Pyrite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses -

Pyrite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

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Pyrite is a metallic-looking iron sulfide mineral. Its appearance has a brassy coloring that resembles gold, and that is why it is also known as Fools Gold because of this similarity.

It is an opaque but brittle texture. Pyrite's name signifies purity, and it helps you to be more creative.  Pyrite is a fiery stone that manifests the burning cauldron of passion that resides deep inside the third eye chakra.

History Of Pyrite

Pyrite got its name on the Greek word Pyr, which means “fire.” It is a representation of how the light catches on the stone's surface.

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People even testify that the Pyrite stone has an intense masculine strength and sensation of absolute passion. It is because of the myth that when iron struck Pyrite, it produces sparks.  Countries like Peru, Spain, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Norway, Russia, Greece, Sweden, and the Czech Republic have the wealthiest Pyrite resources.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Pyrite

  • Physical Healing

Similar to Obsidian , Pyrite has many healing properties as it has the potential to improve both cognitive and psychosocial health. This stone can purify the oxygen that flows in your body, thus improving the operation of your pulmonary circulation. It can also help to cleanse your body and combat diseases.

  • Emotional Healing

Pyrite will help you get all of these elements about yourself in balance, especially in your emotional state. Whenever your emotional response is at its peak, you might as well affect your wellbeing and health. That is why Pyrite prevents you from absorbing any adverse energies that other people might possess.

  • Mental Healing

Pyrite will assist you in articulating and communicating new ideas you made. Even better, these ideas of yours will always result in a credit, recognition, or monetary benefit. The Pyrite can help you improve your persuasive skills and make you more attractive to your possible clients.

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When you bring a piece of Pyrite with you, the energies of Pyrite will start to attract people. They will begin to listen to your creative plans and opinions.

If Pyrite becomes a part of your life, you have to expect that people become much more interested in you and your views. You won't feel the pressure on the duties when delivering innovative current ideas and concepts into the wild. Instead, as you move on with these matters, you'll experience both enthusiasm and incredible mental clarity, which can only lead to more benefits.

  • Manifesting Prosperity

Pyrite is a powerful stone for attracting prosperity, riches, and abundance into your life. It is due to Pyrite's reputation as a lucky stone. Pyrite is an excellent manifestation of wealth and good fortune, and it should always be present in your office or workspace.

Even though it got the impression of Fool's Gold, its excellent energies are straightforward, leading you to endless opportunities.

The Pyrite essence is bounty and resources, so it's a great addition to any office or workspace decoration. It will infuse you with vital and motivating energies if you lack physical power, mental insight, or inspiration.

This stone will positively affect your business settlements. It will motivate you to achieve greatness and complete your assigned tasks. It will raise the supply of an abundance of financial resources in your life by assisting the flow of funds.

  • Relationship Healing

Pyrite is a stone of defense in unwanted problems in your relationship. It can shield you from all sorts of negative feelings, gestures, and behavior regarding love and relationships. It will defend you from those who wish to interfere in your relationship. You might have been so-called friends who gossip behind your back to those who criticize you and your partner.

Pyrite's powers will assist you in being a bigger person. It will establish the proper way on how to respond with respect and honor despite being the one hurting.

It will motivate you to turn negative energy into positive energy. The same as Tanzanite, Pyrite's healing properties are beneficial if you are willing to accept them in your bond so Pyrite can work miracles in your relationships.

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The Metaphysical Benefits Of Pyrite

  • Pyrite promotes different ways of learning and seeing things.

Remember that things will produce the same results if you keep doing the same things no matter how hard you try. So if you want to get different results, Pyrite will assist you in changing your actions and thoughts. It will lead you to a newer way to achieve spiritual balance. Pyrite is a calming stone that acts as a personal bodyguard, deflecting unwanted energy and keeping the auric field clear of damaging energies.

  • Pyrite is brimming with positive energies. 

It's all about removing negative energy entanglements and ensuring that you never slip into the darkness. It will help you feel brave and motivated to move further into the light.

Pyrite works on improving and clearing the solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra to help promote this inner power and zest for life. These are the chakras that house your deep-seated love for life.

When there are any blockages, you can feel as if your senses feel numbed. Fortunately, when they are awake, it is an excellent stone that will make you ascend. It will aid in the healing of auric damages and protect you from energy leakage.

  • Pyrite will boost your determination. 

The Pyrite stone will assist you in taking the right actions and decisions necessary for your growth and progress during tough times. This stone will be your power source of encouragement as it serves as the root of inspiration.

Even if you have a lot going on in your life that drains your energies, you can stay grounded. At times, the motivation will make you feel like you've struck gold. Pyrite will help you get your creative juices flowing if you work in a setting where ideas are essential.


The Pyrite will keep your goals aligned with your purpose. Similar to Sardonyx, the stone has strong healing properties as you gaze at it, which is why it is ideal for placing on your personal space. The Pyrite stone gives you the power and motivation you need to take on challenging tasks, whether improving concentration or giving you an energetic boost.

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