Prayer for Baptism: Prayer for Rebirth! -

Prayer for Baptism: Prayer for Rebirth!

Witnessing baptism at a young age probably brought a lot of questions into the child's mind. For example, why does the priest pour water into a person's or an infant's head?

Why do priests do this? Mind-boggling if you don't know the reason or the purpose of it.

Baptism is a sacred practice of cleansing or forgiveness of a person's sin or purification. Also, it represents one's confession and commitment of faith and devotion to God.

Water is a physical symbol used to wash away a person's sin, believed to be your ticket to salvation. Rebirth and cleansing are a clear representation of these spiritual practices.

Based on traditions, people have different ways of executing the practices. For example, some give baptism to an infant.

Others choose baptism after committing to faith with God. But most important is your intention of why you want to do it.

How many of you believe the Lord hears every prayer? That's right, and God can always listen to you wherever you are.

Prayer is a powerful way to have an intimate conversation with God. Therefore, it is encouraging to seek God's blessing before and after the ceremony.

This article will provide suitable prayers based on the occasions practiced.  

Remember to surrender to God's guidance and repent of your sins before the ceremony. Praying and fasting are one of the best practices to do before baptism. 

Prayer for Baptism of the Holy Spirit 

Faith is the ultimate strength one can hold. Nothing is impossible with a person who believes in the power of the holy spirit.

Salvation comes to those who trust and surrender to the holiness of God. It is a declaration of devotion, faith, and forgiveness of sins.

It is a sacred practice of removing one's sin to immerse into the power of the spirit. The believer and holy nature of the Lord will come in oneness in this process.  

These experiences are truly magical and beyond words. But, although it's free, it's not for everyone, as it requires a soul with complete surrender. 

Submit fully and prepare your heart and soul for this. Give yourself no other choice but to trust without doubts or fear.

Accept God as your savior. Ask the Holy Spirit to dwell upon you.

Have that certainty that when you ask, then you will receive. Once your vessel is ready, you will experience its gifts and miracles. 

Your ability to trust in something unseen and beyond yourself is the primary key to it. Faith is empowering and moving.

Put it into action. If you sincerely desire to receive the baptism of the holy spirit within you.

Put yourself in the presence of the Lord and pray this prayer with the deepest sincerity.  

Our Heavenly Father,  

I praise you with all of my heart.  

I glorify you for all your blessings. 

I come to you with complete surrender to your holiness.  

I acknowledge you as my own true God and savior. 

I pray to you and ask you to come deeply into my heart.  

I ask to connect with you in the oneness of the holy spirit.  

My heart and soul are ready to receive you.  

My faith is unwavering and courageous.  

May you baptize me with your holy spirit.  

Come into me as I embrace you and glorify you.  

I open my heart and soul to receive your wisdom and power through the holy spirit. 

As we accept the power of the holy spirit and salvation, I call upon you to seek your blessings.  

To guide us on the right path in the most crucial part of my journey, as you call upon us. 

I confess all my sins and ask for forgiveness.  

As the child of Almighty God, I am reborn and saved.  

I give my life to you. To this day forward, I trust you to take control of it.  

Never permit me to separate from you.

Please give me the strength to stay aligned to your holiness. 

May the power and glory of God come upon me.  


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Prayer for Baptism for Adults 

Being baptized as a child is one of the infamous traditions, but so is for adults. For an adult, it is such a life-changing experience of faith.

It is one of the blessed ways to renew the promises and commitment to God. The Lord desires the salvation of all humanity.

Despite the age, it's necessary for salvation. Your desire to be baptized is the first key.

Prayers and repentance of sin are the best preparations for the holy event.

Seek the blessings of God, and you will receive them. 

Dear Lord & Heavenly Father,  

I come upon you with complete surrender and willingness to accept your holy spirit within me.  

I praise you and thank you for accepting me wholly into your kingdom.  

Thank you for the glorious opportunity to declare my newfound faith in your holiness.  

As we receive the holy water of salvation, I call upon you to seek your blessing and guidance.  

