Prehnite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Everyday Uses -

Prehnite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Everyday Uses

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Many practitioners have used Prehnite since ancient times, but most of them still misunderstood the powers of Prehnite. Known for enhancing memory and divinatory powers, Prehnite might not be a stone that you'll lay your hands on, more so order online and set as a décor. However, Prehnite offers something profound that'll create a lot of impact in your life.

If you want to know how Prehnite can change your life, this article will help you. This article lists down the meanings and the healing properties of Prehnite which is similar to Lepidolite, as well as how you can use it every day. Keep reading to know how interesting Prehnite can be.

Prehnite Meaning

Colonel Hendrik von Prehn discovered Prehnite in 1788 in Cape Province, South Africa. He brought this stone from South Africa to the Netherlands and introduced Prehnite into the booming trade of gemstones in Africa. Since then, shamans and other healers have used this stone for different purposes.

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Even after decades of introductions, Prehnite remains one of the most mysterious stones. Not much has been known or recorded with Prehnite. Today, most people use this stone to enhance their memories and strengthen their divinatory powers.

You can use Prehnite as a stone to enhance your memory. It will prevent you from undergoing some bouts of bad memories and will improve your information retention. You can use this stone to clear your mind and prepare yourself for absorbing overwhelming information. Through the repeated use of Prehnite, you'll notice that you'll have sharper and keener senses.

On the other hand, if you want to improve your divinatory powers, you should consider getting a Prehnite. South African religion believed that Prehnite could bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual world. Prehnite will show its users the realities of the spiritual world otherwise invisible to the physical world.

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You may be wondering if this stone can help you a lot. After all, Prehnite can’t help you achieve your material goals. However, don’t underestimate the power that this stone can bring you.

From experience, you know it's difficult to track all the expenses that you need to settle, all the meetings you need to attend, and all the tasks you're supposed to do. By bringing with you a Prehnite, things will go smoothly and easily. You won't even need to have a planner to remember all the things you need to do.

Divination, on the other hand, does not only rely on scrying and tarot readings. When you awaken your divinatory powers, you become more intuitive. You get those instinctive impulses under challenging situations, and being intuitive means that you can react in an appropriate manner given a tough situation. Using Prehnite makes it easy to awaken divination, and this stone will always keep your intuition keen and sharp.

Prehnite Healing Properties

The same as Unakite, besides awakening your divinatory powers and enhancing your memories, Prehnite also offers some healing properties that you can take advantage of. Prehnite’s capabilities make it a unique stone to have in your life. The list below contains all the healing properties, similar to Mother of Pearl, that Prehnite can provide.

Physical Healing Properties

Much like the Garmierite stone, Prehnite offers some physical healing benefits that you can take advantage of. For instance, Prehnite can help support the proper building of bones, teeth, hair, and nails. It also enhances the ability of a person to overcome stress over long periods. Prehnite prevents you from feeling weary and tired, giving you enough energy to survive and get through the day.

Also, Prehnite can aid the metabolism of fats and proper digestion. You can use this stone when you're on a diet, or you're determined to lose some weight. It can also aid in the proper excretion of toxins through urination. Aside from those mentioned, Prehnite stimulates fast regeneration of the body.

You can also use Prehnite to regulate your cardiovascular processes. It can aid in proper breathing, and it helps eliminate toxins present in your blood. Other benefits of Prehnite include the early detection of illnesses present in the kidneys, bladder, thymus glands, chest, and lungs.

Mental and Emotional Healing Properties

One of the few stones that connect the solar plexus and heart chakra, Prehnite links one's heart space to their personal will . Your personal will allows you to keep pushing forward despite any obstacles that you face. This personal will keeps you motivated and drives you to your goals and ambitions.

By having your heart connected to your personal will, you can make sure that your purest dream will become your priority. Prehnite can help you pull yourself together no matter how fragmented and cluttered you are. It helps you focus on the road to reach your goals. When Prehnite aligns your heart to your will, finding happiness and success in life won’t be a difficult thing to achieve.

Aside from aligning your heart to your personal will, Prehnite will also help you through unrest and constant changes in life. This stone will show you how the end of a difficult situation can help you improve your body, mind, and soul. Prehnite will help expand your awareness, and it will show you all the good things in life.

Benefits and Everyday Uses of Prehnite

To get the most out of Prehnite, you can wear it as a piece of jewelry. You can wear it as a necklace, bracelet, brooch, or earrings. Since it's associated with the third eye chakra, you should wear it as close to the forehead as possible. In that case, hair clips and earrings will be your best option.

When you're using it for divination, you need to charge it with the energy of the water and the Moon. All you need to do is hold it in your hands under running water and visualize all impurities getting swept away. When you're satisfied with the water's energy, you need to place your Prehnite in direct moonlight overnight. Doing this will enhance your divinatory powers to their peak.


Prehnite offers a lot of benefits that people may seem to underestimate. Prehnite improves your memory and enhances divination. When you use Prehnite, you enhance your memory and information retention and sharpen your intuition. This stone also allows you to align your dreams and priorities to where your heart is. In that way, finding success and happiness in life will be easy for you.  

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