Saturn Square Sun Transit: The Tools You Need For This Grim Transit -

Saturn Square Sun Transit: The Tools You Need For This Grim Transit

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Saturn Traits

In our Solar System, Saturn is the ringed planet. Ringed planets are not an unusual thing because all gas giants have them. Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune all do have rings, albeit not distinct from Saturn. Water ice and rock debris make up these rings of Saturn. Scientists still debate on how old the rings are. But a theory emerged that its ring came around just a hundred million years ago.

We put Saturn's ring in analogy with Saturn's role in astrology. Saturn represents restraint and restriction. From a different perspective, we can see the rings like Saturn's limit. The rings surround the planet, limiting it from going off somewhere. At the outset, it seems like boundaries are a bad thing. But let me ask you, is Saturn's ring a bad thing at all? No, the rings are unique, and everyone finds them mystic. Limitations are not at all bad. If anything, they serve as a reminder to take everything in moderation.

Humans cannot do everything that they want in life. Laws and norms bound us. These rules limit us, and we can relate them to ice and rock debris that make up Saturn. Limitations come in different forms. And we can also say that responsibilities and duties are also boundaries.

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We can say that Saturn governs responsibilities as well. Saturn knows how serious are we in facing them. Are we matured enough to meet our obligations? Are we willing to do our duties? Saturn knows the answers to these questions. Therefore, since responsibilities and maturity go hand in hand, Saturn also rules maturity. Saturn's rings formed when the planet was billion years old. To us humans, our responsibilities began when we got older. Responsibilities are put on our shoulders because we are old enough to handle these things. Or are we?

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Sun Traits

The Solar System will not be complete without the Sun. This massive star gives life, energy, and warmth to the inhabitants of Earth. What's more, is that the Sun is also beneficial to the nearby planets. The Sun prevents the planets from falling off their orbits, and it also gives warmth to some planets. The Sun has an essential role in every planet, and the planets revolve around this life-giver.

Our personalities will not be complete without the Sun in astrology. The Sun is so vital that it is what defines our whole personalities. If someone asks to describe yourself, you will answer the traits that you know you hold. And these traits are all under the Sun. What's more is that when people ask those close to you to describe you, they will recite the qualities found in your Sun.

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Our planetary aspects rely heavily on the Sun too. A planet's influence will not take over our personalities were it not for the Sun. For example, whenever we want to communicate our feelings (Mercury's dominion), the Sun has the final say if we're going to do it or not. The Sun is our consciousness. Hence, it will weigh whether a communication is beneficial or not.

The Sun represents our maturity as well. Whenever we gain new knowledge, our wisdom expands. And when it grows, our minds mature. The Sun represents our confidence as well. And it goes together with ego. Is our ego intact? Does our ego need utmost care? The Sun has answers to these questions.

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Saturn Square Sun Transit

The square has a negative feeling about it. Many believe that it brings pressure and tightness to the relationship and oneself. When the square is in the influence, prepare for conflicts and challenges that will come your way. But astrologers believe that the square is a manageable aspect. One needs to know how to best approach it.

With Saturn in the influence, it will limit the Sun's influence. Hence, this period will make you feel like everything hinders your way in reaching your goals. These hindrances do not apply to circumstances only but also to people. It may feel like your superiors or people in authority will be your obstacle in reaching your dreams.

Unlike the Sun-Pluto aspects, this transit reminds us to be patient. Not everything should come to you quickly. Pair your patience with perseverance. With perseverance, there is nothing that could stop you from achieving your dreams. Use these tools to work your way up despite people and events deterring you.

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With the Sun-Saturn aspects, Saturn square Sun transit will bring about a plunge in your image. Your past mistakes will haunt you, and people around you will know of them. And when they do, they may criticize or mock you. You have to be prepared for some crucial decision-making that this event may bring. These decisions will revolve around your relationships.

Hence, here comes the one thing good that this transit may bring. This transit gives us second chances. We have second chances to redeem ourselves from our past mistakes. Additionally, we have an opportunity to fix our broken relationship. Everyone needs second chances. This period reminds us to grab these chances.

This period also reminds us to leave whatever negative energy has been holding us back. These energies swept under the rug will come back to wreak havoc in yourself or your relationship. With the chance that this transit brings, it is best to take advantage of it by giving yourself a chance to be happy.

This transit is also the chance to learn new skills or traits. Of course, the transit does not guarantee that the acquisition is smooth. There will be a lot of bumps along the way, and some of them will break you. You may even think that the skill is not the one for you.

But persistence and patience would be your valuable guides during this complex transit. With persistence, you will never back down in learning this new skill. You will dedicate all your time and energy to mastering this new skill. Furthermore, patience will teach you that everything takes time. The things you want are not handed to you on a silver platter. You have to work hard for it and wait for the results.

After all, the things that we have worked hard for are the best in life.

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