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Poop Feces Dream Meaning & Interpretation: 20+ Types Of Dreams

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Dreaming about poop or feces is typical in every dream. Nonetheless, this dream can contain significant meaning that is relatable to your life.

To dream about poop indicates that you did something dirty. It could be that you cheated in your relationship, or you have hurt someone good to you.

If this dream repeats itself, you need to determine its root cause and start making changes. Make sure to resolve the issue and not run away from it.

This dream could also refer to the disgust you feel towards yourself. It could be that you realize your bad attitude towards others. Or, you feel disgusted with your weight or laziness.

Whatever your case is, this dream signifies your lack of love for yourself. To overcome this trap, you must accept what you have done wrong and start to make some small changes for a better you.

Interpretations Behind Poop/Feces Dreams

Human Feces Dream

To dream about human feces represents the problems you have in your awake state. You could be having a problem or facing any issue that you are incapable of facing.

To see your poop in a dream means that you want to see tangible results from a specific situation. If the poop belongs to others, it signifies your jealousy towards their achievements.

Dog Poop Dream

Similar to dreams about shrimps, dreaming of dog poop means that you will be facing a problem caused by your lack of confidence or self-control. This dream suggests that you must work on yourself to gain self-confidence. It also implies that you need to control your emotions to avoid getting into trouble.

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Horse Poop Dream

To see horse manure in your dream foretells a profit for your company or your family business.

Baby Poop

Seeing baby poop in your dream means that you will get paid for your hard work and effort.

Pile of Feces Dream

If you saw a pile of feces in your dream, it indicates good fortune is coming your way. The fortune could come from your past investments or business. This dream suggests that your wealth or profit will come as a surprise as this will present itself out of the blue.

If you have material possessions right now, keep them safe as their value will increase. It could also be that you will be earning more than you expected. You could also be receiving an inheritance from someone.

It's always important to remember that riches and gains can disappear. Thus, it's wise to save or invest some of your money for rainy days. Don't be too extravagant in spending as this will lead to your downfall.

Eating Feces Dream

If you saw yourself eating feces in your dream, it indicates a bad omen. You could be experiencing problems or be in a bad situation. This dream also shows that you have a negative outlook on life.

Avoid being pessimistic or always expecting the worst as this could affect or harm your life. Additionally, this dream foretells your narcissistic tendencies.

Check where your dream fits and find a solution. If you have some problems, it's best to know where this problem came from to apply the right solution. If you have a negative outlook on life, try to change your perspective of life little by little and see its result.

Cleaning Poop Off your Body

If you see that you are trying to wash off the poop in your body, it indicates an uncomfortable situation. You might have shared something private with an untrustworthy person out of pressure.

Feces on Your Mouth Dream

Having a dream of feces in your mouth denotes a negative meaning. This dream indicates that you will gain something from your dishonest act. Take good care of your health also as this tells about the possibility of an illness in the future.

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Poop in Your Hand Dream

To dream about poop in your hand indicates problems. It foretells the need to deal with issues about a relationship or legal issues.

This dream also has something to do with your feelings. You might feel that you are not smart enough as your plans have failed. It also indicates a project that you need to work on that you don't like.

You have to be reasonable enough to do something that you don't like to save your work. Remember that we have to do some things in life we don't like to attain what we want in life.

Review your dream and see where in your life it makes sense, and be ready to take the necessary actions.

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Throwing Your Poop Dream

If you saw yourself throwing poop on someone or something, it means that a person is taking advantage of you. Try to be observant with the people around you and see who this person is. Please do not start a fight. Know better and never fall into their trap again.

Stepping on a Poop

If you dream that you poop, this indicates sudden luck will come in your way. This unexpected luck will come from a project or one of your business deals. Similar to dreams about corn, poop dreams also signifies that you will be experiencing financial abundance and will enjoy the fruits of your labor .

Nonetheless, be conscious of how you spend your money to prevent financial loss.

Cleaning Feces Dream

To dream that you are cleaning feces means hard work in correcting someone's mistakes. This dream foretells that you will get a reward for your effort.

Picking or Stepping on Animal Poop Dream

If you dreamed about stepping or picking up an animal poop, it means you are helping someone. This help is about freedom from financial difficulties. You could be helping someone through your financial advisor.

Playing With Poop Dreams

To dream about playing with poop indicates your stress and anxiety. Examine which area of your life you are experiencing stress and find a solution for it.

House Covered in Feces Dream

If you have dreamed about your house covered in feces, it means unpleasant situations. It could be that you are experiencing messy situations in your life or within your home. Make sure to find the root of this problem to prevent it from getting worse.

Clothes Poop Dream

Dreaming about seeing poop on your clothes signifies knowing private secrets. You may have discovered something that your close friend or family kept as a buried secret.

Bed Poop Dream

If you dreamed about seeing poop on your bed is not good. This dream indicates difficulties and problems with your love life. It could be that your partner made a wrong financial decision that you disagree with. Try to resolve this issue with your partner calmly if you want your relationship to last.

All Things Covered in Feces

To dream about everything covered in feces indicates sudden luck and fortune. This dream foretells an abundant future is waiting for you.

Wall Feces Dream

If you dreamed about feces on your wall, it means you will gain something good out of someone's negligence.

Overflowing Feces

Dreaming about overflowing feces in your toilet means financial troubles. You could be overspending out of your lack of self-control. If this makes sense in your life, take back your control, and make the needed changes.

Bird Pooping Dream

If you dreamed about a bird pooping on you, it foretells a small victory. You might be doing something that will pay off your efforts in the future.

Pooping in Public Dream

To dream about pooping in public means that you love to show what you have to others. This dream signifies your favorable situation in life. Nonetheless, be careful in displaying your wealth, as this will cause jealousy.

It will be best for you to change your behavior about displaying your wealth to others. You could be putting yourself in grave danger.

Pooping in Pants Dream

If you dreamed about pooping in your pants and trying to hide it, it indicates your bad habits. Perhaps, you like to do something dirty and love to hide it from others.

You must know that no secret remains a secret forever. It would be best for you to change your ways and try to become a better person.

Pooping in Toilet Dream

Pooping in a toilet in a dream means that you need to release your suppressed negative emotions. This dream can be a warning that those hidden emotions are now affecting your health and life.

Check the issue within yourself and decide to give yourself the healing it needs.


When we dream, our dreams could be telling us something about our life. It could also have a positive or negative interpretation, depending on its details. Nonetheless, it's best to take these dreams as nothing but a warning or guide to change something in our life.

Check the details of your dream and determine if it's a flattering dream or negative. If your dream represents a negative meaning, evaluate your life's circumstances or emotions. If you see that they seem to be out of control, take back your power, and control them.

Remember to run your life and not the other way around.

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