Saturn Square Venus Transit: Getting Past This Restricting Event -

Saturn Square Venus Transit: Getting Past This Restricting Event

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With the square in influence, this event may not turn out for the better. With the Venus-Saturn aspects, there is a negative connotation when it comes to squares.

The Saturn Square Venus transit reminds you to take care of your material possessions. Your financial status is not the best during this transit. 

Money is not auspicious during this time. It is advisable not to take any loans or credits in banks or people. 

Because of the financial setbacks, possibly, you cannot pay these debts off. Best to spend your money wisely.

 Astrologers view such an aspect as the hardest one. Many brand the square as the stirrer of pressure and tension. 

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When this aspect is in the influence, there will be conflicts coming into your life.

Saturn Traits

Saturn is a famous god in Roman mythology for a lot of reasons. But first, he is the god of agriculture and wealth. Second, he is renowned for bringing the Golden Age to Rome, making its citizens abundant even without hard labor. 

Third, his sons, led by Jupiter, ousted him from power because of a prophecy he's afraid to come true.

Saturn deals with limitations and boundaries in astrology. One may think that these traits are not a good omen. It depends because limits are not always for the worse. 

Limitations are there to let us know that not everything we do is favorable. Life is free, sure, and everyone should live their lives to the fullest. 

But one is reminded to live within the norms and laws. If people disregard the rules, chaos will ensue.

Norms and the law are not the only things that limit us. Responsibilities and duties limit us too. So what is hindering you from leaving your everyday routine and move to the suburbs? 

It's your obligation to your family or your work, or even yourself. In line with this, we can fairly say that Saturn governs responsibilities and duties.

Saturn relates to maturity as well. And we can correlate this to our responsibilities. 

Are we mature enough to face our responsibilities? Do we execute our duties faithfully? 

Look at your Saturn to know. Since Saturn is the planet of limitation, expect that the planet's influence is limited when it aligns itself with a planet.

Venus Traits

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Like Saturn, the goddess of love is famous in Roman mythology. She is one of the most revered goddesses in Roman mythology. 

Unsurprisingly, her beauty entices not only gods but mortals alike. Venus has a gentle and sincere heart. But do not be fooled by her innocence. 

This goddess wields her beauty like a sword too. She uses her charm for people, and gods, to do her bidding.

Like the goddess, the planet Venus concerns itself in love and relationships. It knows if we prioritize our relationships. 

What do we do to show our affection to our partners? What is our love language?

 Venus knows the answers to these questions. But Venus affects those who are not committed to anyone, albeit in a different way. 

The brightest planet rules over the things related to love and relationships. These things include but are not limited to sex, fertility, desire, and affection. 

Venus rules over the things found in the material realm. It governs arts and aesthetics. 

It is not surprising that visual arts, literature, and performing arts fall under Venus' dominion. 

Additionally, this planet favors lovely things and shiny decorations. The Earth's twin planet represents our material possessions too.

Above all, Venus rules pleasure. What makes us sincerely happy? What will satisfy us? 

Venus has the answers for this. The planet seeks balance and harmony above all. 

It hopes that everyone can achieve a serene life.

Saturn Square Venus Transit

With Saturn square Venus transit, expect that Venus's influence will take a low dip. This dip can manifest in different ways. 

In your romantic relationships, you may feel like you want to take a break from love. It is also possible that you might hold yourself back from giving affection or intimacy. 

Worse, you may have difficulty in expressing your emotions and will end up bottling them.

In all of your relationships, you may get the feeling that you need to assess them. So first, you will look into your relationships in the bigger picture. 

Then, you will evaluate if they are beneficial or not. It is best to take advantage of this transit by assessing your relationships. Do they give you positive feelings? 

Are these relationships nurturing? If the answer is no, then perhaps it is time to let go of these.

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One thing is for sure: the fantasies that you created in your relationship will wear off. Expect that you will have a more precise eye in seeing your relationships. 

You will see that some of the connections are not what you purport to be. The cracks will become clearer, and you cannot afford to look away.

You will feel the need to relax and pamper yourself, but you cannot. What hinders you from relaxing is that the responsibilities on your shoulders are too big to put down.

As a result, your popularity might also take a dip. But this dim in popularity may be helpful. 

With the feeling of isolation, this transit reminds us that we have ourselves. We have to believe in ourselves and become our solid support system. 

We cannot always count on people to be there for us.

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