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­­­­­­Saturn In Cancer: Sense of Responsibility to Care and Develop

In Astrology, Saturn highlights the restrictions and limitations in our life. It is the ruling planet associated with our fears and boundaries, our sense of responsibility and discipline, and our conformity to social structures. It also shows the structure and order in our lives.

Saturn may represent our stern teacher. He may have a bad name in our natal chart, but he is actually teaching us hard lessons about self-discipline and a sense of duty. Saturn despises disorder and lack of structure in life. With Saturn in our birth chart, we must learn the importance of responsibility, rules, and discipline.

These limits that we might come across on our life journey are meant to make us stronger. Saturn shows you the reoccurring issues that you might face in your life. He is your mentor who will help you to become the best and most mature version of yourself.

Your Saturn placement will also help you use your productive powers to overcome the obstacles in your life. Life difficulties are maybe depressing and hard at first, but your Saturn assures you that everything you go through in life will be worth it.

Saturn is also a representation of having a fatherly figure. In a family, the father is typically perceived as an authoritarian and would usually impose very strict rules. If we don’t follow the rules, the punishment could sometimes be severe. Some children find this unpleasant, or it gives a negative impression to them. However, this kind of discipline actually helps us understand the world better, and this lesson helps us become better as a person.

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Aside from teaching discipline, Saturn is depicted as an old person with a strong sense of justice. It is known to be conservative and a passion for ambition and career. As an enforcer, Saturn would reward people who work diligently and perform their duties well. On the other hand, it can be a cruel taskmaster for those who stray from their goals.

So, what do you fear? What restricts and limits you in life? If you have Saturn placement in the zodiac sign of Cancer, the insights from this article may help you understand your fears and limitations. Dive in and discover how to push through life obstacles through learning the lessons of Saturnian Cancer.

Discovering your Saturn in Cancer Sign

The Saturn in Cancer signifies that you nurture and take care of other people's feelings more than you take care of yours. You are an expert at nurturing love, emotions and a master for containing difficult feelings for those around you.

For you, it matters so much when you take care of other people, even just cooking for them, opening your arms, and giving kindness to others.

You are also taught not to show your weaknesses to others.

In this case, you tend to protect your own emotions. It is hard for you to express yourself and open up to other people. You are someone who is a reserved but sensitive and vulnerable person. Having your Saturn placement in Cancer means that you are someone who cares so much about the well-being of your family and friends.

Saturn in Cancer Personality Traits

As Saturn in the Cancer sign, you value your close relationship so much. If those you care about the most have problems, you will be the first to help them regardless of the risks you might take. 

You may suffer from not feeling enough love and care from those close to

you in your childhood. This made you care less about other people. As you grow up, you are trying to overcompensate for that.

Emotional and Reserved

If your Saturn sits on the zodiac sign of Cancer, then you are most likely to be emotional, sensitive, and feel vulnerable most of the time. They tend to keep their emotions and feelings to themselves. They internalize their feelings and deal with them without anyone knowing or noticing what they really feel.

Even though you are someone who has excellent communication skills and someone who doesn't care about risks, you still need to work on yourself when your emotional matters are involved.

Even if you don’t like it, you constantly need and want reassurance.

You might have hard childhood years, maybe strict parents or the home you belong to felt empty. You might have a huge responsibility at a young age and didn't have an enjoyable life like the other kids. This results in you suppressing your emotions and not letting anyone hear your feelings.

Obsessive and Compulsive

The Saturn in Cancer always wants to be seen as someone capable of doing anything. They don't want to appear to anyone that they are only good at caring for others, that it is the only thing they can do.

You are obsessed with keeping others feel safe and cared for, and you feel like you are required to do it every single time.

When you did not do this to others, you feel like you are already useless or worthless. You think that you have to fulfill this need every time to avoid feeling useless. This way of thinking does not just affect your mentality but also your physicality.

You will always feel your heart getting heavy, or your chest as tight as you are always trying to hide your emotions and maintain control over them.

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Saturn in Cancer Fears and Limitations

Since you are clingy and easily attached, you are afraid of being all alone. You are scared of being abandoned by the people you love. Also, if anyone close to you says they don’t need you, you will have an emotional breakdown without even knowing that you are depressed.

Your fears are all connected to your parental figure–it could be your mother with whom you may have a difficult relationship. Your strict and rigid parental figure makes you obey and follow their rules and principles in life.

You most likely keep your emotional outbursts and your impulses because of your Saturn, which helps you order it. You have repressed feelings about the outcome of your traumatic childhood and the past expectations you did not meet that turned into disappointments.

Saturn in Cancer Relationship

As a Saturn placed in the zodiac sign of Cancer, you need a lover who can become healing to you. When you meet your loved one, you will be more responsible, expressive, loving, thoughtful, and rational.

Your partner will not feel that something isn't right or something is missing in your relationship. Because with you, your partner will feel so loved, appreciated, and welcomed in your arms. You will always want to be there for your loved one no matter what.

You will put so much effort into your partner and will always be determined to give them the happiness they deserve as long as they are with you. And since you make an effort around your loved one, you make a home and family full of love and happiness.

You might push your child to be better and hone their skills in a good way. Your Saturn placement gives out a great bond with your partner and family. You will not let anyone experience what you had experienced around your family before.

You are a devoted lover who commits to a long-term relationship. You will see what you always seek— contentment and fulfillment. You focus on making your partner happy and secure at all times. You are loyal and loving as a person.

Saturn in Cancer Career

Since you focus on helping others and love taking care of your friends, family, and loved ones, you gravitate toward the careers that help people. Some of these careers are nursing, doctor, psychologist, real state, or even culinary arts.

You are a grounded person, which is one of your great attributes. You also have great wisdom and collect your knowledge throughout your journey in life. Your attributes also help other people. You can also be a counselor, coach, or social worker.

The Significance of Saturn in Cancer in Your Life

As your Saturn sits in the zodiac sign of Cancer, your Saturn asks you to understand that you are loved and cared for by your family and friends no matter what. Sometimes, life will feel like you are carrying a ton of rock behind your back.

These struggles that you feel can be curses or the blessings that your Saturn gives you. These challenges that you faced are sometimes masked as doors to your opportunities. And, when you pass these obstacles, you will find yourself getting stronger and more resilient.

You might want to retreat and collect your messy thoughts to make you feel safe and be able to process your emotions at your own pace. But you should also mind that you might unconsciously leaving a loved one behind, alone, high, and dry.

Learn to talk to someone to see and view from a different perspective. Once you learn to do this on your own, you will be more open to others, the doors of opportunities might open more, and they will be ready to accept you.

You have to let the Saturn in Cancer help you be better and guide you to make healthy boundaries in your life.

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