Pluto in 6th House: No Room For Imperfections -

Pluto in 6th House: No Room For Imperfections

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Planet Pluto is a dwarf planet that influences the dark justice and subconscious forces in astrology. It got its name from the Roman God of the Underworld, Pluto, the equivalent of Hades in Greek Mythology.

Pluto in astrology is the symbol of transformation, rebirth, and regeneration through death and destruction. It uncovers a new perspective for people towards life and beyond and sees destruction as a necessary step for rebirth and reawakening. As other astrology readers claim, Pluto also has the power to enable us to get into our inner self and subconscious.

Most of the time, when we feel as though everything in our lives is crumbling down or we are losing important people one by one, it is not a punishment from the Universe. As a matter of fact, it is Pluto shaking our fate and triggering a change in our lives. 

Like a Phoenix, Pluto will burn you to ashes with the assurance that it will bring you back to life better and anew. It crushes the destructive traits you have until all that you have left are a new perspective of the world and better knowledge of how it works for you.

Pluto puts us in agonizing pain, but we have to establish faith and trust that it is for the better. 

The placement of Pluto in the Houses based on our birth chart reveals where we have an urge for transformation and change. Be mindful, though, because Pluto takes action whenever it wants, whether you are prepared or not. 

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The 6th House or House of Health and Service lets out Virgo energy where organization, forming habits, work-life balance, self-care, and overall health are prioritized and considered necessities for a better life. This House is where we make our choices, and these choices highly affect our environment and well-being. That is why, in this House, creating and following a routine is essential.

Pluto in the 6th House focuses on finding the balance between our work and daily personal lives and focusing on healing and cleansing ourselves spiritually, most of the time, through helping other people. One can give rise to this placement by recognizing the challenges and hardships along the way and facing our biggest fears.

Let us throw light upon this placement and reveal what it tells about you. 

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You dedicate your life to your work and promise more outstanding outcomes.

Having a Virgo sign radiating from this placement, you show qualities of being organized, oriented, and workaholic. You tend to pile up workload as a form of personal avoidance of assessing your issues and problems.

Usually, you do not even try to get out of work on time or file a leave for vacation because you have an idea in your head that through excelling at work, you will gain power and authority. You aim at showcasing the best you can do and be known for the things you have achieved.

You would instead work for yourself than have a boss. 

People in this placement are afraid of criticism. They work hard on things that they do to impress other people and exhibit their skills but, something still sets them back to their seats. Comments about their work feel like a stab in their hearts, so, as much as they can, they avoid interactions with other people they knew might criticize their works. 

This placement also describes the environment a person is in and how he gets along with people in the same setting. Here is where issues arise for people with Pluto in the 6th House placement. 

Workplace for you is a challenge to keep at peace because your co-workers see you as a threat. You predominate the workplace, but you still can't take criticism well, which leads to disputes and misunderstandings.

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Due to your fear of being judged and criticized, you change jobs far too often. You also commit yourself to freelance or opening up a business because you want to be your boss. 

You feel that you cannot do work effectively and efficiently if you are being watched, timed, or bossed around. In the workplace, you do excel, but you exert a lot of effort to focus on the work at hand than the commands of your employer or supervisor.

You are a great perfectionist.

You make sure that everything is impeccable down to the tiniest detail, no ifs and or buts. You work hard in each project you have, and you double-check everything so things flow smoothly as you want them to go. 

The standard you set for a project also makes it hard for you to work in teams or other people. 

Teamwork chaos starts because you put too much expectation on other people. When they cannot meet these expectations, you become hostile and unsympathetic over individual differences and capabilities. It is also the reason why you prefer to work alone. 

On the flip side, when you work on a project alone and fail to fulfill the goals you have set, you go full-on self-destruction. Self-loathing is always an issue for you, as if this is your only option to let out your frustrations. You blame yourself merciless even on circumstances that you have no control of. 

Self-loath leads you to various health issues and problems. You feel anxious, depressed, and over-fixated on your faults, which leads you to mental paralysis. Stress, unhappiness, and physical issues take the plunge as soon as you put yourself in the dark walls of self-hate over failures. 

You end up with either stomach issues or emotional distress. 

As a result of constantly proving your worth and skills through ongoing works, your body suffers. Many are crazy about your dedication at work and persistence to make everything flawless but, they cannot stop worrying about your well-being. 

When you are too focused on a project, you don't mind skipping meals, exercise, or sleep. You have your goals and objective to finish something and work on it in the best possible ways you can, so you couldn't care less about other things than that. 

Stomach issues and emotional distress are just two of your body's reactions to your unhealthy way of prioritizing work over yourself. This habit can lead to more severe health complications, so you better get things straight before it is too late for you. 

It would be best if you challenged yourself to do things for self-improvement. It is helpful to even start with practicing self-compassion and acceptance. Accept that you need help and be compassionate to your body by listening to when to rest. 

Disclaimer, it will be backbreaking to improve yourself because self-loathing is the total opposite of self-improvement. The Virgo energy is prominent in this placement, and Virgo loves to discriminate and be intolerant towards others or self.

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You are good at helping others fix their problems.

Even though we mentioned earlier that people under this placement find it hard to work with other people and usually leads to misunderstandings, they cannot help but lend a hand.

You are terrific at handling problems using logic and reason. You often help out indirectly, or you voice out an idea that instantly, just like magic, clicks on a specific person's mind that needs that answer. You are filled with innovative ideas and solutions that even though other people see you as a threat or a bad guy, it is impossible for them not to applaud your excellence.

You have the tendency to procrastinate and be bored of routines.

Virgos are known as people who are highly organized and strictly follow a scheduled to-do list down to each hour. Now, in Pluto in the 6th House, it is also observed on people with this placement, but of course, we are all people who also get tired and burnout of doing the same thing repeatedly for an extended period of time.

You work really hard in reaching the goals you set for a project that sometimes, you overanalyze your tactic before diving into the work and tasks at hand. You observe all of the angles and perspectives of how you can carry through the project that you slowly lose the spark of interest for it, just like the Pluto in 7th House.

When you have come up with a work plan, you make a routine or ritual that best suits your abilities and time frame for the project. Similar to Pluto in Virgo, you organize the work you need to do, the deadlines you need to follow, and the schedule you need to stick with.

This routine, too, can change during the time you are working on the project. You quickly get tired of a particular routine that you make adjustments along the way also to kindle the flame of passion you pour into your work. 

Pluto in the 6th House reveals more than just where we can find the changes and transformations in our lives. It unfolds our weaknesses, strengths, and the skills we need to develop into the person we are destined to be. 

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Things to remember in Pluto in the 6th House:

  • Pluto in astrology symbolizes rebirth and transformation through death and destruction.
  • 6th House is the House of Health and Service that seeks the balance of working and personal life dedicated to self-improvement. 
  • People with Pluto in 6th House placement are workaholics. They get things done as they prioritize work over anything else.
  • They do not want to be bossed around and follow commands. They want to be the head of the project and often prefer to work on it alone. 
  • They make sure that everything is done according to the plan they have made and make no excuses for who made a mistake. In working with other people, their perfectionism comes in the way of peaceful and coordinated teamwork. 
  • They work intensely that a successful project amounts to their emotional or physical health.
  • They give solutions and ideas precisely to a problem at stake. They are innovative and creative that other people see as a threat but still have an admiration of how great they are. 
  • They establish routines and follow them to wrap up a project successfully. They need to change it frequently, though, because they quickly get tired of doing it again and again.

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