Runner Chaser Twin Flame: What's Going on? -

Runner Chaser Twin Flame: What’s Going on?

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Twin flame relationships are occurring rampantly as the planet awakens. The shift from old paradigms of relationships allows them to have a more honest kind of love.

Twin flames travel through many lifetimes to meet and reconnect with their twin soul. The connection will go through many stages in their relationship before the union.

It is a powerful and interesting bond that they share. They also experience the phase of the runner and chaser dynamic.

The other twin gears towards union while the other pursues separation.

What is going on in the twin flame runner/chaser dynamics?

As twin flames undergo different stages in their relationship, you have transformations. You are put into tests from the initial meeting, relationship, fallout, and separations.

The intensity of the relationship can be a bit overwhelming that can be frightening. You mirror your twin flame, so you see yourself for who you really are.

It is the time when one of you runs away from the union. It can be devastating when this happens, and you might have many questions.

Bewilderment is expected when this stage happens. Why would someone leave you when the best things are yet to come?

You might think that love isn't enough to make the relationship work. You begin to think that they don't care about you and don't love you.

You can even think that they hate you because they act in such a way. You ask yourself if you did something wrong that could turn them off.

Your doubts can be more powerful, and you think you are not good enough. All the things you are considering are not true if they are your twin flame.

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The real reason is because of a four-letter word, fear. They are not running away from you because they are running away from themselves.

You reflect each other so much as mirror souls that it terrifies them. They dislike some parts of themselves, and they feel insecure in front of you.

They project themselves negatively because they don't see themselves fitting you. They feel unworthy, so they believe they don't deserve such love.

Many twin flames enter this stage because they are afraid of love. They run because it reflects a lack of self-esteem and self-love.

As a human, one of the worst fears is not being accepted. People want a sense of belongingness because it gives them a sense of purpose.

Frequently, runner and chaser dynamics happen because they avoid judgment. The belief is that if you know them well enough, you won't accept their flaws.

Runners often have walls that chasers intend to break because they don’t let them in. They think that if they get their other half too close, they’ll judge them.

They feel safer the rejection is because of being cold and distant. They prefer being judged by their choice of actions rather than their core.

In other words, if ever you walk away, they know that it's because of their behavior. They act differently because they are afraid you leave them because of who they really are.

The love that twin flames share is so profound that they have never felt it before. They don't want to get their feet wet, only to be taken away sooner.

They doubt if it's genuine because it feels too good to be true. They are afraid that it's making them delusional in believing in something that can't be real.

They don't want to be proved wrong, or it might be gone the next day. They think the only solution is to shut the intense emotions, hence, shut you off.

Often than not, it does not only happen once or twin in a twin flame relationship. After they feel lost, they will refocus on themselves again.

They come back, but they run and go back when they feel a strong force again. It's like a push and pulls of twin flames as they journey together towards their union.

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It allows them to know more of themselves and discover their deepest core. With that, they will be able to establish a profound understanding of each other.

It is part of the extraordinary process they must experience to grow. It can also trigger other stages in the twin flame relationship, like, the dark night of the soul.

I was in a really dark place before meeting my twin flame. I was working two jobs, struggling to pay rent and extremely lonely.

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The dark night of the soul can be a painful phase to go through. But you’ll learn more about it in a separate article.

For now, let's differentiate between the runner and chaser.


The runner basically is the one who rejects the friendship offered by the chaser. They hide away from the relationship when they feel the intense connection causing them to run.

They are not spiritually aware of what’s going on in their twin flame relationship. They have little understanding of what it feels like to be unable to control everything.

They are vulnerable not because of the interaction of their twin but their reflection of themselves. They are crying for help, but at the same time, they are unwilling to progress alone.

They often want to escape and avoid their partners, thinking the intense connection will subside. They can be anxious, so they resist moving forward towards ascension.

The runner can find many ways to distract themselves and even turn to many people. They can be involved in alcohol, endless parties, and many more.

They need time to develop themselves and do some inner work. It is essential to work on their personal problems to prevent them from getting in the way of the relationship.

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Sometimes, the runner must run for them to discover themselves more. It is necessary for them to grow separately from their twin flame until they are ready.

They should be ready and willing to reconnect with their twin flame. Forcing oneself can create ripples of struggles because you are not true to yourself.

Some of them can be overcome easier and faster, while others don't. They panic and struggle with acceptance, so they are just running in a loop.

Take time to learn things, and eventually, everything will be in its right place.


The chaser is the one who understands what they have between the runner. They are powerful vessels that can feel the intensity of the relationship.

Although they don’t know what to expect, they want to unite with the runner. They want to have some type of commitment and for the runner to share the connection.

They are likely willing to do anything for it to take place. Externally, they will look foolish and stubborn because they are eager to chase the runner.

They can be a bit too much in trying to reach out to the runner. For example, sending numerous texts, making phone calls, and searching for them.

But all they want is a response from their twin flame.

The more the chaser chases after them, the more the runner runs away from them. It is creating emotional chaos that can be heartbreaking to watch.

However, chasers must understand that runners are running away from themselves. Since the chasers reflect the runners, they bring up what requires appropriate dealings.

Unfortunately, the runners cannot deal with them or cannot handle them. As a result, they start running, which can go for weeks or even years.

When the runners run, it leaves the chaser with pain and confusion. The emotional pain they feel will make them wonder.

They try to find answers wanting to understand what just happened in the relationship. They start to question themselves why things must end so abruptly.

Clearly, they are looking for closure because they didn’t have one.

Chasers can get frustrated or angry in dealing with this crisis. But these can be used to teach chasers lessons about their personal healing and inner work also.

As time passes, the chaser reaches a complete understanding of the situation. It can lead to the chaser's spiritual awakening, and they understand how this one works.

The passionate divine orchestrated everything, and no matter what, they belonged to each other. But they must possess patience and understanding until the runner becomes aware.

Although it is a difficult time for the chaser, they must realize something and learn. They must release their demands and let go of whatever happens in the relationship.

It is part of their learning for them to go on with the spiritual journey; eventually, they take care of their own needs and free themselves.

It allows them to grow spiritually and appreciate what they have become by looking at themselves. Instead of seeing themselves as unworthy or not enough, they change better perspectives.

When does the running and chasing stop?

It's a matter of time, but they will both know when to stop.

The runners will keep running until the need to run is gone. After running away from their feelings, not you, they will come to a halt.

Runners may realize that what they are running from is better than what they've found. But twin flame runners stop running more often than not when the chasers stop chasing.

It usually happens when the chaser reaches the decision that they had enough. Moreover, they realize that it’s pointless to keep wishing and running after someone to return.

When the chaser stops chasing, they start to live on their own terms again. The obsession ceases as the chaser changes focus on goals and self-discovery.

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They will have no contact with the runner and start to heal themselves. They strive to revive themselves and no longer put their lives on hold.

Meanwhile, the runner will return when they don’t have anything to run from anymore. They start to initiate contact with their twin and come around.

Twin flames share the same life and soul energy, so the connection remains. They will subconsciously know if the other one is evolving.

The union may begin depending on the runner or chaser's state of mind or spiritual disposition.

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