Psyche in Scorpio: Feelings Of Deep Sympathy -

Psyche in Scorpio: Feelings Of Deep Sympathy

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Psyche in astrology relates to the soul, the mind, and the self. It unveils our inner truths and consciousness as what the Universe had destined for us.

If you have the Psyche in Scorpio placement, people see you with tons and tons of empathy towards other people and things. You are under the most reflective and intense water sign that you always go all out on something you chose to pour your heart into. 

For you, it is always an all-out or nothing situation.

Reflection takes time in any aspect of life. In astrology, what our Psyche tells us will not be written in black and white. 

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There is a fine line between the partner that we want and the partner that we need in astrology. In Psyche, the Universe lets you know who you should end up with, how you will meet, and even how you will make your relationship with that person work and last.

Scorpio is the 8th Zodiac sign that runs from October 24th up to November 22nd. Scorpio is quite popular as the most intense sign in terms of emotions and characteristics of all the Zodiac signs and Water Signs. 

People are naturally curious and questionable over many things. Others see Scorpio as a curious person who has the need to know how everything works and how people think. 

They are famous for being intimate not merely in the sexual aspects of life but in all the other ones where they can learn more about you or someone else in particular. In some cases, they use sex to uncover more truths about you, along with being friendly and loyal. 

Scorpios are loyal and resourceful people. They can be your most honest friend or companion, and they will seek for the truth in all possible ways that they can.

At some point, even though others see you as a threat, you are absolutely harmless. You do not mean any harm to anyone or to even intentionally hurt their feelings. 

When they provoke you or did you wrong, though, that is when all hell breaks loose. You will never deal a blow on someone unless they did something that goes below the belt. 

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It takes a lot for you to be attracted to someone since you are already the most intense sign for a partner. You love having your personal power over things that you desire someone of your equal with who you would share this power with. 

This leads you to an obsession over your chosen desire, and this is your source of motivation and drive in life. The energy you have intensifies things more and keeps things interesting in a relationship, especially sexually.

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You are a very passionate person but also very secretive. You treasure your true feelings, so you only show them when you are comfortable and when you know it is safe. People see you as an excellent secret keeper because you always offer your loyalty, and since you are secretive, people do not think you will ever exploit their shared mystery with you. 

In a relationship, you want someone who is open for communication, especially on your level. You desire a partner who also has a deep understanding of herself and respects you the way you treat her with respect. 

You often feel things right in your heart but tend to shy it away. You have intense emotions, but you do not let it all show in one go or at a first meeting. 

You desire someone that is not afraid to be naked with her soul and see your true self behind what you let other people see.

We all want a person with whom we can share our dreams and who will be there when we are weak and need support. We want a serious and mature relationship where the individuals involved are open, respectful, committed, and passionate the same way that we are. 

You treat love and love-making as a soul union where you meet each other’s desires and fantasies. Having the Psyche in Scorpio placement gives you the idea of wanting a spiritual connection and grand passion with someone who is creatively equal to you.

Psyche in Scorpio Woman

  • Psyche in Scorpio Woman is a love sign charmer.

Psyche in Scorpio Woman is much more powerful much powerful than what you think of her. She is in love with the idea of love that she often relies on her wits and bewitching techniques to find a lover and make a relationship work. 

  • She is a unique treasure.

She attracts love and uniqueness. You will never meet anyone like her, as she brings creativity and innovations to the table. Her intense emotions will trigger her love for you, so you better know how to handle her and touch her innermost urges and desires. 

  • She knows her ways to get what she wants.

Above all, she knows herself and knows what she wants. When she wants something, especially in terms of love, she makes her own actions and makes sure she makes the call. She is never interested in flings or fake love. 

  • Piece of advice, never betray her.

She can give you all her love, attention, and trust once she lets you into her life. Once you betray her, though, she will see to it that you will pay for the damage you did to her and that you will never step back into her life again. 

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Psyche in Scorpio Man

Psyche in Scorpio Man wants a partner who lovers herself. He seeks for a partner he can be passionate with and can love and respect him as much as she does to herself. 

  • He wants an equal for a partner. 

To get his attention and touch his heart, you need to be equal to him. You need to be sophisticated, innovative, and creative because he likes to spice things up in a relationship. 

  • You need to be good in bed.

Psyche in Scorpio Man values sex and intimacy. He sees it as a spiritual event where your souls come together and appear as one. To prove you're worthy of his love, you need to show him your A-1 bedroom skills and satisfy his desires. Do not worry because when he knows you are the one, he will make sure you are as satisfied as to how you make him be. 

  • He is secretive and still values trust and loyalty. 

This man is a complex partner; that is why he is destined for someone who can tolerate and measure up to his qualities and traits. He seeks a woman with an intense energy that would make him feel safe and comfortable. 

Judgmental is not on his list of qualities in seeking a partner. The least he wants is someone who will judge him over his opinions, especially once he opens up about his true self after trusting you. 

He does not let out many emotions unless he is sure that you are the one. His mind is a cellar filled with tons of thoughts and feelings that he does not show to other people.

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