Prayer for Resentment: How to Pray for Resentment -

Prayer for Resentment: How to Pray for Resentment

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Life throws humanity into uncertainty. Sometimes, that will challenge you and test your spirit. It will shake your faith and the goodness inside of you.

Some instant things will eventually lead to anger; if left unchecked and unhealed, it will turn to resentment.

Sometimes people would rather blame and point fingers at others and consider themselves victims of their environment and situations. However, most of the time, actions would cause a person to hurt someone verbally or physically.

If you become a victim of your environment, then probably you would feel like life is unfair on your side.

It's normal for a human being to feel angry, for it's part of humanity's journey in existence. Perfect is not the best way to describe life, for that's not how it works. 

Rainbows and sunshine do not happen all the time. Just like nature, it sometimes rains and is stormy.

It comprises trials. That's the best definition for that.

It's ok to feel angry sometimes. However, my question to you is.

How long? Do you have to allow yourself to carry those heavy emotions?

Always remember that no matter what situation you're in your life, have this understanding and awareness. Never allow anger or resentment to overtake you or overpower the goodness inside of you.

Do not allow yourself to hold anger and resentment inside of your heart.

Instead, set yourself free. Allow yourself to release it to God.

Remove this heaviness inside of you. You don't deserve to have anger and resentment living free rent in your heart, mind, and soul.

Communicating effectively is one key. Be mindful of responding and not reacting in a situation or argument.

Manage your anger by conscious breathing. Take slow and deep breaths when you feel that heaviness in your heart.

Know when to speak and when not to speak. Using the right communication skills will prevent any further damage and wounds.

Having an intimate talk with God is one of the best solutions to heal anything in this world. Suppose you need a prayer for that.

Then you're lucky because you're in the right place.

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Dear God Almighty Father,

I praise you and glorify you for your kindness.

I come to you with the desire to free myself from resentment.

Lord, I confess to you; that I have sinned and have anger and resentment over others.

Forgive me, oh Lord, for hurting others. I come to you with complete trust that all of this will set me free in time.

I know how great and forgiving you are. So I ask for your guidance for all the challenges that I'm facing.

Please help me remove this anger inside my heart, mind, and soul. Free me from any anger or resentment that would only cause me to hurt myself and others.

I ask for your guidance to help me and let it set me free. Come inside of my heart and cleanse it with your love.

Help me remove the heaviness in my chest. I ask for your help to find peace by forgiveness and letting go.

I allow myself to receive the healing of a love I'm supposed to embody. Please always remind me how blissful life is without anger and resentment.

Heal my heart, mind, and soul, and allow me to unite with you in love, light, and peace. 

All this I ask through your merciful name, Oh God. 


Overcome Anger Through Prayer

If you look at how nature works, you'll see that it works the same as life. There are days with sunshine and rainbows and a time for rain and storms.

However, it's not always pouring and stormy. The sun will always come up.

Human emotions are like that sometimes. Some situations will push us to hurt one another.

Especially those we feel have done us something wrong. People often feel anger to express some negative emotions. 

It's ok to release that sometimes. However, please remember not to hold on to it for too long. Excessive anger can cause severe problems in the end.

So, don't build it as your daily habit.

It's not something that will help you live a better life—anger tears down many relationships or households for a long time. However, if you know how to work on yourself, you can prevent it. 

Be very mindful of how you communicate. Always remember to choose not to react but to respond with love and understanding.

Communicate with love for that, always penetrating the deepest heart of a person. Remember that no one should live in anger but with love and peacefulness.

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Don't choose the bumpy ride. Choose the peaceful one.

Suppose you wanted someone to talk to. Remember that you are not alone and can always talk to God.

You are not alone, for God is always with you in everything you do. Call upon him God's name if you need to, for he's always there.

Allow him to help you release anger through prayer!

Dear Loving Father,

I come to you with complete honesty that I have sinned, and I hold anger inside my heart. 

