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Healing Crystals and Stones For The Sacral Chakra: 5 Best Stones!

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The Sacral Chakra is the location of your artistic and sentimental sources of energy. It is orange in color and located under the belly button within your abdominal area, allowing a balanced exchange of power across the body.

The beauty and intent of the Svadhisthana include spontaneity, love, enjoyment, and individuality. It has a delicate nature to the moon, water, and your adrenal glands.

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You can become devoid of emotion or overreact when your sacral chakra is out of balance or inconsistent. Dealing with traumatic events seems daunting and frustrating, as well as a loss of integrity can disrupt your artistic activities. Your relationships can even become toxic because of this.

5 Best Sacral Chakra Stones and Crystals

  • Orange Calcite 

Orange calcite encourages your imagination and drives you to achieve your greatest capabilities because of its warm and caring attributes. Living could become toxic with the constant frustration and uncertainty if you lose motivation or feel troubled by everyone around you.

It's not a stone for inspiration and enhancement as it views the world for what it is capable of offering for you. It uplifts and helps your spirituality by energizing and refreshing your Sacral Chakra. It moves positive energies, disperses unhealthy habits, and opens the door to profound insight.

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  • Sunstone 

Sunstone is a luminous, energizing, and cheerful crystal with a glow for sheer delight. You can restore self-belief, compassion, and instincts by enhancing overall happiness, which would be an aspect of Svadhisthana's intent. Sunstone is among the strongest sacral chakra crystals when you lack trust or struggle to keep your inner feelings with others.

It's a component for you that yearns for the fulfillment of life's greatest pleasures. Sunstone absorbs the light from the sun's vital energy, providing you with fuel and encouraging development. Much like the Larvikite stone, Sunstone also enhances your appreciation of nature, which focuses on the base chakra.

  • Orange Carnelian

You can use orange carnelian for either opening or soothing because of its unique healing properties, similar to Tourmaline Quartz. The orange carnelian chakra stones draw energy for you to use for soaking up an excessive amount of energy found in your second chakra. It also restores balance in your body.

  • Amber

It has a bright, pleasant aura that is in tune with the Svadhisthana, and it is not only limited when it comes to fostering optimism and encouraging judgment and ingenuity. It can be a huge benefit if you're searching for spontaneity in your romantic life. 

But you might need to cleanse it depending on how emotionally distressed you are as this stone is extremely defensive, absorbing and enchanting negativity while also emitting bad feelings as it goes on.

  • Tangerine Quartz

It increases your self-awareness, consciousness, and imagination. Tangerine quartz offers you the strength to come further by eliminating barriers and self-limiting convictions, and that in the end, it activates passion. 

This crystal has a beautiful divine nature that promotes a sense of wonder and a lighthearted attitude towards life. It can manage the polarity of reciprocating, which is crucial in mutual trust. Another advantage of this quartz is that it will instill genuine enthusiasm in your life.

How To Manifest The Energies From The Chakra Stones

  • You can use chakra stones for several reasons if you start wearing them as accessories, which are the simplest and most popular methods. 
  • During the day, you can use the crystal pendant to have a subtle effect on your energy. 
  • It's also practical to have a delicate crystal in your pocket.
  • You can use chakra stones for your holistic healing and mindfulness. As you practice meditation, place a healing stone somewhere below your belly button to provide more strength and concentration to your meditation. 
  • Unless you prefer seating yoga, you can achieve the same thing by gripping a stone for each palm or clenching one of these in your hands as it rests in your lap.


A clogged or unbalanced sacral chakra may result in a variety of issues. You will feel restless. A lack of concentration, faith, and enthusiasm are among them. The minerals' vibrations focus with your sacral chakra, with the help of affirmations allowing you to unlock, stabilize, and rejuvenate your Svadhisthana. It will boost your imagination, enthusiasm, and cheerfulness, as well as give you the confidence to build your direction.

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