Retrograde Asteroids In A Birth Chart: Infos & Insights -

Retrograde Asteroids In A Birth Chart: Infos & Insights

Asteroids are made up of different types of rocks and metals that can be found in the solar system. They are these bodies made up of mostly nickel and iron that orbit around the sun. Another term for them is “minor planets,” but they are smaller than actual planets and moons.

In traditional Astrology, asteroids were not part of interpreting our natal charts. However, as astronomical discoveries and social movements evolve, the asteroids started to be in the picture. The symbolism of these asteroids represents the “feminine” part of our Psyche.

Some people may consider asteroids as just something to complicate our natal charts. But studying these asteroids will give us depth, details, acknowledgment of the feminine, and extra insight.

The Asteroids in our Natal Chart


In Greek mythology, Ceres is Demeter, the Goddess of Agriculture. She is the mother of Persephone, the wife of Hades and if you don’t know her story, here’s how it goes.

When Demeter’s brother, Hades, saw Persephone for the first time, he instantly wanted her as his wife. Hades decided to kidnap and abduct her and bring her to his home, the Underworld. Demeter came looking for her daughter, but it seemed like nobody knew her daughter’s whereabouts. Not until she asked Hekate and told her that she was with Hades in the Underworld.

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Demeter begged her brother to let Persephone out. Hades consulted Zeus and agreed that Persephone could live on Earth for six months of the year. When Persephone and Demeter were about to live, though, Persephone was deceived into eating the seeds of a pomegranate – a fruit that would mean she should be returning to her captor when she eats it. So, she was obliged to spend four months in the Underworld, and the rest of the months, she was free to be with Demeter, her Earth Mother.

“What does it have to do with me, though?”

Ceres reveals how your own mother treated you and how you will treat your future children. This shows the family values you garner. You gain an insight into how your mother nurtured you and how you will be nurturing up. Ceres is the co-ruler of Taurus, so this all really makes sense!


Chiron is one of the most popular asteroids we have. He is a centaur and is the “Wounded Healer.” He is the son of Kronos, and Kronos is associated with Saturn. Saturn is associated with time.  He is a more civilized centaur, an immortal, a medicine, an astrologer, and a spiritual healer. He was shot by a poisoned arrow and sustained an injury so significant that he could not heal himself. This wound could kill any mortal, but he had to suffer from it all his life because he is not one.

Zeus took pity on him and made him a constellation in the sky. Chiron gave up his physical incarnation. Now, what does it have to do with our natal or birth chart? Part of ourselves is capable of healing others, and Chiron represents how we do it. It also shows us our wounds and how we understand them. It will also reveal the area where that wound is and how to deal with it.

To deal with our own Chiron, we must look at two of the most important events of Chiron’s life:

  • He gave up his physical incarnation.

We have to realize that we are not just victims. We are not our experiences. But rather, we are just the experiencers. Therefore, we should give up our mortality in a symbolic way. Meaning we have to stop living as karmic bodies.

  • He went up to the sky to be a constellation.

We can get from this by looking at our perspectives on the wound and how we are dealing with it.


Vesta is Hestia in Greek mythology and the Goddess of the hearth and the home. She is the daughter of Kronos, which is Jupiter. The keyword when talking about Vesta is DEVOTION. This asteroid shows us what we spend most of our time doing. And, what do you know, Saturn is associated with time, and Saturn is the father of Vesta.

Vesta is a feminine Goddess, and keeping her virginity was her devotion. And discipline is also associated with Saturn. So when you are interpreting the asteroid, Vesta, in your birth chart, you get to see the representation of what you are most devoted to and what you are truly disciplined around.


When we think of Pallas, somehow, we associate her with Athena. This is because Pallas is Athena. But they are actually two completely different people. Pallas was Athena’s adopted sister, and they matched in with and strength. One day, they were in a middle of a duel when someone distracted Pallas. Athena landed her stab in Pallas, and she ended up skewering her sister. Athena lived with the guilt that she killed her own sister. And so, to honor her, she took the name of Pallas.

When we are looking at our asteroid Pallas, we are actually using Athena to interpret it. And so, this is combining Wisdom and Welfare of Athena. And when we combine these two, we get STRATEGY. Therefore, when interpreting our asteroid Pallas, we are looking at what our strategy in life is.

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Hera represents Juno in Greek mythology. This is associated with marriage and commitment. Hera was the wife of Zeus. Now Zeus or Jupiter has been cheating a lot with his wife, Hera or Juno. She had affairs with different types of creatures and has a lot of illegitimate children.

Our interpretation of Hera is very jealous. She is always paranoid about Zeus running off with other women. Moreover, she holds a lot of resentment towards her illegitimate children and, of course, with Hercules, Zeus’ most popular illegitimate child. When we look at Juno, we look at her as the protector of women and all women’s issues, fighting for the institution of marriage. In women, your Asteroid Juno represents who you will become in marriage. In men, your Asteroid Juno will reveal the kind of wife you look for and what you want in a marriage. 

This asteroid also reveals how we will meet our future spouse and our values in marriage. Basically, this shows what you want in a relationship, who you want to be in a relationship, and who you want your partner to be in a relationship.


