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10 Things to Know About the Sagittarius Man in Bed

When it comes to erotic and kinky sex, nothing can beat a Sagittarius man. The sheer impulsivity and dominance of a Sagittarius man in bed are incomparable. They like anything that excites them most, especially when it comes to sex.

Sagittarius men love adventure, and they’re pioneering. They aren’t afraid of trying new things to meet their curiosities. If you ever met a Sagittarius man, you’ll understand how they want things to go along their way.

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This article will summarize all the key things to remember before engaging with a Sagittarius man.

They like it rough.

The first thing that you should remember about a Sagittarius man in bed is that they always like it rough and sexy.

Sagittarius men tend to be enthusiastic about sex, and the more it excites them, the more they enjoy it. BDSM, sex toys, unknown sex positions, name it, and he will take it.

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You should make sure that if you plan to keep him for a long-term commitment, you should never fail to entice the taste of a male Sagittarius in bed.

They like to spice it up.

Vanilla sex will turn-off a male Sagittarius. It’s not in their vocabulary, and you should never impose it on him.

As mentioned, they like to spice things up, and they look for interesting new things to try. If you’re kinky with a lot of ideas on how to turn the table of sex upside down, then you’re a good match for a male Sagittarius.

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He’ll also enjoy the idea of surprising him every time you have sex. The fewer expectations he has, the better. Try to surprise him with some kinky ideas, and you’ll be in for a great ride! 

Outdoor is better.

Have you ever tried having outdoor sex? If yes, then good because you won’t be having a hard time pleasing a Sagittarius man. You can always take him out from a dinner party, or you can also try car sex. Better if you’re into the garden or deep forest sex.

If you haven’t tried outdoor sex yet, then it still is an opportunity to try with your Sagittarius man. They love having a partner who’s always willing to go outside the box and not afraid to try new things.

It’s a big turn-on for him if you’re willing to go the extra mile and please him outside the comfort of the house.

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Dominance is the key.

We’ve mentioned this before, and we’ll repeat it. Sagittarius men like to be dominant, and they want to be in authority when having sex. They like some role-playing where they’ll act as the more superior person in charge of everything.

What he needs is a full submission from his partner. This doesn’t mean that Sagittarius men are egoistic and full of pride. Rather, they like the superiority complex they get from being in authority.

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This also doesn’t mean that they don’t like to be submissive either. They can be submissive to their partner, but it needs a lot of emotional connection before it happens.

Passion Before Emotion.

Speaking of emotional connections, Sagittarius males get turned-off when someone talks about emotions.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, which means they value passion over emotion. Reserve these emotions to the water signs; Sagittarius won’t even open the topic about it.

Sagittarius people, in general, are free people and the idea of commitment suffocates them. If you have a Sagittarius man with you right now and plans on having a long-term relationship with him, allow him to drive the relationship.

They have a great aim.

There’s a reason why the archer symbolizes Sagittarius. They’re great at aiming, be it with their dreams and ambitions, or with their great aim at finding other people’s source of weakness and pleasure.

Yes, that’s right. They have this innate sense of pleasure compass. They know exactly how to please you if you let them.

They’re also great at finding pleasure points on your body. So, if you’re planning to have sex with a Sagittarius man, prepare to expose everything.

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Don’t force yourself.

Sagittarius males fall in love with the idea of love. They often dream about being in love with someone, but the concept of commitment repulses them. They tend to get into relationships only to find out that it bores the hell out of them.

This makes Sagittarius males a complex personality. With that said, never force yourself into the lives of a male Sagittarius. If they want you in, they’ll let you in, no questions asked. Yet, if they find that you’re trying to impose too much, then a Sag can handle it; he’s ready to drop you off any second.

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This is why Virgos and Pisces is a bad match with Sagittarius. Virgos rely too much on logic and security. Whereas Pisces people dwell too much on emotions, things that are suffocating to the Sagittarius.

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The weirder the position, the better.

There are many ways that you can arouse a Sag man in bed. One of those is to suggest the most exciting sex positions written in the sex books. It also goes to say that you should be well-familiar with the sex position you’re offering. Not knowing these positions firsthand might turn-off your guy.

The classic doggy-style, the corkscrew method, wheelbarrowing, cowgirl’s position – there are many choices to choose from. You can also suggest doing it in the kitchen sink or getting pinned against a wall, anything to please the natural curiosity of a male Sagittarius.

Know his turn-ons and -offs.

By this time, you know what turns a Sag guy on. You already know that it’s best to seduce and entice him with things he never could’ve imagined before. You also learned that being with a Sag means being submissive to his kinks and styles.

Now is the time to know what turns a Sag guy off. First, they’re off with people who deal with emotional baggage too much. They don’t like bringing emotions to bed, much more talking about it.

When you’re with a Sag guy, always remember that they put passion first before anything else. They went to bed with you because they want you and nothing else. If you’re going to discuss your ex or how you’ve dealt with it, pack your bags because Sag people got no time to deal with that.

Don’t be selfish.

Last but not least, you must keep yourself open when you’re with a Sag guy in bed. They need your openness to try new things and explore the world together. If you’re a person who wants to build a wall to protect yourself, then you’re not doing yourself and your Sag guy a favor. You’re making it worse.

Sag guys are open about their intentions and emotions, and they’ll lay it in front of you. It’s your choice to accept it and do the same thing to him or do nothing about it.


Sagittarius guys are very authoritative, enthusiastic, and they’re always looking for adventure. Their sex life is as spicy as their outlook in life, and they’re looking for someone who can keep up with their pace. They need someone who will ignite their fires even brighter than before.

The things highlighted here are guides about how many Sag guys behave. There are still others who exhibit entirely different behavior. Even so, Sag guys are one of the best when it comes to sex, and it’s up to you if you’ll ride along or run away from them.

Being ruled by Jupiter, the Sagittarius man will bless you with a relationship filled with an abundance of pleasure and excitement.

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