Prayer for Anointing Oil: Is it Biblical? -

Prayer for Anointing Oil: Is it Biblical?

What is the purpose of anointing oil? Is it biblical? Do people still use it today? Probably one of the common questions a person has about this topic.

This article will help you understand the significance of this and what prayers are best to practice. 

Most Christians are aware of this and would have heard about it. It is a practice based on the bible and the study of Christianity.

Anointing oil is a spiritual symbol and ceremony of consecration by applying oil. It involved applying a mixture of spices and oils or a consecrated oil to the body or an object for several reasons.

In ancient times, people performed this for distinct reasons. Occasions of rejoicing, prosperity, and celebration were associated with the anointing oil.

That includes purification and healing, as a sign of hospitality and a mark of honor, to prepare a body for burial, consecrate religious objects, and sanctify people for the offices of priest, king, and prophet.

Prayers for anointing oil aren't very common. Usually, this is a ceremony offered for the sole and specific purpose. You need to pray in faith, intending to petition the Lord.

Anointing of oil to someone who needs or will need to execute some particularly challenging task or sacred mission. It is a clear symbolic portrayal of metaphysical realism, such as God’s existence, authority, and favor in one’s life.

O Lord, our Heavenly Father, 

All praise and glory to you. 

Blessed you are and Your Holy Name.

We come to you as you call upon us to be in your holy kingdom.

We declare our faith and love to you, oh lord. 

Sanctify us and anoint us with this oil in your holy name. 

We pray for your guidance and grace as we seek to perform this anointing oil. 

Allow your healing power to rest upon it so that when we use it for your glory. 

We ask that you grant us wisdom and skill as we all walk with your spirit. 

We ask for your blessings for the oils we use in this process and make them holy. 

We thank you and honor you for all the blessings you have given to us. 

Let your power and strength be upon us as we perform this anointed with the holy oil.

We pray as you blessed us, Heavenly Father. 

In the name of your Son, we pray. 


Prayer for Anointing Oil for Protection

Life can be challenging and scary sometimes. Trials are everywhere.

However, understand and accept that it is part of your journey in this physical world. Fear is normal to the human brain, built for survival throughout evolution.

Therefore, it is something a person needs to live. With that said, seeking God's protection is what you can do to feel at peace.

God doesn't want you to be driven by fear. Instead, he wants humanity to live by faith and love. 

As you walk through life, remind yourself never to be fearful. Instead, place your trust and have faith in the most powerful God. Have that peace, and know that you and your family will stay protected wherever you go. 

Continue to remind yourself with a prayer that you are not alone. You will never be alone.

What you need to do is to use anointing oil to set an intention for the protection and guidance of God. These will calm your mind and your worries.

Claim that you are longer in a cage from fear but already living in freedom and love. Use this prayer to communicate with God.

Dear Lord,

All my praise and glory is to you, my Lord. 

My heart is full of gratitude as your holy spirit is upon me. 

As I perform the anointing oil, I trust you will always protect me with your spirit and undying love.

I have your holy spirit within me as you have anointed me.

I know that your divine protection is what I truly desire. 

I thank you for this beautiful experience of salvation and love. 

I know that your power is way bigger than my fears and doubts.

Strengthen my faith and spirit in this devotion. 

I pray you guide me as we grow in your grace and learn the knowledge of your faith and love.  

Your powerful spirit will be my protection shield as I live my day-to-day life.  

In you, we trust alone. Amen. 

Prayer for Anointing Oil for Healing

Have you ever experienced someone asking you for healing prayers? How about the anointing of oil to the sick? You can find the truth behind these practices in the bible and in Christian life.

The sacred practice of anointing oil to the sick serves as a passage for special graces from God that comfort and heal physically and spiritually people who are seriously ill and in danger of death.

During ancient times, people used oil for its healing and cleansing properties. Regarding the sacrament, oil represents healing from illness, cleansing from sin, and consecration to God.

