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Praying Mantis Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism: Consider Meditation

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The praying mantis' hidden nature ranges from what you are experiencing right now and how and where you have seen it. There are immense potential and energy to the praying mantis as a spirit animal.

This tiny insect spends its entire existence in a single season. It has a fragile balance with shadow attributes and the natural universe. It comes to your life to symbolize the prayers of your spirit guide.

The praying mantis becomes connected with the energy of tranquility. It means that you need to be still and vulnerable to the guidance of this as your power animal. Accept the mantis in your life to assist you for a long time and for you to master the essence of serenity.

Think about where to spend your attention for a long time. By investing time with nature early in the morning, you will be able to relax. The mantis even asks you to pray and to maintain your confidence. Introspect and pose yourself the relevant points: until you transform, do I make my intentions clear? Should I conclude in a rush? Am I feeling vulnerable in a particular circumstance and disempowered?

The term ‘mantis' in Ancient Greek means fortune teller or prophet. It shows you that all the solutions you are seeking are inside you, so be still and let your inner wisdom be your compass.

What Is the Spiritual Meaning Of Praying Mantis?

The praying mantis focuses on your well-being. It encourages you to self-reflect, contemplate, and question your more significant nature and intention. The praying mantis reflects a better perception of the supernatural forces that form your truth.

You need to move away from the hustle of daily life and take a couple of days to reflect inward.  If a praying mantis appears in your life, communicate with both the profound wisdom hidden beneath your core. It could be a period when mindfulness would provide you the knowledge you ought to reach your life's purpose and equilibrium.

You're to get unexpected insights and spontaneous ideas throughout the time while you remain very still to concentrate inward.

Resting calm, you start tapping within your whole being, unlocking the essence about who you are or where you're supposed to go.

You can start the path through your ultimate reality until you get this enlightenment. You are throwing behind lower resonance surfaces that have kept you away. From its sketchy pupils and elegant motions, the praying mantis helps you realize that the world can help illuminate the path you should believe your instincts.

When you are at a turning stage in life and need to make a significant improvement, a praying mantis will settle on you. It means taking significant chances, whether one should decide on an education curriculum, do new work, and transfer to a different place.

Inside you, you have such a spiritual power calling upon you to arise. In pursuit of the hidden truth underlying your life, this journey may require you to surrender the comfort and convenience of worldly life. The world would not back away whenever you see your direction, to give you everything you need to achieve your objectives.

Praying Mantis Totem

You might need to learn how to take enough opportunity to enjoy your life at a quiet place like the praying mantis totem. Besides, through in-depth planning or reflection, this animal seldom makes any movement.

They understand where they're going and when to get somewhere. Even in this peaceful and serene setting, you can move quickly and decisively with this spirit animal totem when the chance arises itself.

The praying mantis is believed to be a sign of fortune by many other cultures, offering positive apparitions. You will appear to lift other people and raise awareness. You are a psychic ready to express your experience as you love teaching.

Dream Interpretation About Praying Mantis

What does it say in dreaming when you see a praying mantis? It mostly represents the best of luck. So, it could guide you to something rewarding and fulfilling.

  • You might need to blend in.

The mantis has psychic skills and can even detect a threat and, with shades, disguise itself. So, to see a praying mantis in your dreams may signify you have to be careful and never let your guard down. 

You might need to disguise yourself and fade in the background because someone in your circle might have unpleasant intentions and may have been planning something against you.

  • You might need to tap on your spirituality.

The praying mantis is an indication to make efforts and change, and place the spiritual growth as your vision. They are still in the praying gesture to symbolize a powerful entity is watching over you and has the best interests at heart.

Praying mantis' are strong insects, so you need to believe regardless of anything. In the spiritual realm, dreams of this insect signify you could do everything your heart wants. Praying experiences and apparitions are a lucky symbol in most cultures. Never annoy either of them, or any good luck will turn negative.

  • You might be entering a prosperous life.

If you see a praying mantis by your bed, say a prayer and be thankful for the riches surrounding you. There are powerful physical, moral, and mental elements to these that will benefit you. They will also support and guide you.

But only for a few moments per day, you might also want to make daily prayer and contemplation a part of your routine. The mantis instructs you to respond to your innermost desires. Accept and keep confidence in your intuition. It will all be okay for you. So put behind your doubts and concerns. It's a smart thing to learn what you can about your mantis soul. 

  • You might need to focus your sight on the goal.

Mantises have such an extreme sight, and every season, they even rebloom and grow. They have strong auditory senses as well, as they use echolocation, like bats. So, try to improve your hearing and sight by investing time outdoors and responding to nature.

Go out and concentrate on your breathing. Aim to stay still like the mantis. Try removing your attention and commitment to the things that no longer serve you and redirect your path.

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Inside you, a quiet voice whispers that you ought to step back. You should use meditation as a strong road for healing at this point. Let the chaos of the external calm down. Enjoy living a calm and quiet life.

The praying mantis encourages you to let your heart be completely in tune with nature. Enhance your metaphysical strength, and you will open to the ideal state of serenity.

The Metaphysical Significance of Praying Mantis

So if you encounter any significant shifts and problems in your life, the praying mantis might go to you. It asks you to tap into your internal self-care and have a strong view of your life. 

