Ruby Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses -

Ruby Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

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Ruby is a red Corundum, an aluminum oxide mineral with chromium as the colorant. Ruby is a stone of nobility, widely regarded as the most beautiful of all red jewels. It has the necessary vibrations that help in honing virtues that outstripped all other precious stones. Ruby's worth even outdid that of the Diamond.

History Of Ruby

The name of Ruby derives from the Latin word Rubeus, which means “red,” which was helpful until 1800. People believe that Ruby makes a king invincible. Ruby also heal war wounds in some cultures, which is why it's so common on crowns and other royal jewelry. It also aids its wearer in overcoming adversity like it can stop bleeding, resist poison, and allow you to live harmoniously between enemies.

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According to legend, the Chinese Emperor Kublai Khan offered an entire city in return for a large Ruby. Almost every ancient culture established lore around ruby stones, from China to Egypt to Greece and India. They believe that Rubies can help boil water when thrown into it and melt wax when they touched it in Ancient Greece and India.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Ruby

  • Physical Healing

Ruby is ideal for any blood or circulatory system disorders in terms of physical healing. It cleanses the blood while also stimulating the lymphatic system. The adrenals, liver, reproductive organs, and spleen will all benefit from it. 

Ruby relieves menstrual pain and discomfort, and the effects of menopause and infertility may also benefit from the Ruby. It is beneficial during pregnancy and supports the best possible development of children when they are still in the embryonic period.

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  • Emotional Healing

Despite past hurts, Ruby exchanges caring energy, taking up anger or negative energy for change. It gives them the courage to rise from martyrdom and choose whether or not to live in anguish, misery, or suffering. Ruby is also encouraging a more optimistic and brave behavior. It brings out the defensive side of your personality, enabling you to step forward and defend those at risk, whether colleagues or strangers.

  • Mental Healing

Rubies may also aid in the restoration of trust. If you have trouble trusting others because you have experienced someone misleading or manipulating you in the past, invoke Ruby's soothing vibrations to help you reclaim your sense of self-worth and see that it is safe to trust others. It is allowing you to focus your energy on your goals mentally. It assists you in directing your energy toward your objectives by gaining enough knowledge. Ruby's strength is intense, and they're so good at reawakening your enthusiasm and zeal for life that it can create a minor imbalance on your more sensitive part.

  • Manifesting Prosperity

Rubies are a powerful stone that helps with good fortune and luck. Although they will undoubtedly increase your ability to take chances, and you may become concerned that you may become reckless, they will pave the way for you to blaze your trail safely. Boredom, inactivity, lethargy, and fatigue are all things that rubies can help with. 

Ruby can be the stone to bring you out of the failure and send you springing into action if you have trouble dragging yourself about your daily business. Ruby crystals have an energizing quality to them. When you are holding one will leave you feeling motivated and prepared to face the world. Rubies have a strong inner force that can inspire you to try new things and take chances.

Some of the hazards you may have been thinking about will vanish entirely with the aid of Ruby stones. At the same time, others will significantly diminish if you dare to face them head-on. When you apply this to growing your financial resources, you'll find that taking chances pays off. Rubies help you on having faith in your abilities that will lead to even more financial success. 

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  • Relationship Healing

Ruby will help you develop your interpersonal relationships. Wear your Ruby over your Heart chakra if you want to use it in this way. Rubies are a common option for engagement rings and wedding gifts because red is the color of passion. Rubies are also associated with sensitivity and romance.

Ruby infuses love relationships with vigor and zeal. It can heighten feelings of attraction and pleasure and aid in forming strong emotional bonds between lovers. Rubies may also aid in the restoration of faith. The Ruby has a soothing vibration to help you recover your sense of self-worth. It allows you to see that it's safe to share your feelings and love with others.

The Metaphysical Benefits Of Ruby

Ruby encourages optimistic dreams and higher awareness. It activates the pineal gland, which is responsible for the development of melatonin during the night. Ruby will help you if you want to experience a calm connection to the spirit during astral awakenings. It is a stone of abundance, and it helps keep your spiritual self and live in harmony.

Similar to Ruby Fuchsite, Ruby encourages strong and dynamic energy. It's also helpful in getting some bad feelings out into the open, where you can deal with it constructively. If you face a disagreement or dispute, Ruby is an excellent stone to have on hand because it will strengthen you and shield you from negative feelings or thought forms that might weaken your spirit. Ruby holds the enlightened Base Chakra's frequency, which stimulates the flow of life-force energy or chi through the body. It effectively triggers the kundalini and strengthens your ability to fulfill your needs and manifest your desires.

When your spiritual energies are out, you can feel unmotivated, detached from reality, and distant from others. The Ruby will help your spiritual body regains strength and endurance when you balance the Base Chakra. Your spiritual energy will rekindle in the form of comfort and a sense of your power.


Ruby's healing properties are often far too strong and beautiful for you to forget. The deep red of these precious stones contributes to social change guided by passion. Ruby stones have amazing energy that helps to alleviate feelings of hopelessness. This priceless gem will assist you in rising from any state of weakness or oppression.

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