Saturn Conjunct Neptune Transit: The Harsh Reality in this Transit -

Saturn Conjunct Neptune Transit: The Harsh Reality in this Transit

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Saturn traits

Saturn is one of the most celebrated Roman gods. Being the bringer of plenty and wealth, Saturn is famous for creating the Golden Age. The god of agriculture earned the title of god of time because of his accomplishments. Because of this, Saturn wields the authority for being the king. Unfortunately, the era ended when Saturn's son, Jupiter, seized the throne.

There are similarities between the Roman god and the planet's role in astrology. Saturn represents persons holding authority. Like the Roman god, the planet symbolizes kings and leaders. But authority resides in parents, typically fathers, as well. Teachers and law enforcers have authority too.

When we think of the planet Saturn, what comes into our mind? Unsurprisingly, what we will think of are the rings. Its magnificent rings have been around younger than the planet itself. But have you ever considered Saturn's rings as a boundary for the planet?

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In astrology, Saturn represents limitations and restrictions. We can view the rings as the boundary that we, or the society, impose upon ourselves. Saturn's rings comprise of ice and rock debris. What constitutes our limitations are the norms, laws, and duties. Hence, we can say that Saturn represents laws and duties as well.

But this representation is not to say that Saturn is all about the wrong things. If anything, this planet reminds us to take moderation in the things that we do. The ringed planet reminds us that we cannot do everything we want in life because responsibilities hinder us.

Bear in mind that limitations also make us grounded. With responsibilities, we cannot disappear and leave everything behind. And responsibilities also remind us that we are all growing up. We cannot afford to play around anymore.

Neptune traits

Like Saturn, Neptune is one of the essential gods in Roman mythology. He is the god of the sea and freshwater. He is the protector of horses too. However, we know little of this god. But we know that he is also one of those who rebelled against his father, Saturn. And Neptune picked the sea to rule over, while his male siblings take on the heaven and the underworld.

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Unlike Saturn that rules over limitations, Neptune encourages us to escape. This ice giant is all about fantasies and dreams. It extends its hands to help us escape the harsh reality. How do we like to escape our daily routines? Do we tend to read books to escape the book's settings? Or do we watch series to help us escape too?

With too much reliance on Neptune, things may be tricky. Fantasies will become delusions. A person may want to live in their version of reality than reality itself. With Neptune, there is a possibility that the person will project their fantasies into existence. They will get disappointed when dreams do not come true.

Neptune represents those who are not in the material realm. Hence, Neptune symbolizes our spirituality as well. Do we take notice of our spirituality and nurture it? Neptune wants us to grow our spirituality. This statement is not to say that Neptune favors a spiritual practice. It does not discriminate on any religion or practice. What matters is that we are in touch with our spirituality.

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Saturn Conjunct Neptune transit

Take note that Saturn is the planet of limitation, just like having Saturn in Libra. Hence, when it aligns with a planet, expect that it limits the planet's influence. How will Saturn limit the planet of fantasies? This transit ensures that the things that you did will come back to you. If you have been a responsible person before the transit, this transit is the time where you will harvest your hard work. This transit will reward and recognize you for your efforts.

Your dreams will manifest during this transit. The investments you made have grown and are now ripe for harvest. You will find satisfaction with the things that are going on in your life. Also, you may feel that this transit induces you to tap into your spirituality. Best to take advantage of this transit by learning more about spiritualism. Try to read more about astrology or karmic relationships. These fields may induce you to nurture your spirituality.

But take note that those irresponsible and lazy people will get the taste of their medicine with this transit. The things that you do before will come and haunt you. This time will make you feel insecure about your possessions and relationships. This period may bring about disappointments and letdowns.

Because Saturn limits Neptune's influence, you may be prone to nightmares. It may feel like all the good things in the world disappeared, leaving you feeling tense and uneasy. It is best to take care of your overall health, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.

Unlike the Saturn transit on the natal Venus, this transit is a draining time, especially on your stable possessions and relationships. There is a possibility that this event will shake the relationship and possessions, even more, leaving you confused and disoriented. What you thought was steady and stable will go down successively, like a domino.

This period is also the time where you can make sacrifices. Because you've been irresponsible, the transit then will teach you about sacrifices. And these sacrifices may be something that you do not want to do. But remember that you do need to sacrifice because you've been slacking off for a while.

This transit will bring about a lot of negativity. It will start with your pessimistic thoughts and will surely get to your heart as well. Do not let this negativity into your mind and soul. Perseverance is your tool to get through this transit. All these things are temporary, and this transit teaches us a lesson on how to become responsible.

When we take the transit's lessons to heart, this event will indeed become manageable. You can also take advantage of this transit by helping out other people with their struggles. Apply what you have learned in this transit and help those with a hard time moving forward. This time is an excellent time to think about your health.

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