However, it's not something I wanted to carry throughout my life. 

Help me forgive and to forget anyone or any circumstances that cause me to feel this heaviness. 

I ask for your guidance to help me let it go entirely and freely. 

I ask your help to remove this heaviness and replace it with love and forgiveness. 

Please help me calm my mind and soothe my heart with your undying love. 

Help me forgive and to forget anyone or any circumstances that cause me to feel this heaviness. 

May you fill my heart and soul with an abundance of love and peacefulness. 

May you heal my heart and soul and guide me through the way of living a blissful life. 

Furthermore, I pray for anyone in the same state as me. I pray for them as I pray for myself. 

May heal all of us, remove this anger and cleanse our hearts and soul with your love. 

All this I ask and pray to our Almighty father. 


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Prayer in Pursuit of Peace in Times of Anger and Frustration

Peace of mind is expensive for someone who has a troubled life. 

It's unstainable if you're always troubled and if you hold anger and resentment toward someone. You can feel that heaviness in your heart and your breathing.

So, most people avoid solving the problem. Then you think it is something that can be achieved by reaching the top of some mountains after trekking and bathing yourself in the air's breeze. 

Frankly, peace of mind is something you cannot ask to have if you still want to hold on to your anger and resentments. It would be best if you let go of that anger and frustration to let in the peace to forgive and say goodbye to your yesterday. 

Don't you think you deserve a happy and blissful life? Of course, you do. Then let the sunrise go on better days as you let the storms end. 

You're here because you are seeking answers and know that prayer is one of the best ways to end it. Allow yourself to take time off and reflect on how you can let go.

Reflect on your mistakes as well and how you can forgive. Another important thing is that you forget after you forgive. 

So, let it go, and get on with it. It's time to enjoy your life in peace and love. 

Take a deep breath and calm your mind. Clear your thoughts and remove all your worries, anger, and negative emotions you are carrying within you. 

Find a quiet place to have this practice. Better to do this right after you wake up in the morning or before you go to bed in your bedroom.

Find peace in prayer and oneness with God. You can use this prayer as your guide until you feel entirely deep inside your heart that you're at ease.

Dear heavenly Father,

You're the God of love, light, and peace. 

I ask for forgiveness for my sins and for holding anger in my heart, mind, and soul.

I beseech for help to turn this anger and all negative emotions into love and peace. 

Help me improve the communication skills I learned to respond in love rather than react in anger. 

May your holy spirit guide me to use my voice for spreading love and positivity than negativity and hatred. 

May you help me remain compassionate to others and extend my understanding of a situation or a person. 

Protect my spirit from anything that will cause me to sin again. 

Bless me, and keep me safe in your undying love and compassion. 

May you give peace in my heart, soul, and mind as I submit my anger to you. 

May you help me maintain this peace even after I open my eyes. 

Help me live life in love, light, and peace. 

All this I pray. Amen.

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Prayer to Let Go of Resentment and Anger

Letting go is difficult, especially if it's someone whom you loved that infected pain in your heart. Anger and resentment are one of the first stages of letting go.

It's hard to accept the truth sometimes, and you keep asking yourself why.  

As stated above, it's part of the journey. So, people need to go through that before the healing phase.

Everything happens for a reason.

However, it's important not to hold on to it for long. The more you hold on to anger and resentment, the more you get hurt. 

The stage of letting go will come into place. You will eventually realize that time will come for you to be at peace and happy.

Because you deserved it, don't forget that God is always there for you at these times, and you are never alone. So free yourself and be at peace and happiness. 

Dear our loving Father, 

I come to you to surrender the heaviness that I'm feeling. 

I am ready to submit all this anger and resentment to you and am prepared to move on. 

May you fill my life with love, light, and peace as I go on in life to begin again. 

May you guide me to release these feelings and live a blissful life. 

Never allow me to dive back into anger and resentment again. 

I trust in you and know I will never be alone again as your love always embraces me. 


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