Eros is popularly known as “Cupid”. He is the son of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Now we know Cupid to be carrying a bow and arrow to make people fall in love. More of Eros’ story on the story of Psyche later.  So, when we are interpreting our Asteroid Eros, we reveal the things we are most passionate about in life. This reveals what turns us on in the bedroom and what area in life we have the most desire and passion for. This shows what ignites our desire as well.


Psyche is Eros’ wife. She starts her story as a mortal. She is a mortal that is so beautiful that people worship her because of her purity and beauty. She is so beautiful and pure that nobody wants to be with her. Everybody thinks that she is too out of their league. She was jealous of her two sisters, who married kings.

This made Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty mad and insecure. This is because people stopped worshipping her and started worshipping Psyche. So, she commanded Eros to find Psyche and make her fall in love with the most disgusting creature there is on Earth.

But when Eros saw Psyche for the first time, he fell in love. He fell so hard that he couldn’t even bring himself to do what his mother wanted him to do. Psyche married Eros without even seeing his face. She was left in a tower with no connection to her family. But one day, he begged Eros to let her see her sisters. Eros ordered the wind to bring her sisters to the tower.

The sisters were jealous of what Psyche has and provoked her to take a peek at her husband’s face. And so, she did. Eros woke up to Psyche on the side of her bed. He got upset and left Psyche on the tower. And so, Psyche approached Aphrodite to ask what she can do to get Eros back in her life.

Aphrodite made Psyche make a lot of stupid and brutal requests until it got to the Gods and Goddesses. Finally, Hermes told Eros about what her mother was doing and went back to see Psyche save her and be with her again. And so, they decided to get married again, and Zeus gave Psyche immortality as his wedding gift.

Again, what does it have to do with Asteroids?

The story of Psyche reveals how pure she is and how pure her intentions were with Eros. Psyche in Greek means “soul.” Looking at our Psyche Asteroid reveals the purest of our souls. It is the most pristine version of ourselves. This reveals part of our souls that longs for our soulmates. This also shows us the area in our life where we will be experiencing and giving pure and selfless love. This shows us the soulful version of love.

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Eris is the Goddess of Chaos and Discord. She was actually the reason why the Trojan War happened. To give you a little story about her, here it goes:

It started when she was not invited to a huge wedding with Gods and Goddesses at the party. She was not invited just for the sole reason that she is the Goddess of Chaos! She was mad, and so she decided to start some beef at the party. She used a golden apple to start a war at the wedding reception. She told everybody that the golden apple would land to the fairest of them all. Zeus was given a chance to choose from Hera, Aphrodite, and Athena. But instead, he chose Paris, the Prince of Troy.

Aphrodite made a bargain with Paris and said that she would give him Helen, the wife of the King of Sparta, in exchange for the golden apple. So, Paris said deal! Aphrodite then helped Paris abduct and steal Helen from the King of Sparta. Thus, beginning the Trojan War. All because of Eris!

Eris is the female counterpart of Mars. She is the feminine response of aggression. She is the feminine power. Her orbit passes through a rotation of Pluto, and so she can be vengeful, manipulative, and a puppet master. Our Asteroid Eris shows us where we exhibit inner strength and inner fierceness. This shows how we stand up for ourselves and where we use our rage. This also reveals where we fight for our survival and for our power.

What is Retrograde?

In a nutshell, retrogrades cause a lot of mix-ups, mishaps, and blasts from the past. This is the universe’s way to slow down and evaluate ourselves and the path we are on now. This happens because we won’t be able to do that when we live our usual life path.

When we look at how a retrograde works, it usually shows how asteroids and planets are going backward and not moving to the usual path they are going. It’s like everything is back spinning! But, of course, this is just an illusion because we know that asteroids and planets cannot move backward.

Asteroid Retrogrades

The above information is very important when knowing that our asteroids are retrograding. Knowing the backstories and what these asteroids mean will help us deal with our asteroid retrogrades. 

We may notice that when this phenomenon happens, many things from the past are being brought back for us to face them again. These are just course corrections and review our current situations and where we are at. Below are some of how we can interpret our Asteroids when in Retrograde.

  1. Chiron Retrograde

When Chiron is retrograde, it may seem that you find it hard to realize that you are not perfect, and this can hurt you. You do not realize that this is part of being human, and this truth should be faced. This phenomenon teaches us to accept our imperfections because we can unintentionally hurt everybody else around us.

  1. Ceres Retrograde

This retrograde can be interpreted by us looking closely at the relationships we have and how we nurture them and ourselves. This focuses on the things that connect us to the physical world. This includes the food we eat and the money we make to nurture and sustain ourselves. This particular retrograde will examine these things. So, it may seem like our finances get snarled up and that our digestion can be affected.

  1. Vesta Retrograde

The areas of desire for dedication and devotions relate to internal consciousness. In this phenomenon, the universe is teaching the value of service but at a steady rate. This will examine how much dedication we are putting into our life. 

When we put in little dedication, we can suffer. When we put in too much dedication, we can suffer as well. So, just like what other retrogrades’ purpose, this allows us to take a break.

  1. Juno Retrograde

When Juno is in retrograde, it will stir up many issues in long-term relationships and marriage. This is a phenomenon like Venus Retrograde, but this is more serious. This can bring up aspects in your relationship that needs renegotiating.

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