To lead us on the right path is the most crucial part of my journey, as you call upon us.  

I bow and pray to you to prepare my heart, mind, body, and soul as we step into salvation.  

Help us walk mindfully and act in accordance with Your will.  

Thank you. You have saved me from sins and shown me the truth of eternal life.  

Thank you for forgiving my sins as we are reborn again. 

Thank you for the precious gift of baptism and the love you bestowed upon us.  

We pray that you guide us as we grow in your grace and learn the knowledge of your faith and love.  

Protect me with your powerful spirit as we live in our day-to-day life.  

In you, we trust alone. Amen. 

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Prayer for Baptism and Birthday 

Baptism is a sacred celebration. People would often want to choose the best day for it to commemorate.

Birthday and baptism would probably be one of the best days to solemnize. It would be the most memorable day of your entire existence.  

It's the day to remember the gift of life and rebirth. Perfect day to express love and gratitude to the Lord almighty with its infinite blessings.   

Oh, Loving Father,  

I praise you 

I glorify you, Oh Lord.  

I thank you for the gift of life and salvation.  

My heart is full of gratitude for all the blessings you've given me and everything that has to come.  

Thank you for the infinite gifts that came into my life.  

Thank you for forgiving my sins and for your undying love.  

Thank you for the new life and rebirth.  

Oh Lord, we ask you to continue to bless me and guide me with your holy spirit.  

May you give me more strength and courage to have faith in your love and mercy.  

Please keep me away from any harm and cover me with your mantel protection.  

I surrender and trust in you that all the good things are coming my way.  

May your holy spirit lives within me forever.  


Opening Prayer for Baptism 

You are about to embark on the beautiful journey of faith and commitment. It's the day that you will receive the power of salvation.

It also shows that the baptized person has given himself up to the Lord and lives under his will. In the union of your spirit and with The Lord. 

Express your deepest sincerity to receive the Lord. Reflect and repent and ask forgiveness for all your sins.

Submit yourself fully and have that willingness to yield obedience to Him. For this, I humbly ask for blessings from the Almighty God.

Believe that you will receive it within by using prayer to connect directly to the Lord.

Pledge your faith and thank the Lord for the gift of eternal life. Open your heart, mind, body, and soul to receive the blessings from above.

Finally, bow down and surrender to the infinite source. 

Father in Heaven,

I thank you and praise you for all your glory. 

I surrender to your infinite power and undying love. 

I came to you with absolute trust and knowing that you are my only God and savior.

My heart, mind, and spirit are ready to receive you. 

I bow to you and acknowledge you as my true God and savior.

Everlasting Lord, we thank you for the grace that comes upon me.  

Thank you for the glorious opportunity to confess my newfound faith in your holiness. 

As we walk with you on the way to salvation, I call upon you to seek your wisdom and blessings.  

To lead us on the right path is essential to my journey as you call upon us. 

May you fill us with your love and holy presence as we begin this sacred baptism. 

Please grant me the strength to stay on the path to your glorious mysteries that will lead me to everlasting life. 

I ask this through our Almighty Father. 


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Closing Prayer for Baptism 

So, you have already walked the path to salvation. It would likely feel gratitude and blissfulness after a powerful and holy ceremony.

What a memorable day you will probably never forget in your life. However, even all the best days have an end.

Now is the time to celebrate and express your gratitude to the Lord. Go all in and send your love out there, for the blessings of the holy spirit are within you.  

Dear God Almighty, 

My heart is full of gratitude and love, as salvation is within me.  

I want to express my gratitude for being born again. You have saved me from my sins, oh Lord, thank you.  

Thank you for this beautiful opportunity to renounce my faith. 

Thank You for embracing me with your undying love and overflowing blessings. 

May this water of eternal salvation flow deeply within my heart and soul.  

As we finish this baptism, I humbly ask for your Holy Spirit to strengthen my faith.  

We pray for guidance as we walk the path of truth and redemption.  

Fill us with your holy spirit as we grow in your knowledge and unconditional love. 


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