Stones & Crystals for The Root Chakra: 6 Excellent Options -

Stones & Crystals for The Root Chakra: 6 Excellent Options

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Healing stones are a convenient method for balancing, activating, and cleansing the root chakra. As one of the first seven energy channels throughout the body, the root chakra has been most compatible with your physical energy and holds you anchored to the world and linked to everyone else. The root chakra, also recognized as the Muladhara chakra, has this reddish glow and regulates your survival instincts.

The base chakra is the center for self-defense, stability, and foundation. The root chakra houses the innate force, which focuses on your instincts and security that aims to encourage autonomy, willpower, and fitness.

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You may feel exhausted or nervous if your root chakra is out of control. Impatience or rage can also prevent you from achieving your objectives. Healing crystals' specific sensations have some of the most effective ways to purify, revive, and align the root chakra.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Stones for The Root Chakra

Once your chakra pathway gets unbalanced, physical and non-physical symptoms arise because your energy is first produced in the root chakra. Any disturbance in energy release through the root chakra will be difficult to maintain equilibrium in the other six chakras.

Here are the symptoms of a clogged root chakra:

  • low blood pressure
  • anemia
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • digestive and bowel problems

New lifestyle and physical activity are two standard root chakra healing advice. You can also use crystals and stones' medicinal qualities to maintain equilibrium. Know that, like with any solution to holistic healing, it may take some time for the issues to go away.

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6 Best Stones for Your Root Chakra

  • Red Jasper

This nourishing crystal restores your chi's energy while also keeping you inspired. So if you are coping with life's problems, this crystal is ideal. It's essential to maintain the base chakra healthy because it's also the basis for your metaphysical energy sources.

Red jasper has a spiritually calming force that will help you stay in touch with your most incredible consciousness. Mindfulness, contemplation as well as other spiritual activities will benefit from this.

  • Mahogany Obsidian

Hematite and Black Obsidian combine to form Mahogany Obsidian. It is a result of beautiful brownish color with dark spots or streaks that are often clear. This stone's vibration is gentler than that of obsidian, offering a calming bond to the surface of the earth's energy. It is a stone of unity, giving a sense of connection to everyone else and strengthening your relationship and trust.

  • Bloodstone

It is an effective cleanser and cure that connects to your root chakra, as the name implies. The creation of the bloodstone has an interesting belief and background. They believed that it came from the death and resurrection when blood dropped to the ground and transformed into stone. The mixture of green and red signifies development, boldness, and power, acting as a shield from adversity and defends you from tough times.

  • Black Tourmaline

For the root chakra, black tourmaline is a powerful crystal. Since it is the greatest at neutralizing and transforming lower energy vibrations, this black crystal encourages a more optimistic disposition, satisfaction, and good fortune. If you feel surrounded by spiritual pressure, it will also serve as personal security.

It protects you from the adverse effects of other people's negative feelings. As a consequence, it's a mineral for warding off disasters, injuries, and sickness. It's also helpful in clearing your reality of negativity and warding off spiritual threats.

  • Garnet

Garnet is a stone for the root chakra beam, offering mental balance and guiding in the fulfillment of your need for having ties. Garnet has a one-of-a-kind capacity to regulate or coordinate the body's natural energies. Garnet activates the base and crown chakras, allowing energy to flow freely. Garnet in Greek myth is a stone that, through divine intervention, can mend mutual tensions among lovers.

  • Poppy Jasper

It is a beautiful stone with poppy-like markings engraved in there that gives it its name. Its energy encourages tranquility and harmony that soothes and the overworked root chakra. You might feel that your self-confidence declined once you entered a confrontation with uncomfortable circumstances or an intense influence by demanding people.

The energizing sensation of poppy jasper will assist you in regaining your power and confidence to reestablish limits. It is an inspiring root chakra stone when you add in its soft, positive energy, which promotes humility and a positive attitude.

How To Use The Stones For The Root Chakra?

The first of the seven chakras are the base or root chakra. It symbolizes your core fundamental wants and desires. The base chakra represents the need for emotional and physical protection and energy. It's the base, and it's from there, where you can approach your emotional feelings and gain more insight.

  • Putting specific healing stones on your lower spine will start to repair the root chakra.
  • Keep one in your pocket when cleaning the house, walking, or doing something else that exposes you to the natural environment.
  • Nature is a favorite of the root chakra. Wanting it to remain ‘grounded,' and connecting with the Earth is a good starting point.


You'll become irrational and vulnerable if your root chakra is out of balance or unstable. Anxiety, rage, and tiredness are all potential emotions as the root chakra is unstable. You might fix these problems through both crystals and healing stones for your Muladhara. Cleansing, balancing, and stimulating it might result in increased trust, bravery, and equilibrium.

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