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Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

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This tarot card gives off powerful energy and an intense atmosphere. A symbol of ambition, happiness, and even confidence is the minor arcana's Queen of Wands tarot card.

The Queen of Wands This tarot card is an energetic and commanding one. It knows how to deal with and handle life. 

No doubt, it can tackle any issue, problem, or what with enthusiasm.

In a tarot reading: either she is your representation or a very dear female figure and close to your heart. Everything the Queen of Wands tarot card tackles; she tackles them with dedication, consistency, and enthusiasm.

Symbolism Of Queen Of Wands

A crown is on her head, and a cape is what she wears. You will find the Queen of Wands sitting prettily and confidently on her throne. 

You will notice that on her right hand is a staff or a wand, while on the other is a sunflower.

The Queen of Wands' staff is a figure of her mightiness, power, and strength. On the other hand, the sunflower represents one's passion, happiness, contentment, and satisfaction.

If you look down at the Queen's feet, you will see a black cat. That black cat signifies that the Queen should, and she must recognize and acknowledge her dark and hidden side. 

She needs to express it. So she must be true to herself and her subjects.

Queen Of Wand Keywords


  • Attractive
  • Bubbly
  • Charismatic
  • Confidence
  • Courageous
  • Determination
  • Energetic
  • Fiery
  • Independent
  • Optimistic
  • Passionate
  • Self-assurance
  • Social butterfly
  • Vivacious
  • Wholehearted


  • Bully
  • Demanding
  • Getting back your sense of self
  • Hot-tempered
  • Insecurities
  • Introverted
  • Jealous
  • Low confidence
  • Revenge
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-respect
  • Selfish
  • Temperamental
  • Vengeful

Upright Queen Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

If an upright Queen of Wands tarot card appears before you, it tells you that you are a person who smells and reeks of courage and determination. Even with all the adversity, diversity, challenges, obstacles, and hurdles, you know where you stand, and you know your goals and purpose. 

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You are a certified queen and master of yourself. As long as you keep that focus and determination, you will achieve anything.

The Queen of Wands tarot card also tells you not to fear your power and energy. 

Be bold and show it to the world. Believe in yourself, for you have so much to offer and to give. 

The Queen of Wands is a social butterfly, and so are you. You radiate so much power and authority that it fills others to be like you. 

You are an inspiration and a motivation to others. You are a born leader. 

There is no doubt that you can influence them to have the same inner resources as you do. If you give your best in bringing them out there, they can achieve anything because you helped them set their goals and attain them.

The upright tarot card Queen of Wands also helps you express yourself in the best way possible and enjoy the things you can enjoy. You are a good person who can get and win people over for friendship with just a word and a glance. 

Lastly, aside from your positive attributes, this tarot card also reveals and advises you not to hide from your dark side. Everyone has his or her darkness, and that is okay. 

Queen Of Wands (Upright) in Health :

In a healthy context, the Queen of Wands may tell you that if you are in a relationship or desire to have a child, you will do so. 

Queen Of Wands (Upright) in Career

In this crucial time of yours, people will badmouth you and judge you for having too many tasks on your plate: they are underestimating you and your abilities. 

If this is the situation, you need to remember that you should not let their opinions take over you, for their opinions will not help you finish your work.

Do not mind them and do what you need to do. You can do it.

Queen Of Wands (Upright) in Money

This type of reading has a connection with your career. If you think that the upper is not paying you well, you need to confront your boss. 

Be brave and speak up because if you do not, they will continue to short you. You are a hardworking person and give your one hundred percent best in everything you do, so it is just right to ask for the salary you deserve.

What you do with your money will reflect and affect your financial situation in the future. Be wise and spend it accordingly.

Queen Of Wands (Upright) in Love & Relationships

The Queen of Wands can manifest healthy and stable relationships. You have the ability to attract the partner you deserve.

 If you’re currently in a relationship, then your partner feels lucky to have you. They would always find you physically, emotionally, and mentally attractive.

As time passes by, you and your partner will feel your love for each other, which will keep you intact more.

If you are single, this tarot card warns you that someone has their eye set out for you. Therefore, this tarot card tells you that this person is only giving you clues and hints because this person is too shy to make the first move.

Reversed Queen Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Queen of Wands in a reversed position pertains to what this tarot card in an upright position speaks. This reversed tarot card tells you that you do know yourself on the deepest level. 

You are aware, you are at the state that you have respect, trust, and confidence in yourself.

It is nice how you know what you want and what you do not want. You are also doing great by not letting what others have to say take over you. 

You know your way, and you do you. Remember that it is okay to have a different opinion and definition of things from others, yours are still valid.

