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Polar bear spiritual meaning: Symbolism and Dream Meaning

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Have you seen a polar bear in real life? Most polar bears live within the Arctic Circle, where everything is icy and cold. Polar bears are majestic animals that can captivate you yet make you nervous about their presence.

They are big and strong animals, so you may expect their soul to be powerful and intimidating. 

In the spiritual world, polar bear signifies courage and strength. It reminds you of taking responsibility for your life and living in an environment without fear. They also symbolize survival and determination because of their vulnerability as species.

Polar bears are also a good spirit and an ally in hard times. The polar bears' white coat characterizes the purity of their intentions and spirits.

The Eskimos, who live primarily with polar bears, viewed this animal as an excellent spiritual and physical nourishment source.

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To know more other symbolisms of polar bears, continue reading below.

White polar bear spiritual meaning

Basically, the polar bears are said to be originated in Ireland. These polar bears came from the Irish brown bears; however, they were recognized as distinct species upon evolution.

Since then, polar bears have been living in the icy cold region of the Arctic circle.

There are many spiritual symbols for this animal, so let's get to know them.

One of the first things that come to your mind when you think of polar bears is their survival ability. These beautiful creatures inhabit the seas and the snowy land of the Arctic.

It has been said that they have adapted to an icy environment for thousands of years of evolution.

Polar bears come with two coats of fur to keep their body warm even the temperature drops very low. Their bodies are equipped to adapt and move around in the icy land and swim in cold water to get their food.

Most polar bears are carnivorous, which is evident since no plant or grass can grow in their habitat.

Because of this, the polar bear's symbolism can inspire you to use your survival instinct and adapt to situations, even they are unfamiliar to you. Never giving up is the important lesson they can teach you.

Unfortunately, according to some studies, polar bears may go extinct due to climate change.

As you notice, all of the body functions of white polar bears are adapted and formed in a way that allows them to survive. As mentioned a while ago, they have thick skin or double-layer coating that helps them adapt to their environment; however, their hunting behavior also helps in their favor.

Therefore, polar bears as spirit animals can be essential when your resources are running or when you're going through a challenging period in your life. Like polar bears that constantly adapt to the weather conditions around them, you carry this behavior when faced with a difficult situation.

You can rely on the polar bear's spiritual power when you're seeking inner strength and resources, whether they are physical or emotional.

Polar bears have already acquired the knowledge or experience of living in their habitat. They have learned how to swim in cold water, allowing them to hunt their prey, like fish and other aquatic animals.

This food is necessary for them because it's their primary source of fat and gives them other nutrients to survive.

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From this scenario, polar bears tell you to harness or hone your skills as they will be helpful when you need them. For example, you are lost in the middle of the forest since you have sufficient knowledge of building a small shelter out of minimal resources or even making a fire by rubbing two stones, thus helping you survive in your current situation.

On the other hand, you may also count on the polar bear's spirit when you're looking for solid willpower. Without this trait, these animals won't last long, especially in that environment.

Polar bears, as spirit animals, can give you the courage to become more determined in your life. It can teach you some valuable lessons in your everyday life, whether it's work-related or personal life. 

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Indeed, we all have our bad days, but it's up to us to deal with and overcome them. It is where the determination symbolism of polar bears came from.

The polar bear also represents independence. If you have read some articles about polar bears, they are lone rangers, especially the male sex of this species.

They spend most of their time alone, except when it's time for mating. They are capable of living alone without relying on their pact too much.

It also represents masculine independence due to their strong character and appearance. Polar bears have a strong instinct to roam and move around their habitat, making them a powerful image of autonomy and independence.

If you see a lonesome polar bear, it's best to stay away from it because there's a high chance it will attack you. That's even more likely since the polar bear is alone, and this is where the survival instinct kicks in, making you a delicious dinner.

Because of their survival instinct, polar bears also have to think about their strategies and tactics to hunt their prey. As such, this animal tells you to rely on yourself and make your strategy when you're in a difficult situation.

One of their unique strategies is hiding their traces or shadow when hunting. For example, when they hunt fish in the sea, they crawl up onto a piece of ice, where they conceal themselves by hiding their shadow and crouching.

The habitat they live in is icy and cold; therefore, they have a strategy to cope with how to live in such an environment. One thing this animal does is look for holes in slabs of ice, where they can form a cave, especially in times of massive snow.

Not only do they possess intelligence, but polar bears also possess physical strength. When it attacks another species or hunts for prey, the survival of this animal is improbable.

When they are attacked, the same goes for humans, and these hungry polar bears may hunt humans and use them as food.

Because of these abilities, bears, in general, are a symbol of strength and power. That's typical for polar bears since they live in isolation with extreme weather conditions to get through the habitat they are in.

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Polar bear symbolism Native American

In the northern realms of the Arctic Circle, tribes call polar bears the Tornaurssuk. The deity is the one that oversees people's lives when they are experiencing a period of transition.

The Inuits believe that polar bears have the power and the ability to carry the message of the Tornaurssuk and deliver it to humans. Because it's a guiding animal, polar bears will help you on the right path towards spiritual enlightenment.

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They conclude that polar bears have a soul with a powerful spirit to guide their tribe with such belief.

Shamans and other Inuit leaders seek help to polar bear's guiding spirit. They believed that summoning the spirit animal would help you gain courage and psychic abilities.

Polar bear symbolism in dreams

It's not surprising if you'll feel anxious when you see a polar bear in your dream. But there's no need to fret. Seeing it in your dream doesn't mean bad at all.

Dreaming of polar bears means that you're about to awaken something special within you. It could be a spiritual strength, power, and growth that's sleeping inside you.

When you dream of a polar bear eating, it indicates that you're bound to receive or absorb new spiritual thoughts. You need to meditate and think spiritually to get through these challenging times.

On the other hand, a polar bear chasing you in a dream could represent both good and bad luck.

This dream tells you that you'll be making an important decision. However, you need to get over your insecurities and analyze the pros and cons of your decision.

Once you do, you'll be receiving tons of good luck, success, and good health.

Seeing a polar bear running away from you or diving in the snow suggest that you're ignoring some opportunities. You're refusing to face some truths in your life, hindering yourself from growing.

Well, this dream tells you that it's now time to muster up and be courageous to face what's bothering you right now.

A dream of a polar bear could also represent a powerful enemy or rival in your life. If you see that the polar bear is hunting you or coming at you, it's a warning sign to pay attention to the people around you.

Certain people act like your friend, but they have an evil intention towards you. Therefore, if you're meeting new people right now, be cautious of them.

Killing a polar bear in your dream means that you're ready to fight anything to live. This dream may appear after you did something illegal or immoral.

Or, it could tell you that it's now the time to grow up and face your enemies.

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