Prayer for Goodluck: 7 Powerful Prayers You Can Pray -

Prayer for Goodluck: 7 Powerful Prayers You Can Pray

If you are going through some challenges in life or unlucky things are happening to you or around you, then this article is for you. So, change that to shift yourself into a positive vibration and manifest anything you want.

Prayer is a two-way relationship where you talk with God and listen to Him. You form a loving and deep connection with God through prayer, and his response is unwavering.

You can conform yourself to infinite power and manifest miracles in your life. These miracles are not something you are thinking about now, but they are miracles of healing, peace, and forgiveness.

Start your prayer when you surrender, your mind is calm, and you are in your highest vibration. Find peace in your prayer, have that clarity, and receive God's guidance.

Pray sincerely and intently. Give out all of your love and compassion to yourself and unto Him.

Your connection with God is undeniable, and his response is unfailing. His absolute and unlimited love will surpass all doubts and fears, answering your prayer.

Here are 7 Powerful Prayers You Can Pray:

Prayer for Goodluck and Success

Prayer is a powerful tool to attract success in life. Have the trust and know that it’s already yours.

First, it's about aligning your will to God’s will. After that, listen to what he says and see signs and opportunities coming your way.

Your prayers align and attract opportunities in your life. Then, when the opportunity arrives, that's when you take the right action beyond the ordinary!

Dear God,

I surrender to you all of my doubts, worries, and fears.

Help me at times of difficulties as I cannot do it alone.

I humbly ask for your knowledge and guidance in

everything that I do.

Provide me clarity into which path I should go through.

All my struggles and challenges strengthen me and give me courage.

I pray for the abundance in Life.

Bestow my family and me the abundance of health, wealth,

love and happiness.

I am open to receiving good fortune.

But if I receive nothing, I am still grateful.

I trust that all the good things are coming my way!

Thank you for your love, compassion, and care towards me.

I am forever grateful!

Prayer for Good Test Result

Exams can be stressful for most students. It can be a negative feeling and may cause you to feel anxious and pressured.

So, sending this good luck prayer to someone can be helpful. Students can feel the support and don't have to go through all of this alone.

Prayer can have a calming effect and may increase your self-confidence. Especially when you know someone got your back!

Dear Almighty Father,

I am grateful for the knowledge and opportunities that have helped me learn new skills in my study field.

Thank you for your guidance that has helped me reach this moment.

I renounce my fear of failure and doubts in myself.

Grant me confidence, focus, and determination to succeed in this exam.

Sharpen my thinking and help me excel.

As I face this examination, may you be my companion and inspire me to have perfect answers to every question.

I pray that I ace this exam through your name.

I believe in my abilities, and I am claiming my victory! Amen

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Prayer for Good luck on the Test

Your test is upcoming. You are feeling stressed with a hectic schedule and pressure to forthcoming tests. 

Anxiety level strikes up, and you feel like panicking, knowing that the said date for the test is near. Of course, you tried studying, but in the back of your mind, you are not confident that you'll pass it.

You did your best, but still, self-doubt is creeping in. When things are no longer in your control, let go.

If you had done everything, you could've had everything. Now trust and surrender!

Feel every word as you read this short prayer. Then, breath, and this shall ease your mind.

Lord, I did everything, put all my hard work and efforts.

Now I am coming to you, surrendering everything.

Come still, my heart, and help me focus on my test.

I lay to you all of my fears, and I have nothing else to do but to trust you.

Remind me that I am intelligent and capable.

I've made it so far, and I only have a little ways to go.

Bring me at peace.

And deep breath helps me calm my mind.

I am grateful for your educational gift and the people who have helped me grow.

Thank you for all of your knowledge of the truth.

I will surely bring these learnings to good use in the near future.

May you enlighten me through this process and help me triumph in success!

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Prayer for Good luck for a Friend

A friend is someone's significant part of your life. However, not all the time are we with them and share their burdens.

It concerns you when your friends are going through something, and you don't know what to do about it. So, you chose to pray for them instead.