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If an upright Queen of Wands tarot card says that you are a social butterfly, in the reversed position, this tarot card tells you that you are an introvert and you do not want to be at the center of attention.

This tarot card reveals you want to be at the side and watch people do their thing, not minding you and your business. What you want and what you prefer is valid, so it is okay. 

You do not need to push yourself to socialize with your fellow men if you do not want to.

If the situation is that, you lack confidence, belief, and trust in yourself: this reversed tarot card tells you to take your time to be alone and go figure out how to reestablish your sense of self. 

You have the power to help others, you also have what it takes to help yourself. You need to take care of yourself too. 

Listen to your needs and wants, there is nothing wrong if you will serve yourself first before serving others.

Queen Of Wands (Reversed) in Health

This card reveals that you may have health issues in a health context, but you are shy and ashamed of these issues. It is not advisable to be shy. 

If you must, go and seek help before your health issues get worse.

Queen Of Wands (Reversed) in Career

Your plate is full, and you keep getting more and more: now, it is overflowing. The overflowing plate of yours is causing you stress and pressure. 

This stress and pressure are valid. You are not a robot: you cannot do everything without a bit of help. 

Queen Of Wands (Reversed) in Money

You are eyeing on others. This tarot card reveals that you envy others' lifestyles, which causes you to be impulsive and reckless in spending your money. 

You need to fix this problem of yours: you need to learn the feeling of contentment.

Queen Of Wands (Reversed) in Love & Relationships

The Queen of Wands, in reverse, may indicate a relationship that’s stagnant. Perhaps you or your partner are not being proactive.

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This tarot card advises you that you need to talk with your partner and fix what needs fixing in a reversed position. 

One of you has insecurity and jealousy. Moreover, that person is feeling less important and thinks that he or she is not worth it.

If you are single, this reversed tarot card says that you are not you now. You are low in your sense of self, and because of that, it is not a great time to meet someone new or get into a relationship. 

It would be best if you fix yourself first. 

Queen of Wands Advice

The Queen of Wands, as advice, wants you to know that you can do it. Whatever circumstances you face, you know in your heart that you’ll conquer them. 

 It’s time to turn your creative ideas into practical experiments. You have the ability to engage in competitive hands-on activities. 

The card wants you to know that you’ll conquer the challenges you face. Everything may not work out now, but it will one day.

Queen of Wands Reversed Advice

The Queen of Wands, in reverse, shows that you’re overworking yourself. You’re doing great, love, but take the time to choose yourself.

 You may feel things aren’t going how you thought they were. You feel like every sacrifice you made only resulted in more delays. 

Queen of Wands as a Person

You’re someone who will remain passionate about your dreams. There will never be a day wherein you don’t focus on achieving your goals. 

You’re someone who has a lot on their plate; you often keep yourself busy. Yet, despite your responsibilities, you would choose to see the silver lining.

Queen of Wands Reversed as a Person

The Queen of Wands, in reverse, is someone who shows passion in their career. However, they don’t have pure intentions in certain circumstances.

You’re someone who uses your charm to inflict influence on others. Your charm is the blueprint to manipulate to get what you want. 

There are times when you can’t control your feelings. As a result, your temper would result in a sudden or significant breakdown. 

You use your charm for selfish reasons in terms of your career. You’ll do anything to get what you want. 

You don’t care if you hurt people along the process to success.

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Queen of Wands Present

In the present, you’re currently working harder to improve your career. You’re on the stage wherein you almost have anything you want. 

The universe sees your daily progress in terms of your career. You feel like it’s been a long time since you felt this happy. 

You continue to prioritize yourself and the responsibilities you have at hand. Fixing your relationships with people who don’t deserve you is the least of your concerns. 

It’s important that you have someone who will guide you in this journey. Perhaps a woman can give suggestions or advice.

You’ll get the clarity you deserve.

Queen of Wands Past

In the past, you experienced countless struggles. As a result, you think you’ll stay in this devastating cycle for a lifetime.

You were someone who used to have low self-esteem. So you refused to express yourself and the things you’re capable of.

But despite your shy identity, you had a remarkable childhood. The lessons when you were a kid are beneficial in the long run.

Queen of Wands Future

In the future, you'll continue to grow. You're willing to experience and learn new ideas and hobbies.

You're going to go out of your comfort zone. You'll explore a new path towards constant success. 

The role of your family in this journey is essential. So you shouldn't hesitate to reach out to your family.

Queen of Wands as How Someone Feels About You

Someone feels like they can make you their true friend. Perhaps they feel like you’ll remain trustworthy.

