Saturn Square Pluto Transit: Stop, Look, And Ride The Change -

Saturn Square Pluto Transit: Stop, Look, And Ride The Change

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Saturn square Pluto people rely on themselves when it comes to morals. Although they stand firm on what they believe in, they would always perceive themselves to be always right.

The stubbornness of Saturn square Pluto people is not admirable when it comes to your loved ones. When people keep on repeating their advice to you, their loved ones will get tired of talking to them. 

Worse, they will be disappointed by the way they are acting.

Saturn Traits

The planet Saturn is infamous for its rings around it. Because this ring is so unique, many are fascinated by the way this planet appears. 

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We can relate Saturn's rings to the planet's role in astrology. Like the rings around the planet, Saturn represents boundaries and limitations.

At the outset, this might seem tricky. Who would even want to associate themselves with a planet that limits you? 

But when you look deep into the surface, Saturn is helpful in our lives. We cannot always live young, wild, and free. At some point, we have to limit ourselves in having fun.

But remember, life is not all about having fun, games, and everything nice. We all have jobs to do, people to take care of, and responsibilities on our shoulders. 

Saturn keeps us grounded. This ringed planet makes us realize that living your life to the fullest does not mean you will have fun all day and night.

Living your life comes with responsibilities and duties too. Hence, Saturn also signifies maturity and responsibility. 

This planet reminds us that maturity is when you have a balanced lifestyle. You can have fun but still, prioritize your responsibilities. Maturity is when you know your priorities and always put them above anything else.

In Roman mythology, the mighty Saturn is the god of agriculture and stewardship. He is the father of Jupiter and holds immense authority during his reign. 

We correlate these dominions and characters of the Roman god to astrology. In astrology, Saturn signifies stewardship and discipline as well. 

The gas giant also symbolizes persons who hold authority. These persons might be teachers, fathers, law enforcement, and leaders.

Pluto Traits

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Pluto lies on the boundary of our Solar System. This cold and lonely planet has to wait for 5 hours for the sunlight to shine on them. 

Looking at Roman mythology, Pluto is the god of the Underworld. Just like how the planet lives in the dark, the Roman god rules over darkness too. 

Pluto, when ascending the mortal world, wears his invisibility helmet to conceive himself in the shadows.

The Roman god and the role of Pluto in astrology are almost identical. In astrology, Pluto governs the dark side of persons. 

Pluto hides with it the side of us that we do not want anyone to see. We are afraid that our ugly side would turn people away. 

In line with this, some are also afraid to face Pluto. But when you finally dare to pick off the nasty parts, expect life-changing events to come.

With the turnaround that follows after facing Pluto, the dwarf planet signifies transformation. It also expands its dominion to growth, rebirth, and regeneration. 

When this planet's influence is in the air, expect that it will bring you a different perspective in life. It can also bring about urges to change your life. 

Pluto is not at all about the ugly side of us. In reality, it pushes us to be brave and face our side that we do not want to see. 

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Saturn Square Pluto Natal

Saturn limits the Pluto influence. These people then are inherently stubborn, albeit brave and determined. 

With the square's negative energy in the air, expect that there are little to no good traits for these people. People born under Saturn square Pluto transit tend to be hard-headed. 

This hard-headedness is evident in many ways. First, stubbornness may manifest in refusing to change their practices. 

It can also be related to rejecting other's perceptions and influence on you.

These people are afraid of change. They resist it. Instead of riding the tide of change, they fight the waves. This mentality is also related to their stubbornness. 

With their refusal to change, some aspects of their life would remain stagnant. Their spirituality will not grow, as well as their mentality.

Because of these people's stubbornness, expect that relationships will come to break. Loved ones will distance themselves from you, and you will also start to isolate yourself. 

Growth is with the help of other people and their perceptions. Saturn square Pluto people are courageous. It is best to use this courage to ride the tide of change instead of resisting it.

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Saturn Square Pluto Transit

Prepare for obstacles that may come your way. Saturn square Pluto transit will test your limits, especially your strength. 

There may be a lot of roadblocks along the way. 

With the extra courage that this transit gives, it is best to maximize the courage by putting on a brave face in these roadblocks.

This transit will whisper to you to let go of the things that are no longer serving you. Do not hold on to destructive habits. 

Try to bring positive changes into your life during this aspect. Immerse yourself into learning or spirituality. Do things to improve your life for the better.

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