Sagittarius Sun Libra Moon: Integrating Your Psychic Energy -

Sagittarius Sun Libra Moon: Integrating Your Psychic Energy

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The Sagittarius sun Libra moon person is deeply in touch with the needs of others and their surroundings. They are susceptible to the feelings of others and tend to pick up on their emotions. They see the world from many different angles. 

They might find it challenging to make up their mind about what is right and wrong for them. But, they can guide others through their problems and find it easy to help them work things out. 

The Sagittarius sun Libra moon person has a highly developed personality. They will often be admired by those around them for their ability to deal with any situation.

The Sagittarius sun Libra moon person will not have a problem in dealing with money. They will find it easy to earn money, but they can also spend it quite easily. They will be seen as generous by others, but they need to ensure that they don't break up because of this trait. 

The Sagittarius sun Libra moon person is likely to hold many different jobs in their life, as they love variety. But once that happens, they need to make sure that they do not spread themselves too thin as this could be problematic for them.

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They are usually very curious and love to travel. They also have a very active social life with many parties, dinners, and theater visits.

Extremely fond of sports, they may choose to play as a profession or take up yoga or aerobics to stay in shape. Since they have a curious mind, they love reading newspapers or magazines on any subject which piques their interest at that time. Sagittarius sun Libra moon people entertain conversationalists who can keep anyone spellbound for hours with their exciting stories.

If you have this sign combination, you can be somewhat unpredictable. Others sense this about you right away and typically describe you as “quixotic.” You do tend to bounce from one idea to another without staying focused on any one thing for very long. 

Fortunately, this tendency helps you avoid boredom. It gives you the ability to cope well with life's little ups and downs. Nothing seems much of a threat because you're so fundamentally happy with life.

Open yourself up to others, and you'll enjoy the rewarding relationship that follows

The Sagittarius sun Libra moon person loves to get out and meet people. They are friendly, outgoing, and fun to be with.

They prefer the company of others to be alone. If they are in a relationship, they are romantic, caring, and generous with their partners. 

Sagittarius sun Libra moon people tend to give up their own needs for their lovers or friends. Their natural optimism and enthusiasm will help them through any relationship difficulties.

Their partners need to understand that this person is an open book. These individuals thrive on being around others and talking about anything and everything.

This pairing of the fixed Sagittarius sun and mutable Libra moon results in an easy-going, sociable, friendly individual. This is great news for couples who get along well. Since a relationship between these two is likely to be reasonably harmonious.

A Sagittarius/Libra individual is optimistic, kind, and open-minded. They will put their partner first and enjoy socializing with one another. However, there can be times when they have conflicting opinions or ways of doing things.

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If they are both willing to compromise, they may find that their differences complement each other. This enables them to get the best out of their relationship.

The Sagittarius sun gives a love of travel and adventure. While Libra's mutable energy enables them to go wherever their heart desires.

This can make this pairing prone to wanderlust. So, they need to ground themselves with a home base to retreat from the stresses of life and reconnect with each other. 

This combination could lead to many entertaining conversations. Since both signs are sociable and like to talk about anything that crosses their mind. This could be a good match for an argumentative couple as neither will hold back when expressing their opinion.

You're a very giving person and always open to helping those in need

You love to be around people and share your time with them. Incredibly warm and loving, you're the type who'll go out of their way to help a friend in need.

You have a big heart and are always there when someone asks for help. You're never above lending a hand with chores or errands, even if it means staying up late at night to do so. And you're always willing to share anything you have with others.

Whether it's your favorite book, CD, or even your food. You love all things fun and entertaining, from parties to music to movies.

You can be a bit of a daydreamer, but this trait allows you to see both sides of any situation. Because you see everything so clearly, people often come to you for advice on various matters. This is one of your strong points, but sometimes you give too much advice!

You've got the gift of gab and are great at making friends and acquaintances wherever you go. This skill makes dating easy for you. People are attracted to your friendly personality and sense of humor.

You give because you want everyone to be happy and feel good about themselves. However, You're so focused on other people that sometimes you forget about yourself and what you want or need in life.

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What beautiful things come from this combination?

It's hard to imagine a better pairing than Libra and Sagittarius. Libra is the sign of peace, justice, and equality. While Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the most giant planet in our solar system.

Libra can refine the big picture ideas that Sagittarius thinks up. On the other hand, Sagittarius can open Libra's mind to new possibilities.

Telling a Libra and a Sagittarius apart is pretty straightforward. Libras are about justice, so they are calm, rational thinkers who want fairness for everyone.

They're also known for their artistic sensibilities and love of beauty in all forms. Sagittarius people are outgoing adventurers who want to experience everything life has to offer.

The biggest problem for this pairing is that both signs like to be in charge. Both need to remember that compromise is a necessary ingredient for any relationship to be successful. A little give-and-take can go a long way toward making these two happy and thriving together.

It's the blend of fire and air that makes Sagittarius and Libra such an excellent combination. The Sagittarian can keep the high-minded ideals of the Libran grounded in reality, while the Libran keeps the romantic fire burning brightly. Truly great artists, singers, writers, and thinkers are born when these two signs come together to create something truly magnificent.

Sagittarians are usually very happy to be involved with an artistic project, although they may have ideas about doing things. They're likely to have a few unsuccessful creative attempts under their belt when they meet someone with similar interests but more talent. When they meet this person, it's often a case of instant lust followed by an explosion of creativity as they collaborate on projects together.

The Sagittarian will look after distribution and marketing while the Libran takes to finance and accounting for their wealth. They'll make a great team and enjoy considerable success if they work well together.

Jupiter — the planet of luck, rules the Sagittarius sun sign. Venus — the planet of beauty, rules the Libran moon sign.

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Follow through with what you say you'll do

This aspect is one of the most important in astrology because it is one that you can use to your advantage. If any single quality distinguishes people with this aspect from the others, they tend to follow through with whatever they say they'll do.

Sagittarius and Libra are the signs of promise and partnership — with Sagittarius ruling the security and Libra ruling the alliance. A Sagittarius sun, Libra moon is a friend who is always looking to make a connection, build a relationship, and be there for people when they need it.

Taken at face value, this might seem like an excellent thing. It's easy to assume that someone with this outlook is dependable and easy to get along with. However, this isn't always the case. Combining these two signs can lead to inconsistency, which can be frustrating for both parties in a relationship.

Sagittarius sun, Libra moon people aren't bad friends so much as they're flighty ones. They often have every intention of getting back to someone or doing something they're promising but have a hard time following through on things they don't feel strongly about. This is because their natural tendency is to seek new experiences rather than stay in one place.

This isn't to say that you can't count on a Sagittarius sun, Libra moon at all — just that you shouldn't expect them to follow through on everything they commit to or be as reliable or consistent as other signs.

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