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Quincunx in Astrology: Does This Aspect Really Work?

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The angles that the planet forms as they travel through the cosmos are called aspects. The quincunx is one of the aspects of astrology that you need to know more about and learn.

The quincunx or inconjunct aspect occurs when two planets form a 150-degree apart distance. The quincunx is about the signs that do not get along because they share nothing the same and do not align with the same principles.

When you deal with the quincunx aspect, you deal with an advanced angle. The quincunx has one horizontal line with a letter “V” formation in an upside-down manner.

The quincunx aspect is complicated because of the parallel attributes and interests. The signs' principles can be almost near and the same, but they can never cross.

When quincunxes come, you can recognize things that don't enter naturally. There will be complications and difficulties that you will face.

The quincunx is a challenge, so you have to understand it more.

Sally, a book club member, shared her insights regarding Quincunx in Astrology. This can be a sign that something needs to be done, but you may feel uncomfortable coming up with a final decision because you’re anxious that you might feel isolated or misunderstood. 

Quincunx in Astrology Meaning

The formation of the quincunx aspect in astrology is between the planets that form at a certain angle.

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What angle is it?

With the quincunx or inconjunct aspect, planets form at a distance of roughly 150 degrees apart. The two planets sit 150 degrees away, which means they have nothing in common.

Anyone can use inconjunct or quincunx aspects interchangeably, so you know what it is if you hear inconjunct aspects.

You can still see quincunx with the zodiac sign distance if you hate being too mathematical. You can automatically see it when planets sit around five zodiac signs apart.

You consider the inconjunct aspect in astrology as the “hard aspect.” The two zodiac signs do not get along with each other.

Of course, that is not a changeable decision. No matter how one tries, forcing a connection between the planets will not happen.

The planets and points involved do not align in any way. They do not understand each other and have nothing in common.

When two planets form a quincunx, things do not go well between the two.

Not only do the planets have different elements, but also different modalities. When the signs get together, understanding is not part of the picture.

The planets need time to adjust to hint at what the other has in store.

It is not only the planet you have to look at. The zodiac signs involved also make a deal with the quincunx.

Recognition and patience should be at the top of the list when quincunx is involved during periods. It would help if you recognized things that do not come to you naturally.

You need to make adjustments because quincunx does not get along, remember? Things might become uncomfortable, so adjustment should happen for it to work.

There might be challenges, redirection, and making changes with the quincunx.

Having quincunx in your birth chart is like maintaining incompatible truths.

Quincunx in Astrology Good or Bad

Quincunx aspect is all about planets that do not get along. When the planet's expression comes in place, there can be a feeling of being left out.

The planets in the quincunx aspect are of different elements and modalities. When it comes to how quincunx affects you, it depends on your control.

When you cannot integrate quincunx properly, dissatisfaction will occur in the situation. Quincunx can be an overindulgence or under indulgence in anything.

Since the planets do not get along, the situation must not worsen. Quincunx won't be bad for you if adjustments will happen over time.

Quincunx may make things worse if there is no effort to foresee the need of the other planet.

Having a quincunx or inconjunct aspect in your birth chart is a challenge.

I tell you, it is never easy.

You feel you are trying to balance incompatible situations even if it's hard. The quincunx may also affect a part of your personality that you may or may not notice.

Subconsciously, the quincunx lets you feel like there are contradictions in your personality. Depending on the zodiac sign, your situation can be on the opposite side of the spectrum.

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Once you understand quincunx deeply, you can start making peace with the contradictions that occur in you.

Quincunx does not intend to make your life very difficult. In fact, it is there to help you balance and adjust to the incompatible truths.

The quincunx aspect can hold multiple truths that you must learn and understand.

The areas of life with the quincunx might make conflict with each other. However, when modification is in the area, you can manage and take control of the situation.

When a quincunx is radiating, there can be discomfort, like you cannot just settle in one place. You may feel as if your plans are not aligning with you.

The quincunx can make you feel like something is off in the moment.

Well, the planets have nothing in common. You must understand the situation of both planets and adjust your condition.