You provide them with a space to express themselves without discrimination. You’re willing to extend your care and support to them. 

This person feels a warm sensation whenever they’re with you, in a good way. Perhaps you make them feel at ease during a rough day. 

Queen of Wands Outcome

The outcome will lead you to grow into a different person. This time, you’ll achieve your dreams and leave the past behind.

You’re worthy of changing into a better person and doing good things. You’re ready to enter the realm of hope and open possibilities.

You’ll start to get over the life you had in the past. That won’t have to matter because you’re stronger now.

Queen of Wands Pregnancy and Fertility

The Queen of Wands is a positive sign for pregnancy. You’re going to have the best time of your life!

You’re ready to enter a new phase in your life. This time, you’ll have to provide for another person that’s important to you.

Queen of Wands Reversed Pregnancy

The Queen of Wands can be a negative sign of pregnancy. You’re trying to prevent yourself from the things you deserve.

You’re not ready to enter a new phase in your life that requires changing. You want to provide for yourself and only for yourself.

You have your family and friends who are always willing to support you. But you have to tell them the bad news and disappoint them.

Queen of Wands Energy

You have intense energy growing inside of you if you have this card. Just like the queen, you’re willing to SLAY EVERY DAY! 

Your energy lies within your desire to succeed. As a queen, you’re willing to go beyond the borders of your power.

As a queen, you’re willing to help others to thrive.

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Queen of Wands as Action

The Queen of Wands as actions relies on your willingness to succeed. But to become successful, you must always choose to be good.

You’re someone who is passionate and independent. You use these characteristics to achieve your practice goals. 

If something bothers you, you’ll not hesitate to be vocal about it. You’re straightforward when it comes to your emotions and expressions.

Queen of Wands as Intentions

Whatever situation you’re in, your intentions are always pure. With the Queen of Wands, you desire to succeed by being just you.

Your intentions can be found in your constant hard work. You’re someone who is willing to cross heavy roads to get to your destination.

You want to be the reason why someone continues to thrive.

Queen of Wands as How Someone Sees You

Someone thinks you’re independent. They may think you don’t want to receive help from anyone.

This person views you as someone who is true to your words. Therefore, your words, goals, and actions will always align.

This person sees how much effort and time you put into your career daily. As a result, they view you as their inspiration.

Queen of Wands Time Frame

The Queen of Wands card can have a specific time frame. This card can have an association with the zodiac sign Leo.

 A specific period may start on July 20 and will end on August 20. Whatever this event may be, it has a relation to another piece of success.

Queen of Wands as a Woman 

The Queen of Wands, as a woman, is someone who is strong. You have the ability to manifest and execute your dreams effortlessly.

You're always the owner of the spotlight. You can easily attract countless gazes from a crowd.

You're someone who doesn't manage to ask for help often. Because you know you can do it all on your own.

Queen of Wands as a Man

The Queen of Wands, as a man, is someone who is driven to succeed. Your masculine energy presents strong confidence in others.

You’re someone who is willing to go through rock bottom to succeed. Whatever the circumstances, you’re eager to grow.

You’re someone who blends easily in the crowd. Some may view you as the daily chatterbox of their circle.

Queen of Wands Communication

The Queen of Wands can be a positive sign for communication. This is the card for you if you’re both a queen and an empath!

Communication paves the way for relationships to unite in harmony. You’re someone who is willing to lessen the exhaustion of others.

You have excellent communication skills due to your intense level of confidence. As a result, you have the ability to listen to and inspire people.

Queen of Wands Reconciliation

The Queen of Wands can be a positive sign for reconciliation. This may be the sign that a past person wants to reach out.

This person is still attracted to you mentally, emotionally, and physically. They often reminisce about the moments you both shared.

This person is aware that they came from a rough path in the past. As a result, you both had to let go in order to grow individually.

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Queen of Wands Physical Appearance

The Queen of Wands can have a specific physical appearance. If you have this card, then CONTINUE TO SLAY, 21st CENTURY QUEEN! 

You probably have red or blonde hair. This is the representation of your bright and alluring appearance.

Queen of Wands Reversed Outcome

The outcome shows that you’re not ready to commit. This commitment resides with your courage to grasp change.

You refuse to grow into a completely different person. You want to move forward, but you don’t abandon your past.

You continue to submerge yourself into the void of negativity. You believe you’re not suited for empowerment.

Queen of Wands Friendship

The Queen of Wands is a good sign for friendships. You have the ability to manifest healthy and long-term friendships.

In the group, your friends often treat you as the queen. You’re someone they would always look up to.

Your friends serve you as their inspiration to be successful. You never fail to help them in terms of struggle and despair.

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