On their behalf, you pray for their good. You desire their growth and happiness.

This little piece of prayer can guide you through if you want to help a friend. Your sincerity and intention to the prayer reach God and them.


I am forever grateful for my wonderful friends that motivate me and make me happy.

I treasure them dearly, and I ask that you would watch over them.

Lead them into hope and blessing.

Help me stretch out my never-ending support to them.

I may not be with them always.

May you be their ever-present source of strength in times of need.

Give them courage in the face of fear.

Give them light in the face of darkness.

I pray for their willpower at difficult times.

Help them with their struggles, for you know what they need now.

Grant them happiness despite all the pain and sadness.

Blanket them with your absolute love.

Open their mind and hearts to you.

I am confident that they are safe in your grace and light.

May their mind and heart be at peace in your calming love.

Prayer for Good luck in School

School may sound fun, but most of the time, it's pressurizing. So, guidance in the path of academic success is crucial primarily when implemented for younger generations.

Teaching young generations to pray teaches them to turn to God's wisdom and guidance. It reminds students to bring their concerns and worries to God.

This prayer is a reminder of the power you hold once you believe in the grace of God. Practice this, and it will become your nature!

Dear Almighty God,

Help me walk toward my path of academic success.

Shine your light to me and guide me in every moment.

Lend me your strength and power as I strive to achieve greatness and prosperity in my chosen path.

I rest my genuine faith in you.

I know I will not walk blindly and alone.

When I fail academically, please remind me of my worth.

Bless me with compassion, determination, and discipline.

I pray that my heart stays grateful.

Take away all of my worries, fears, and doubt.

Surround me with supportive and positive people I can trust in this journey.

Please help me to calm my mind and be in the present moment.

I am not alone, and I am confident I can get through this with your grace!

Prayer for Good luck in Court

Prayer for good luck in the court is essential. The court is where decisions can significantly impact both parties.

The process can be extremely distressing. At some point, it can be emotional and depressive.

So, bow down and humbly ask for light and mercy. It may enlighten everyone, and moral rightness persists.

Prayer is a powerful weapon. You lift everything to the Divine Spirit when you know you are no longer in control.

Oh, merciful God the Father,

Please have mercy.

Come Holy Spirit, enlighten and purify my heart and my mind.

I ask, through your grace, that justice will prevail as we go into the courtroom today.

Grant me victory in my case.

Come still our hearts and quiet our minds.

Please help me to calm my nerves so I can speak and think clearly.

Take away all my distress as I lay all my worries and uncertainties upon you.

I humbly ask for your light and mercy.

I accept that whatever the results may be, it is for a more significant reason.

I did my best and trusted everything would go well according to your will.

Your love will always be the comfort of my heart.

I know I am at peace and grateful for every moment I take on this life.

I know everything comes my way.

And I'm confident that everything flows in my way.

I no longer allow myself to feed my fears as I am with you!

May the Lord hear my prayer. Amen!

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Prayer for Good luck and Protection

Traditionally you pray to a higher power for protection as this gives you a sense of safety and security. However, we all know that God is always watching over us.

We ask for Divine Protection to seek refuge at times of fear and endangerment. We come forth to God when we are afraid.

God is your haven wherever you are or whatever you may have done. He will always welcome you with open arms with love and acceptance.

Oh, Loving God,

I praise you

I glorify you, Oh Lord.

Oh, merciful God the Father.

Please take me away from negativity and despair.

Surround me with loving people and keep my environment secured.

Help me protect my peace and space.

Protect my heart away from those who are trying to hurt me.

Please guide me in setting healthy boundaries, knowing my limits, and being assertive.

May you be my light and never-ending guidance.

I appreciate my loved ones, family, and friends.

So, I pray for their safety against trouble and sickness.

I trust in your infinite wisdom and boundless love for us all.

Cover us with your everlasting love and care.

Ease my mind and heart in knowing that I am protected and guided.

May you be my strength.

Please fill me with peace.

Bless me and keep me always.

I know I am loved and valued.

And I am one with the Creator.

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