Pluto Conjunct Venus Transit: Event That Happens Once In 240 years -

Pluto Conjunct Venus Transit: Event That Happens Once In 240 years

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Venus Traits

Venus is infamous for being the charming Goddess of Love and Beauty in Roman mythology. She can wield her beauty like a sword. This goddess is also the protector of artists since she favors lovely things. This goddess also rules over pleasure and intimacy.

In astronomy, Venus is the Morning Star. This hottest planet is also the brightest in our Solar System. Venus is said to be the twin planet of the Earth. We correlate these facts with astrology. In astrology, Venus is the ruler of love and relationships. This planet reveals who we are when we are in a relationship and love. Do we tend to shower our partners with affection? Do we view relationships as a priority?

Venus also rules the things that go hand in hand in love. These things include sexual desires, intimacy, and affection. This planet also reveals our best point of attraction. What is our best charm? What is the most noticeable for us? This planet also shows what qualities we find attractive and the people we attract the most.

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In astrology, Venus rules all lovely things. These precious things expand to visual arts, literature, and performing arts. Stunning things are also highly favorable to this planet. Since the goddess is charming herself, expect that the people ruled by Venus are fascinating too. That is the first thing you will notice in these people.

When you first see a Venus person, what you will first notice is their appearance. They spend so much time, money, and effort in making themselves look like eye candy. These people know how to flaunt their best charms and make use of it. They have an exquisite taste in fashion.

The second thing that you will notice from these people is their loving and gentle hearts. These people are caring and gentle creatures. Venus people are selfless as well. When someone needs help, these people will sincerely help you out. They can even go beyond their lengths to help you out.

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Venus people have a big social circle. People cannot resist but get pulled in the Venus person's orbit. You would find their friends would ask this Venuses for fashion advice. Venus people highly prioritize their romantic relationships. They shower affection on the person they love. Sometimes, they would also give lovely gifts to these people. With their great taste in everything, their partners would surely love the gift.

Pluto Traits

Regarded as the ugly god, Pluto's dominion is the underworld. This Roman god likes to hide so much that he wears his invisibility helmet when he ascends the mortal realm. In astronomy, Pluto is the cold and mysterious (for the sake of astrology) planet. This dwarf planet lies on the boundary of our Solar System.

These facts help look at Pluto's role in astrology. In astrology, Pluto keeps all the things we do not want to resurface. No, this does not only revolve on shallow mysteries and secrets. Pluto is all about unresolved trauma, mental illnesses, and darkest fears. Because we keep these things hidden, we are afraid for these to come out. And when they do, we don't know how to confront these hidden things. But when we finally dare to step into our darkest side and face them, expect a life-changing event in your life.

This change does not only concern our mental aspect. But it can also go beyond the spiritual element. Because of the changes that come with facing Pluto, the planet signifies changes too. Not mere changes but transformative, life-turning changes. Pluto governs transformation, rebirth, growth, and regeneration. The cold and mysterious planet is not all about the negatives. It encourages us to face the worst. And we should find deep inside of us the strength to face our adversaries: the things we keep hidden.

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Pluto Conjunct Venus Transit

This conjunction happens only once every 240 years because Pluto takes 240 years to revolve around the sun. Since this planet occurs very rarely, do we expect blessings or catastrophe? We can say that you can expect both.

Similar to the Venus-Pluto aspects, with Pluto conjunct Venus transit, expect those romantic relationships will come to the extremes. There may be extreme affection. This affection could turn into an obsession. But it is also possible for extreme distancing to happen. This distancing could lead to isolation. A lot of relationships could end badly during this transit.

Unlike the Pluto transit on the North Natal node, this transit can also bring manipulative and controlling people into your life. Beware of who you permit to enter. This relationship with the controlling person could be something that you find intoxicating. It may even come as far as thinking of this controlling person as a lifetime partner. 

This transit will also bring out every thirst for your sexual desires to be satisfied. There can be intense craving for entering a new relationship, and severe at that. There will be intense craving for sex in the case of partners. Expect that the sex will be enthusiastic, passionate, and very addicting.

However, when the sex turns out to be unsatisfying, your relationship will break. To resist such intense sexual drive, try to channel your energy into something. It may be a hobby or discovering new hobbies. You can also try to immerse yourself in physical activities such as running or working out. Pour out your energy in learning something on the internet, perhaps conspiracy theories?

A couple may also experience power struggles during this aspect. One person may feel like their partner is controlling them. It is also possible that one thinks that they do not have the chance to take the wheel of the relationship. It is best to talk to your partner about these feelings. Although this transit can bring various effects to a relationship, a healthy partnership will thrive. Clear things out with your partner and talk about it calmly. Understand why your partner feels that way and change things for the better.

For individuals, this transit can bring about change in perspectives. You will have a clear mind in deciding what to hold on to and what to let go of in your life finally. 

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