Finally, this revives and helps remind Catholics that salvation comes through the cross of Jesus Christ. The prayer of faith can save a person from any illness or disease.

Be silent and calm your mind. Set your intentions and prayers, as God is always listening. 

Heavenly Father,

We bow down to you and praise you for all your glories. 

We declare our faith and devotion to you.

We offer this oil to symbolize your healing powers and undying love.

We pray to you to restore the health of our loved ones, as we believe you are our one true healer.

As we come in deep humility, we want first to seek your holy spirit by anointing this oil.

We ask you to please remove all impurities and sanctify this oil for healing. 

May you break every evil upon it and activate it for holy use.

O Lord, we seek healing on behalf of your child. 

As we anoint this person, we pray you will remove every yoke of sickness over your child.

We pray you to touch every cell of their body.

Allow your healing energies to flow through and make this body whole again.

Mighty God, send your Holy Spirit throughout this anointing oil.

We pray you to heal every part of their body to be restored as it touches by the oil.

 May you heal this person from the inside out, O God, as we submit them in faith.

Grant them complete healing and revitalization. 

All this, we pray. Amen.

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Prayer for Anointing Oil for Home

Security and safety are fundamental in every household. By keeping your dwelling secure, you are also protecting your family’s safety.

Offering prayer and anointing oil for your home will help you or your family stay protected through the power of the holy spirit. 

Anointing of oil is effective for safety from evil, safety from curses, for blessing the home, and blessings on the household members' health.

It is also helpful for spiritual cleansing of the house, blessing of every room, and more. Here is the prayer you can use for this.

Dear Holy Father, 

We praise you. We glorify you for all your holiness.

We thank you for your presence in our home.

We ask for your blessings as we anoint our home in the presence of the Lord. 

We offer this oil as the symbol of your protection and unconditional love.

We declared our faith and trust in you.

We ask you to remove any evil, as we believe you protect our dwelling. 

We pray this to the Lord our God. 


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Prayer for Anointing Oil for Yourself

Anointing oil is a means of purification and a sign of your sanctification of yourself to the Lord. In tradition, the devotee performed this as a reminder that salvation comes through the holy cross of the Lord.

Prayer is one of the critical practices of this time. Here are some of the best prayers when anointing with anointing oil.

Our Heavenly Father, 

I praise you and glorify you with all of my heart. 

I come to you as you call upon me to be in your holy kingdom.

I pray for your guidance and grace as I seek to perform this anointing oil. 

 I ask for your blessings as I perform this holy consecration.

Sanctify me and anoint me with this oil in your holy name. 

I am open and ready to receive your healing power. 

I ask that you grant me the wisdom and skills as I walk on this path of devotion.

I ask for your blessings for the oil I'm about to use in this process and make them holy. 

I want to express my gratitude for all the blessings you have given to me. 

Let your power and strength be within me as I perform this anointed with the holy oil.

All this I pray as you blessed us, Heavenly Father. 

In the name of your Son, we pray. 


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Prayer for Anointing Oil for Child

Consecrating children by anointing them with oil unto the Lord is very important. Just like how you choose the anointing of oil for yourself and your home.

You can share some divine knowledge and teach them about the practice before the day of the ceremonies.

Best to prepare them to have that understanding so they can connect to the Lord deeper. That knowledge will be the foundation of building up faith at a young age.

Then, you can discuss with your children what they need to do. Guide them to understand and practice prayer with them.

Explain that you will help the child receive the blessing of the Lord. Prepare your child to serve God now and in the future. 

Our Father in Heaven, 

I lift (the child's name) up to you. 

Lord, come upon him and shower him with your blessing.

I pray for your protection over him. 

I consecrate (child's name) to you. 

I pray you will keep them with your love and light. 

I pray you give them strength to be stronger in the path they need to take. 

Give them wisdom and the knowledge to live under your will.

We thank you and praise you for this gift of life and love. 

I also pray that you raise him in oneness with your holy spirit. 

All this I pray to you, Almighty Father. 


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