Saturn Transit on Natal Venus: Re-evaluate the connections and relationships in your life -

Saturn Transit on Natal Venus: Re-evaluate the connections and relationships in your life

Saturn Transits Conjunct with Natal Venus

The meeting of Saturn and Venus needs some adjustments from the Saturn side. The rational and forbidding nature of the Saturn person tends to be magnified in this aspect.

You become self-conscious, and your need to connect to other people and make new meaningful relationships will be inhibited.

Realizations such as determining the important relationships that you need to keep, and connections you need to cut off.

However, if you happen to meet someone and feel a romantic connection with that person, your relationship would be genuine and sincere.

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You tend to be aloof and distant from the people around you. It would be best if you balanced the distinction between your true self and how you portray yourself in front of other people.

This is the time to get to know yourself deeper. Please take note of how certain situations affects your mood and the manner you respond to them. The transit of Saturn encourages you to cultivate awareness within yourself.

Be more in tune with your inner self, and detach yourself from the negativities that surround you. Cut off those bad habits that provoke you to procrastinate and become productive.

Once you establish a strong connection with your intuition, you get to understand the things you want in life and discover your purpose and place in the Universe.

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Saturn Transits Trine with Natal Venus

This is a great time to balance love, enjoyment, and responsibility at the same time. You are more in tune with your partner's feelings and thoughts.

Like Juno in 10th House, there is a sense of commitment and practicality in your relationship. The secret for a relationship to last is that both partners need to maintain a balance between achieving their individual goals while giving love and affection to their partners.

Venus is attracted by its partner's beauty and mature traits—both desire to have a stable and supportive relationship. A relationship wherein both partners accept, understand, and support each other's life's ambition and aspirations.

Existing relationships will further improve in this period. You need to work on and improve the flaws and weak points of your relationship. This will only be achieved if both partners are willing to work together and make an effort for the sake of the relationship.

It is also a great time to face your inner demons and fears. By doing so, you can improve your relationship with your partner and other meaningful connections that you have. This is the perfect time to accept and embrace your weaknesses. Once you identify your weak points, you know what particular area of your life needs to be improved.

You will establish a balance between your work and your relationships in this period. Your practical and mature nature will assist you in achieving your goals and prosper in the business aspect.

However, your loving connection in this period will not be highlighted as your goal-driven spirit will be magnified at this time.

Your focus at this time is gaining success and attaining social status in your work and your circle.

Saturn Transits Sextile with Natal Venus

This period influences you to become serious and critical in front of other people. You tend to be skeptical in dealing with other people, not giving your trust right away.

Your outgoing nature will be dimmed in this period. Every transaction is performed in a businesslike manner. You take everything seriously and tend to get easily offended by minor things.

However, your strict and disciplined nature in this period would benefit you in your work or area of expertise. Your boss will commend you for your responsible attitude.

This period magnifies your practicality, dedication, and diligence towards your work. Anything that you set your heart into will come to fruition if all the positive traits mentioned before being implemented.

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Saturn Transits Opposite with Natal Venus

This is a very critical transit in all areas of your life. You tend to become more distant and withdrawn from your loved ones.

You tend to focus and prefer to be alone in order to finish a task. With this, you tend to neglect your responsibilities as a partner in your relationship.

You feel as if everything is in chaos. Your emotions and your partner are not aligned in this period. The individual goal of each planet will step in the way of making a harmonious relationship.

Misunderstanding and arguments with your partner would make you more distant from each other. Loneliness will set in, as the result of your withdrawal from connecting with your loved ones intimately.

Some relationships may end in this period. This is also not a great time to open yourself and make a new relationship.

It would be best to settle debts and financial obligations to free yourself from the burdens of responsibilities.

Saturn Transits Square with Natal Venus

Your relationship with your partner, family, friends, and co-workers will improve in this period. A solid and stable foundation will be established.

As you face problems and overcome these challenges that come in your relationship, your bond, together with your partner, further strengthens. This allows both partners to meet the challenges and setbacks successfully.

Saturn person craves authenticity and real, meaningful connections. It brings awareness to the relationship.

At the start of the relationship, we get blinded and create a fantasy on the type of partner and relationship we want to have. However, as the relationship progress, we see that it's not exactly how we want it to be. Your expectations clash with the reality that is some way opposite in what you have expected.

Moreover, both partners tend to be resentful by the burden of responsibilities that needs to be met. You might feel that you are constrained within the relationship and that your independence was taken away from you.

It is the perfect time to reflect on what you need and wants from the relationship. It is the right time to evaluate the connection you have with your partner and other people.

Saturn Transits Quincunx with Natal Venus

Your craving for affection, love, and attention from someone will be further magnified in this period.

You might get into a situation wherein it is a one-sided romance or a forbidden love. Your patience and power to charm other people will be challenged in this period.

You might resort to extreme behavior, such as manipulation, possessiveness, and stalking, to get the attention of someone you really like.

You have the tendency to overindulge in unnecessary things and financial splurge. Because of this, your finances in this period would be hard as financial issues may arise.

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