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Prayer for Good News: Receive Positive Outcome!

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Who doesn't want to receive and hear the good news? For sure, you would love to welcome a piece of great news, especially when life is tough and challenging.

Celebrate good news, may it be small or big. It will remind you that there is still hope and that God hears your prayers.

However, you might only see the bad news at times of difficulty. So open your mind and heart to see that everything good surrounds you daily. 

Every day, the sunshine brings the good news that you have a choice not to be controlled by outside circumstances and to live the life you want. You have great news of the gift of breath, a new life, and a new opportunity to try life again.

The Scripture itself brings good news to those who read and understand it. The New Testament came from the Greek word euaggelion, which means “good news.”

Its significance is a gift from God, a proclamation of the remission of sins, and reconciliation with God. 

The New Testament brings news of salvation and forgiveness from sins.

Goodness and righteousness are the attributes of God. And so, you can ask specifically what exactly you need the assistance of his divine powers.

You can choose the prayers below that to speak to you the most. Then, use it as your guide as you pray to receive good news or good luck in life.

Prayer for Good News from Doctor

When your health is being challenged, and life has been difficult lately, it would be natural that you wouldn't want to hear any bad news anymore.

So, pray to receive a good outcome from your doctor. Then, trust God and surrender to him all your worries and doubts.

Oh God, you are my salvation and my healer.

You created me with love and care, and I know you are sovereign over my health.

Restore not only my health but also my whole well-being and faith in you.

I have surrendered to you my health situation and healing.

I know that it is your will for me to get better, and I trust your goodwill and mercy.

As I wait for my test result, I detach myself from expectations of its outcome.

I am here now to connect with you and find comfort in your presence.

Calm down my mind from all the doubts and fears that I have.

Still my heart so I could trust and understand whatever your will is for me.

Please help me to persevere in these challenging times.

Bring me to hope and light no matter where I go.

No matter what happens in my life, remind me always of how much I am loved, valued, and cared for.

I can't see the future, but you do, so I trust you.

I surrender to you all of my anxiety, stress, and worries.

Keep me strong and help me not to turn away from you in this challenging time.

Lead me towards your love so that I may find comfort and peace.

Thank you, God, for blessing me with a new day and many more to come.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me to come along this way.

Thank you for the medical experts and human technology making my healing possible.

Thank you for providing all of my needs.

Thank you for all the love, compassion, kindness, and mercy.

I pray this to you, who lives and reigns the world without end. Amen.

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Prayer for Positive Outcome in Court

Even in the most challenging part of your life, always remember to seek guidance from the Lord. Pray for a good outcome and justice in your court case.

Sometimes, you also need an understanding of what is God's will for you for giving you challenges like this. Have faith and trust in God that justice will prevail if his presence rules the court.

Almighty and Everlasting God, as I prepare to face the verdict of this court case, I pray for your grace and mercy.

You see the truth, and you know who is innocent.

I pray for the truth to be revealed and allow everyone to see how justice must be served.

I pray for a good outcome and justice in this court case.

Watch over the jury and everyone in the room.

Make their hearts pure and uncorrupted.

No matter what happens, be with me throughout this upcoming case and all aspects of the proceeding.

Let justice prevail, and let you will rule over this matter.

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Let the goodness and light shine as the evilness and darkness come forth.

May you lead this case to have a good outcome.

Please help me calm my mind even when I am in the most adverse times.

Remind me of your love when my heart comes in anger and hatred.

Allow me to understand the outcome and your will for me.

I pray that this case shall proceed in the glory of your name! Amen.

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Prayer for Good News for Job

Pray not only to receive good news and positive energy. But also pray to attract job opportunities or promotions that your heart desires and values your worth.

Pray for guidance that you may be aligned with the will of God and openly receive everything that is coming your way.

If you think you are ready to change your situation with a new job or career, ask God for help and pray about it. You can also pray for your husband's success at work.

God will provide you with what you need. But it also means to seek him genuinely with perseverance and pure intention.

Dear Lord, as I start my day at my job, I pray that I receive good news today.

You know my needs and my desire for a good job.

I seek your guidance to put your will above my desires, wants, and needs.

As I open my eyes, I pray that I wake up feeling loved, happy, and positive.

Direct me, Lord, to a life where I greet the good morning in the sunshine with a smile.

Fuel me with so much motivation, determination, and purpose why I need to keep going.

Equip my vessel to prepare myself to receive anything good for me.

As I inhale, I compile all the work stress, frustration, and disappointment into one ball.

As I exhale, I release this ball of heavy energies complied, and release any tension in my body.

Align my mind, body, and heart to your will and plans for me.

Please help me keep myself in a positive vibration to attract good opportunities along the way.

I open my mind and heart to all the opportunities coming my way.

Equip me with human skills to manifest job opportunities and maintain them.

Give me perseverance so I can get opportunities and consistency.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me generously and kind clients and employers.

Thank you for all the learnings, opportunities, and challenges that have come along the way.

Lord, enlighten me so I may know my worth and let go of things, situations, opportunities, and people not aligned with me.

Guide and bestow me with the proper knowledge so I may know what to do next.

As I progress in my wealth journey, be near me in every step I take.

Lord, I am open to receiving abundance in life.

Yet, at the same time, if I don't receive anything right now, I am still eternally grateful to connect with you.

I trust that everything will come my way.

Everything flows in my way.

I know I am one with you, and I am ready now!

May this all be for your name and glory. Amen

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Prayer for Good News for a Friend

A gift of a good friendship is a blessing in life. Some friends can be much closer to you as part of your family.

A saying goes that you can't pick your family, but you can choose your friends! Some may not find their family to be their friend, but they might see their friend as their family.

For Christians and Catholics, prayer is one of the greatest gifts you can give to a friend. You can pray for your friend's needs, blessings, and good news to come in their life!

There's no great feeling other than knowing someone is praying for you. As much as God desires everyone to pray for one another, desire for the good of your friend as well.

Not sure where to start the prayer for your friend? You can pray for them to achieve a new house, car, or job.  Here is an example you can use that will draw your friend closer to God.

Lord of Heaven, today I pray on behalf of a good friend to receive good news on her way.

I pray for good news that will bring release and freedom for my friend.

I may not know her inner struggles, but you know her completely.

You know every detail of her life and her problem.

So, you know what she needs, and I pray she is open to receiving it.

Prepare her vessel to welcome all the good things in her life.

Align her heart, mind, and body in oneness and harmony in your will.

I pray that she receives what she deserves.

I only desire the good for her so she can live the life that she wants.

I pray, Lord, that you free my dear friend from all the stress, worries, and doubts that stop her from living her best life.

Lead her to live a life near you.

Direct her to live in your words, and I pray that she understands your truth and eternal love.

Give her peace that transcends all human understanding in the hope that she perceives your will for her.

Lord, I ask for your spiritual guidance as she faces difficulties in life.

I pray that you never leave her side and let her feel your loving presence.

Give her comfort and peace as you calm her mind and still her heart.

I pray that you renew her faith in you, Lord, that she may turn more in your love.

My friend is precious to me, and I only desire good for her.

But I know you know what is best for her.

I am forever grateful for the life of my friend.

Thank you for the fond memories we shared and the deep bond we had.

In Jesus's name, I pray, Amen.

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