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Saturn Square Mars Transit: What To Do When Everything Stops You?

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Saturn Traits

Looking at Roman mythology, Saturn is the god of agriculture and stewardship. He is famous for fathering Jupiter, who led a revolution against him and ascended his throne. Looking at astronomy, Saturn is renowned for its rings made of water, ice, and rocks. This planet has the most visible rings among the gas giants (all gas giants have rings, but not as great as Saturn).

Now when we look at astrology, Saturn is the combination of both mythology and astronomy. When you look at Saturn's ring, does it strike you as if its ring bounds Saturn? Like the planet itself is limited by rocks and other substances? In astrology, Saturn governs boundaries and limitations.

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It is unfair to say that Saturn is all together dreadful. One can look at Saturn and think that this planet is helpful. Life is not all about parties and alcoholic drinks every day. It's not about doing every dumb thing and experience every exhilarating activity. Life and responsibility go hand-in-hand. Responsibilities limit us from doing everything we want to do. For sure, you've thought about running away from a place where you can live peacefully and start anew. But what's stopping you from doing it? Your responsibilities.

In line with this, Saturn represents responsibilities, duties, and maturity. Facing your responsibilities and taking them on is a sign of maturity. Someone who runs away from them is someone immature. Saturn reminds us that knowing our priorities and sticking to them is maturity.

Remember how Saturn is Jupiter's father and wields authority during his reign? It can be related to astrology. Saturn represents people who hold immense authority. These persons include fathers, teachers, law enforcers, and leaders.

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Mars Trait

Known for being brutal and violent, Mars is the icon of the war. In Roman mythology, everyone knows him as the vengeful God of War. Careful not to cross this god's wrong side because it might be the last thing you will ever do. As we look at astronomy, Mars is the Red Planet.

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Like the red hot fury of the god and planet, Mars rules over anger and aggression in astrology. The Red Planet is red indeed because it encompasses bloodshed, violence, war, and chaos. This planet is also known to be the bringer of conflict and challenges. Mars knows what you do when you get angry. Do you bottle it all inside? Do you burst into anger? This planet is concerned about how angry you can get. Do you spew hurtful words? Will you be silent the whole day?

Despite the negative words related to it, this planet is not at all evil. Mars represents sexual drive and aggression. The Red Planet is also concerned with your motivation and drive. How do you attain your goals? Do you stick to them until the end? Mars favors persistence and ambition. Hence, this planet is your drive in achieving your goals and purpose.

Unlike Saturn, Mars is a personal planet. A personal planet represents a particular aspect of our personalities. Saturn, though not a personal planet, can influence personal planets when it aligns with it.

How then would Saturn limit Mars?

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Saturn Square Mars Natal

People born under the influence of Saturn square Mars tend to limit themselves in achieving their goals. This character is not to say that these people have no ambitions at all. They have, and these ambitions are big. But the thing is, they find it hard to execute their plans to achieve their goals.

They also have difficulty in expressing what they want. This difficulty is rooted in someone who holds authority during these people's childhood. It is most likely a father figure. This father figure of Saturn square Mars natal is strict and controlling. This figure might be the one who limits these people from expressing themselves.

Mostly, the things you desire do not come your way. Because of this roadblock, you believe that you don't deserve to be happy at all. And these feelings will fester in you, which will lead to self-doubt.

When people cannot contain these feelings, their negative energy may be released. To overcome these feelings, try to tap within yourself and look for persistence. Persistence will surely get you to where you want to be. But this is a long process, and the road to it is not always smooth. Hence, perseverance and patience are your tools.

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Saturn Square Mars Transit

This transit will test your patience and perseverance. Similar to the Pluto transit on Natal North Node, Saturn square Mars transit will bring you energy to pursue your goals. It will even give you inspiration and more ambitions to chase. But the circumstances around you seem to be stopping you from getting it.

These “stoppages” may be from a person. Most likely, it will come from a person in authority in the form of your father figure or mentor. It can also be conflicts arising from your pursuit that will discourage you along the way. It seems like nothing is going on your way in getting what you want.

This transit is not the best event to pursue your goals. But if anything, this is a challenge to everyone. Despite everything and everyone hindering you from getting what you want, you should never back down. With persistence and patience deep within you, focus on the present. Channel your motivation and drive to focus on the present and not on the future for a moment. Strategize for now, and apply those strategies once the air of frustration is gone.

With patience, things might get easier after this transit. You can get on your feet to start climbing your ambition.

This event is also a time where you might experience an overwhelming burst of anger. It is important to breathe and calm yourself down. This burst of rage, if released, may cause an immense breakdown in your relationship. Everyone should take extra caution during this transit. Accidents are likely to happen, as well as any event that is detrimental to health. Try to keep yourself fit and healthy.

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