It is an ally that, if you pay attention, will change your life. This insect asks you to bring color and music to your life.

The mantis disguises itself on leaves. You will experience a transformational process in your life, the same how the praying mantis leap. You must also share the world-changing jumps in your life to people you care the most. 

Remember that confidence will shift hills, but you have to remain patient. It would be best if you also were willing to make changes. Savor the journey and start keeping up, much like the mantis adjusting its skin in different phases. 

The praying mantis encourage you to be an assertive listener. You can also get an opportunity to sense things telepathically since this bug has an ultrasonic sensor.

Spiritual Meaning of A Dead Praying Mantis

The same with the elephant symbolism, the praying mantis' demands you to look at the broader picture.. It will let you realize that you have become too busy with meaningless things and don't devote enough energy to your spiritual development. Your regular high vibration is smaller than usual, decelerating or halting your manifestation entirely.

There could be a fresh hurdle to overcome in your life that causes you to drift off the path, and keeping yourself out of unhealthy dramas will be a wise choice. 

Another symbolism from seeing a dead praying mantis might be that it takes a lot of time for you to meditate. Work on being more empathetic, and take enough initiative. Your reality is starting to fade away since, in your made-up world, you waste so much energy. 

It is necessary to pay attention to the energies you are providing to your spiritual development if you see a dead praying mantis. It is time to establish a spiritual regimen so that you can start to rely on yourself again.

It's time to get ready for your spiritual journey as it may take too long to achieve your objectives. When you see a dead praying mantis and think about friendship or marital issues, this might show the bond damage due to a metaphysical separation between you and your partner or friend. In searching for spiritual gratification somewhere, one of you might get pulled away from the other. The meaning of a dead praying mantis represents a transparent communication about your significant other's spiritual aspirations. 

It would be useless to lead you throughout life's struggles without nurturing your spiritual development. There should be mutual threads weaving the journeys into a shared, matured, and enhanced future.

Praying Mantis as A Spiritual Messenger Between Worlds

You might see a praying mantis after losing a loved one or pet. For female praying mantises, this is particularly true since they bring a sacred female spirit of insight with them and the underworld's force.

Praying mantises reflect missing souls driven back to the physical realm by the sanctuary, healing, reconciliation, and the transformation of energies. 

Reality Check in Your Life

After you have filled your life with way too much company, the praying mantis reemerges. It reminds you of hearing your inner voice as it gets overpowered by the connection and uncertainty you have experienced right now.

The praying mantis, then, demands you to look at the broader picture. It assures you of calmness as the praying mantis spiritual guide walks through your life. You're wary so take some time with this spirit animal until everything is calm.

Once you master the traits of this spirit guide, you will receive a very positive benefit from this over time. The praying mantis encourages you to arrange a plan before you do it to stay away from failures.

You might need to be quite careful with this spirit animal. You might believe the praying mantis is only an insect with no to little significance. But you are mistaken as this animal is a powerful spiritual guide.

You'll be in contact with serenity, honesty, and harmony as it hits your world. This totem brings peace and lots of happiness.

Here is a glimpse at this spirit messenger's three main interpretations:

  • Harmony

The praying mantis and harmony are interchangeable. Despite sharing its home with other creatures, this insect still manages to live in perfect balance.

It responds to quiet surroundings. For this cause, many communities around the world have embraced it as a symbol of meditation.

Do you want your life to have some balance and tranquility? Then, consult your praying mantis spirit guide. It will inspire you with its overflowing characteristics in your life.

  • Tranquility

Among the most graceful totems is the praying mantis as it remains calm no matter what. This spirit guide has never been in a rush. Apocalypse might come and consume the world, but then you'll observe it sitting on a piece of grass, completely still.

You are spending hours and hours sleeping unless you need to look for something to eat but remains in one place to live. So, because of all that tranquility, what do you think this animal is doing?

It is preparing itself for a greater catastrophe to happen. The praying mantis prepares you to have a better mindset. It teaches you how meditating and preparing the plan of action to stand will help you in your waking life.

  • Serenity

There is an important lesson you will receive from this spiritual reference. You need to evaluate in your mind the people and things that surround you. Pay attention that you do not inflict any harm to your friends by your behavior.

Keep your interest in considering all beings in whatever step you make. Remember that in your environment, everything, big and small, has a significant role to play. It is an important message that you can learn from this spirit guide.

The praying mantis is quite a conscious entity. It might encourage you to pick the best choices in life. As such, it gives hidden instructions for you to come up with the best decisions.


By its very nature, the praying mantis is a remarkable insect. It is as exotic as it is beautiful. The praying mantis is everywhere across the globe and got its name from its pose.

The praying mantis comes into your life to hone your instinct. Your spirit animal has noticed the several contradictions in your life and wishes to provide you with an escape route.

It advises you to go away for a while on your own to get some relief you need. Build some balance between yourself and nature. You will then come back with a new perspective and better evaluation of your life.

Each living thing is interconnected to a whole, thus the praying mantis has a similar message as the white rose symbolism. Both calls you to consider meditation as the pathway to inner peace.  The way praying mantis endure folding their forearms in prayer reminds you not to neglect your spirituality.

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