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Pisces Man Cheating: What Pushes Him?

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Is the loving and passionate Pisces man prone to cheating? What are his reasons, and is there anything you can do about it?

The things that push the Pisces man to cheat include his fickle-minded nature, overflowing feelings of love, and need for thrill and spontaneity. His sensitive nature is not enough to prevent him from cheating, but he will be so guilty for doing it.

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There is no guarantee that the Pisces man will stay in his current relationship or be with the woman he cheated with. His feelings are unpredictable, and his choice will depend on many factors.

What factors are these? Ask and Pisces Man Secrets guide shall deliver. 

In this article, I will explain all about the Pisces man’s personality related to his tendency to cheat. I hope this helps you prevent and deal with his cheating.

Is the Pisces man a cheater?

The Pisces man falls in love fast and hard. He will follow his feelings to the ends of the earth and sacrifice himself for the object of his desire.

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The unfortunate thing is that love doesn’t last long for the Pisces man; his changeable mind and heart do not stay still. He needs a balance of stability and excitement in his relationships to stay faithful and keep his commitment.

The Pisces man is not a communicative person and hates to talk about his feelings. He would rather lie than accept that he is jealous or angry over something, and this behavior always leads to outbursts and overreactions over minor issues.

The Pisces man is too sensitive and emotional to be a cheat, but he will give in to the temptation if there are issues and problems in a relationship he can’t fix. 

He hates people getting hurt by his actions, but he will follow his happiness if given a chance.

How do you push the Pisces man to cheat?

It takes two to tango. The Pisces man’s personality makes him prone to cheating, but his partner’s traits can also add to this tendency.

What are these traits? Giving Pisces Man Secrets a read-through can reveal it all to you and help you avoid them to keep your Pisces man faithful. 

Below is a list of a woman’s personality traits that can drive the Pisces man to cheat. Which one’s yours?

Aries woman

A hot-blooded woman like you works well with the Pisces man; both of you embrace your emotions and don’t shy away from showing them. Sex and intimacy are not a problem, and there won’t be any reason for your man to chase after sexual pleasures outside your relationship.

An Aries woman can push a Pisces man to cheat when she takes over the relationship because of excess enthusiasm and energy. Your man will want to take charge, but you won’t let him, thus pushing him to seek a relationship where he can feel powerful and valuable.  

Taurus woman

The Pisces man is drawn to your stable and supportive personality, while you love the passionate and loving attention he gives you. Together, you and your man balance out his spontaneity and flightiness with your inflexible personality.

The Taurus woman and Pisces man’s differences in personality can cause him to cheat on her. If the relationship becomes too constricting or boring for him, he will seek excitement and new experiences elsewhere.  

Gemini woman

You and your Pisces man are Mutable signs and share the love for spontaneity and thrill in your relationship. Your sex life is anything but conventional and boring, and you love to bond over experimenting and trying out new things.

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But too much instability in a relationship can give birth to doubt and jealousy. The sensitive Pisces man will get serious too fast, and you will be too cautious and indecisive to settle down with him right away.

Cancer woman

You are a caring woman who falls in love too fast, and the Pisces man has the same generous trait in showing his love. The two of you will have no problem giving and getting love from each other.

Being both Water signs, your similar sensitive and emotional personalities are bound to clash sooner or later. He will enjoy your company, but constant moodiness and emotional neediness can drive him to be with someone more stable and less stressful.

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Leo woman

A fiery woman like you is a perfect match for the sensitive and fickle-minded Pisces man. Your warm and passionate personality adds life to his intense and emotional life.

The Leo woman tends to take over the relationship, and the Pisces man is more than willing to take the back seat once in a while. He will not mind being led, but he will leave you if you boss him around or control him too much that he has no freedom to go after what he wants.

Virgo woman

You are a reluctant romantic, and the Pisces man is the man to sweep you off your feet. He will see you as the perfect long-term partner because of your ability to keep him grounded and focused on his life goals.

The Virgo woman is a perfectionist and can make the Pisces man feel inadequate and insecure. He will seek a person outside his relationship if his partner has a habit of criticizing and highlighting his flaws.

Libra woman

The Libra woman and Pisces man are both selfless lovers; you and your partner enjoy showering each other with boundless affection and devotion. You love his creative and passionate side, and he loves your intellect.

You and your Pisces man form the perfect team as long as you work hard through your differences. He will retreat from the relationship if you initiate too many arguments and conflicts.

Scorpio woman

You share the same sign with your Pisces man, making you understand his personality better. He is attracted to your courage and determination in achieving anything you set your mind to.

The Scorpio woman is not used to showing emotions and prefers to be alone when facing problems or managing challenges. Failing to connect with you through your emotions, the Pisces man will find it frustrating and will shut his emotions in return.

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Sagittarius woman

You are a passionate woman who is always searching for human connection and happiness. You love to rely on the Pisces man as the perfect partner who can lift your spirits, supports you when you are down, and makes you feel desired.

He will find it hard to keep up with your energy and drive; he will seek a break from you if you maintain a pushy and controlling attitude towards him. 

Capricorn woman

You attract the Pisces man with your responsible and disciplined nature. He tends to go with the flow and trusts that following you is always a great choice because you know the best direction to take.

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The Pisces man loves the Capricorn woman’s ability to play it safe and always weigh options when making decisions, but he also needs to experience the thrill of risking and losing. He will cheat if he finds someone who can give him the excitement and thrill he can’t find in his relationship.

Aquarius woman

You are as temperamental as the Pisces man and share his unpredictable mood swings and impulsive nature. Together, you live a life full of spontaneous adventures and amazing moments.

The Aquarius and Pisces personalities are unwilling to get tied down, making it hard for them to form a committed and stable relationship. The Pisces man will cheat on you if he gets tired of being casual and wants a more stable and secure relationship.

Pisces woman

Having the same Sun sign as your Pisces man makes you understand each other very well and be in tune with each other’s needs. Sharing the same likes and dislikes with your partner is a fortunate and valuable thing for a faithful and lasting relationship.

Two Pisces together can become dull and uneventful after a while and can drive your man to seek excitement outside your relationship. His knowing you inside out makes you lose the mystery that fuels his attraction and desire for you.

What to do when the Pisces man cheats?

The Pisces man has a romantic view of relationships and is not comfortable with cheating on a person he cares about. The sad news is that his personality always puts him in a situation to cheat, sometimes without his intentions.

The best thing you can do is accept that the nature of the Pisces man is fickle and quick to change. His cheating has more to do with his natural tendencies than your faults or shortcomings.

The next step is to have a long and honest talk with your Pisces man. Talk about your issues and your next steps moving forward.

You may choose to continue your relationship with your man, but don’t tolerate his cheating. Work hard with him to remedy the issues that pushed him to cheat so that it will never happen again or maybe it is time to let him go.

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