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Quincunx in Astrology Compatibility

Regarding compatibility, the quincunx aspect finds it hard to become comfortable with each other. Remember, the involved planets are of different modalities and elements.

Since the planets or the zodiacs are of different things, interests are different, too. You will have nothing in common because you do not get along.

The inconjunct's effect on you can make you have both opposite personalities. Having quincunx in your birth chart makes you carry incompatible situations.

If you cannot handle incompatible situations well, quincunx will put you in a challenging situation.

Having multiple quincunxes in your chart will make you feel numerous life contradictions. You can be two-faced in different events that you can encounter.

The quincunx is a challenge for you because it is not easy to become incompatible. You must have a good sense of control to adjust to the quincunx so things will not get worse.

Once you can adjust to the incompatibility, the contradictions will be easy to handle.

Quincunx compatibility is never eligible. The involved signs or planets are in different directions.

Finding common ground can be tricky, but modifying situations will help you. The Quincunx aspect is a strange angle where the zodiac signs have nothing in common: absolute zero.

It feels as if they are aliens to each other.

It takes a lot of energy to sort things out with the quincunx. It is not an easy aspect, so you must take it seriously.

Each sign in the quincunx has different compartments, which denies the compatibility between involved signs.

Quincunx in Astrology Signs

The signs that are quincunx to each other are five zodiac signs apart.

The quincunx is an advanced angle. If you have anything on your birth chart, book a session with your astrologer!

This way, you can understand the quincunx aspect more and have a detailed explanation.

How do you identify this? Well, it is easy.

When you check the zodiac wheel, you can see the zodiac signs in a circle. Each sign has an opposite partner, but that is not quincunx.

For example, we deal with Aquarius. The opposite of Aquarius in the zodiac wheel is Leo.

The quincunx signs of Aquarius are Virgo and Cancer.

Both Virgo and Cancer sit before and after Leo.

Whatever planets in Aquarius you find in your birth chart can be quincunx with Virgo and Cancer.

Here are the signs that are quincunx to each other:

Aries is quincunx with Scorpio and Virgo, while Taurus is quincunx with Sagittarius and Libra.

Gemini is quincunx with Capricorn and Scorpio, while Cancer is quincunx with Aquarius and Sagittarius.

Leo is quincunx with Pisces and Capricorn, while Virgo is quincunx with Aries and Aquarius.

Libra is quincunx with Taurus and Pisces, while Scorpio is quincunx with Gemini and Aries.

Sagittarius is quincunx with Cancer and Taurus, while Capricorn is quincunx with Leo and Gemini.

Aquarius is quincunx with Virgo and Cancer, and Pisces is with Libra and Leo.

Remember that the quincunx aspect does not align in anything and is like two incongruous notions.

The two planets do not have any relationship with each other. However, they have to co-exist and live together.

The quincunx must exist even when nothing is going on between them. This can create inner tension because of the incompatible truths.

The quincunx can challenge you, and it is significant to work to adjust. You must invest enough energy to work even a bit in the inconjunct aspect.

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Quincunx in Astrology Synastry

When the quincunx appears in the synastry, the relationship can be complicated. Since quincunx involves incompatible signs, the synastry can be a real challenge.

Having a quincunx in a relationship means a massive adjustment for each other. It would help if you worked on things because situations may not align.

You need to find common ground in the synastry when the quincunx aspect is around. There can be a lot of trouble in finding common ground, but it all depends on the people involved.

The quincunx aspect in a relationship must be very patient. You can find the most conflicts in the area and understand how to deal with them.

The agreement can be the biggest deal you need to face if you have many quincunxes. It will be the biggest challenge because there are many things you cannot agree on.

However, that does not mean your relationship with your partner will not work. Any relationship can work if both are willing to adjust and compromise for each other.

If you put enough time and effort into the relationship, the quincunxes will not be a hindrance. It all boils down to the couple's willingness for the synastry to work.

If the synastry has quincunx, you must adjust the relationship. Both parties should adjust because one-sided adjustment won't work.

You must reciprocate your partner's energy and be more patient about your situation.

The quincunx aspect won't hurt your relationship if both willingly commit their love to each other.

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