around the connection you have with people close to you.

It holds onto the connection you make with the people you have close. In the 3rd House, you will become intelligent when conversing with others.

The 3rd House is not all about communication alone. It also revolves around your local community and transportation.

When the natal planets are in this house, they are motivated by expression.

You may wonder how you can communicate with people close to you. You may think about talking to your brothers, sisters, family, or peers.

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With this house, expression motivates you to build a strong foundation of connection.

You may or may not excel in building strong relationships in this house. Whatever that is, communication is the center of your interaction with others.

Communication is almost the solution to all problems we encounter. When you have issues, you can only solve them when you interact.

You cannot solve your problems alone all the time. You need communication with the people you hold dear.

This way, communication will be the basis of successful issues. It can also be the basis of the relationships you build in life.

When planets transit in this house, you can get a piece of important information.

I don't know what information it is. However, that information is essential and comes from an immediate network.

Intelligence is crucial in this house. You must have an analytical ability within your environment.

You must be well aware of your surroundings while having a sensibility.

You can’t communicate if you do not know your environment. Your intelligence will help you to work effectively in this house.

It will help you have better communication with the people surrounding you.

The 3rd House will let you use your conscious skills. This house allows you to make your way by using your intelligence for improvement.

Pisces in 3rd House Meaning

Pisces in the 3rd House make you rely on your mind to interpret the world. Your intuition and empathy will let you see the world differently.

Communication is also vital in this placement. You love to channel your thoughts and emotions.

You love it when you converse with others talking about life. You can make your emotions and thoughts merge to create a powerful force.

What can be the purpose of the force? Well, this force is about your personality.

You can be smarter than you are. You can be more intelligent than you are currently.

You can be more creative with your actions. You can be more inventive about things that need innovations.

With Pisces in the 3rd House, you are very curious about your life. There is a mystery you cannot figure out.

You have a subtle intellect when you have Pisces in the 3rd House. This intellect brings you to the farther part of your life.

You are also sensitive about the situations happening around you. With Pisces in the 3rd House, you are a sympathetic individual.

In astrology, Pisces is very friendly. You appreciate being in a company of different people around you.

You are very willing to communicate with others. You also offer a helping hand to those who are in need.

As a Pisces, you are a selfless individual. You do not think about yourself all the time.

You bring so much effort into other people's lives. You are very willing to help them without asking anything in return.

You are an emotional individual when you have Pisces. You are very compassionate toward the people surrounding you in your life.

Pisces lets you have an incredible emotional capacity. You empathize with people a lot, making you have a good heart.

However, it will help if you keep your boundaries, so you won't step outside the limit.

You have a tremendous intuitive understanding of your world.

The 3rd House is about communication. Since Pisces is in the 3rd House, you may let your emotions cloud your judgment.

Merging your mind and feelings may create a powerful force. However, communication may be complex for you with this matter.

You can have a hard time setting back your emotions. This way, communication may be a barrier for some matters.

However, this placement makes you better in life. People's thoughts may not matter as time goes by.

Instead, you can see the bigger picture of their judgment that you can hear.

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Pisces in 3rd House Cusp

When the cusp is on 3rd House Pisces, you may let emotions take over you. You can be highly emotional even in simple matters you deal with in life.

Your emotions will take over your ability to communicate. It may or may not make your connections better.

When emotions and thoughts take over, they will be hard to face. Communication might be a complicated thing for you on this cusp.

You may base your ideas on your intuitive insights. You may have practical ideas.

Some ideas may not even work. However, you love to make plans secretly.

You organize plans without anyone around you knowing. Even when you communicate with people, you appreciate your alone time.

You ignore details with the cusp on 3rd House Pisces. You trust your knowledge a lot.

You trust what you can feel, which makes you overlook details.

This cusp can also make you a secretive individual. You may despise labels with anything you are dealing with at the moment.

With this cusp, you love to seek inspiration. This inspiration will influence your actions and your attitude.

You can often daydream since you are a creative person. You may visualize life too good.

This cusp does not make you good at manifesting your thoughts.

Your plans can come true at times. However, most of your plans may not take place.

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Pisces in 3rd House Positives

When you have Pisces in the 3rd House, you are curious about the world.

Your curiosity brings you to the deeper part of life. You can even be mysterious because of your actions.

Pisces in the 3rd House makes you an intelligent person. You bring your intellect to your communication with people.

You are sensitive about things people need to tackle. Of course, being sensitive is a good thing.

This sensitivity means you are sympathetic to situations. You do not let bad things happen because you know how others would feel.

With Pisces in the 3rd House, emotions and thoughts can rule over you.

Your ideas and visions take place because of your instinct. You are highly intuitive about what's happening in your environment.

Because of your instinct, grand ideas bring you somewhere in life.

Pisces in 3rd House makes you an easy-going person. You hate conflict.

You don't like dealing with conflict because you know how your emotions affect you.

Your emotions play a considerable role in this placement.

You love to keep the warmest communication alive. Even when you love communicating, you may fail at some point.

With your friendliest connection, it may help you become better at life.

You never like to consider others' ideas immediately. You assess the effectiveness first before you consider having them.

More of these positives can be found in the article I wrote about Jupiter in 3rd House, since Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. 

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Pisces in 3rd House Negatives

Pisces in the 3rd House is all about your emotions. You love to let your emotions take over your life.

You can hardly control your emotions and thoughts. You become too emotional even in simple situations.

When Pisces is in the 3rd House, you rely on your feelings. It is as if your emotions rule your life.

You also let intuitions take over your decisions.

Please do know you are an intelligent person. You have an excellent capacity for decisions in life with good intentions.

Letting your emotions control you will not do any good in your life.

You do not like to talk about connections too much. Well, keeping away from those topics can help you.

Since you know your actions reflect your decisions, you prefer to shut your mouth.

You don't care about logic most of the time. You would instead let intuitions rule your decisions.

Even when social norms and ethics face you, you let your feelings, judge.

Haven't you realized how much you rely on your emotions? You let it cloud your judgment about the world.

You also do not give so much importance to words. You will only revolve your thoughts on how you feel.

You do not care about details, which can significantly affect your life.

With Pisces in the 3rd House, you can become too defensive. Even when you know you're in the wrong, you would rather keep your pride.

You can also become pretentious in some situations. Communication is a huge factor in this placement.

However, you may use it in the wrong way.

Pisces in 3rd House Siblings

You may have a good connection with your siblings. With Pisces in the 3rd House, you know your responsibility towards them.

As a Pisces in the 3rd House, you may be attached to your siblings. You may love them unconditionally, and you have a strong bond.

You always want to have a sibling for those who do not have siblings. You know you can give your best to become the best sibling.

Even when you like to take responsibility, you cannot influence them. You will only do your responsibility as a sibling.

There is nothing special about how you can influence their lives.

With Pisces in the 3rd House, you can peacefully connect with them. You know how to communicate with your siblings effectively.

Even when you don't have a sibling, you treat your friends like your brothers and sisters.

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