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Pisces sun Pisces moon: The Most Imaginative Sign

If you have the Sun and Moon in Pisces, you are a sensitive, emotional, and intuitive person. You are very unclear about your direction in life and have a lot of difficulties making decisions. You can easily be confused by others who have a different plan from yours.

Pisces sun Pisces moon people are the zodiac's most imaginative and creative. They are susceptible and use their intuition to help them understand their environment. Pisces sun Pisces moon individuals will be able to see things that others miss, but they may also be a little bit out of touch with reality due to their fantasy-prone personalities.

Unfortunately, this can cause them to worry about things that haven't happened yet, leading to a lot of stress in their lives. Secretly, it's likely that this person has an uncanny sixth sense that makes up for any lack of common sense that they might have in other areas of life.

Truly understanding a Pisces sun Pisces moon person is not easy as they have a complex psychological makeup. They may be in tune with their own emotions, but they might also have trouble understanding those around them. This can make them seem withdrawn or aloof at times, especially if they feel like they aren't being understood by the people they care about.

The Pisces sun-Pisces moon pairing indicates that people often have a dreamy, artistic quality about them. These people are the most easygoing of the signs and usually prefer to avoid conflict at all costs. When they do get into an argument, it's generally because someone is being aggressive rather than due to something real and meaningful.

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Great things about you

Pisces sun Pisces moon people are an emotional spring and a soul to be trusted. Their sensitivity can make them appear fragile, but they're not. They possess great strength of character, being highly adaptable and flexible.

Pisces sun Pisces moon natives are often described as “watery” personalities, perhaps because they have so many mood changes. They can be bubbly one minute, then depressed the next. But Pisces sun Pisces moon is not just a dreamer; it is a visionary with strong powers of intuition and imagination.

It has this cosmic connection with the universe, making it incredibly psychic. Trust that they'll find their way towards happiness, even if it may take a while for them to get there.

Pisces sun Pisces moon individuals can be vulnerable to criticism, making it difficult for anyone to give them constructive feedback. It's easy for them to feel attacked when someone tries to help them improve as a person.

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Know yourself

The sensitivity of your Pisces sun-Pisces moon means that you're more attuned than most to other people's feelings, and they, in turn, pick up on your feelings quite easily. Empathetic and caring, you instinctively put yourself in others' shoes when trying to understand their point of view. Because of this, you can be very perceptive about the motives of others, even those who aren't necessarily being completely honest with you or themselves.

Your empathy causes you to suffer greatly when in the presence of others' suffering—or even when simply witnessing it in movies or on television. You yearn to relieve their pain but may not always be sure how best to go about doing so. You are kind almost to a fault, unwilling—or unable—to say no when asked for help.

You can often be seen sacrificing your own needs for others because you don't want to hurt others' feelings or make them unhappy. The Pisces moon sign will also be drawn to magical arts. You may practice astrology, tarot reading, or even try your hand at witchcraft like Pisces in 5th House. 

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Know your goals

Pisces sun sign can reveal a lot about goals in life. It's important to remember, though, that the sun sign is just one influence on personality and development. Their moon sign is another significant indicator of life's path.

Pisces is a complex sign, as well as an intuitive one. Their sensitivity extends to a great depth, and they may have psychic ability. Further, they have a love of beauty and art, both in the world around them and inside them.

They can be romantic and passionate, perhaps too emotional for the real world if in love. This pair of signs are known for their artistic talents and intuition. They can also sense the moods of others.

They have a great imagination, and they are sensitive. They are also intelligent and have a gentle soul, but they can be stubborn at times. Trying to keep them standing by one’s side is not easy because they wander off into the world around them quite often.

It doesn't take much to distract them from their current goal or project. They need encouragement and support from those closest to them to focus on one thing at a time.

Pisces sun Pisces moon people are often found working toward social causes or with children like teachers or mentors for young students. As long as they do not become too distracted from their goals, they will succeed in their endeavors.

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The Pisces sun Pisces moon pairing brings a powerful imagination to the mix. This is a sign that they will have no problem dreaming up all sorts of new products and ways of doing things, and they will be able to pursue them with dogged determination. The Pisces sun-Pisces moon combination also means that these people are highly attuned to other people's needs, so they will genuinely have a desire to help others in need themselves.

The combination of Pisces sun and Pisces moon can make an extraordinary person, but it also requires to be aware of the intense emotional sensitivity. To manage their emotions, it is essential to know what their goals are and how to achieve them.

This takes some time, but the process of learning about themselves can help them grow as a person. The challenge will be to avoid getting stuck in their emotional state before they gain enough experience to deal with these feelings regularly.

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Be open to change

Pisces sun Pisces moon natives love change. They're very open to new experiences and make terrific friends. They are compassionate and spend a lot of time daydreaming.

Pisces sun Pisces moon people have an eccentric personality and are also very intuitive, capable of sensing things about others that others can only guess at. The Pisces sun-moon pairing suggests a tendency to submerge oneself into the needs of others, cutting one's own needs aside. Because the individual never gets time for himself, this can lead to bitterness and feelings of unfulfillment.

The Pisces-Pisces love match is not filled with passion and intense romance like some other combinations but rather two people who enjoy merely being in each others' company. The Pisces sun-moon pairing finds it easy to put their Pisces moon self aside, preferring to remain calm and centered.

They will find it difficult to decide or take action if they are not stimulated by their partner and may appear lazy, reluctant, or indecisive. The partner will have to be the driving force behind any success this couple achieves, as they may prefer to allow things to happen naturally, without forcing issues.

They may also be so focused on other people and their wants that they neglect themselves, resulting in them feeling resentful about everything that has happened regarding themselves. Pisces sun Pisces moon people are very good at adapting to circumstances, and they are more malleable than any other zodiac sign.

If a situation is not ideal, they will look for a way out or find a solution. This is because they want peace and harmony in their lives. They do not like to be trapped in a place where they cannot breathe freely.

The thing is, the Pisces sun Pisces moon combination encourages people to live in their dreams rather than the real world. Their imagination is powerful, but this also means that reality can be distorted. They could sometimes daydream too much and lose track of what's going on around them.

These people have deep emotions and feelings, but sometimes it's hard to express these in words. Instead, they prefer to express themselves through art or music. They are also very intuitive, which means that they instantly understand other people's feelings similar to Cancer sun Aquarius moon.

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