Scorpio In 3rd House: Traits, Struggle, And More! -

Scorpio In 3rd House: Traits, Struggle, And More!

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Are the celestial bodies moving in your favor today? Read on to find out your astrological prediction, dearest Scorpio.

The earliest remnants of Astrology dates back from the third millennium BC. We can trace back its origin to Western Eurasia, where the people used calendrical structures to predict seasonal changes. This method also helped in interpreting astronomical cycles as signals of divine communication.

People considered Astrology as an academic discipline until the 17th century, and it aided in the creation of astronomy. It was well recognized in politics and cultural assemblies. Members of the society incorporated some of its notions into other established disciplines.

People in Babylon created horoscopes 2,100 years ago, giving birth to astrology. The sun passed through 12 constellations on a regular schedule throughout the year, according to the Egyptians. That is how early astrologers split the zodiac sign.
In its broadest sense, astrology is the quest for finding human meaning in the sky. It aims to understand general and specific human behavior by studying the effect of planets and other celestial objects.

Humans used astrology to predict lives because they lacked the necessary tools at that time. Farmers in ancient Egypt were the first to use the sky as a calendar to forecast annual Nile flooding. Travelers relied on stars for navigation and utilized the sky as a compass. The rest of the people, however, looked to the heavens for heavenly guidance.

Traits of the 3rd House in Scorpio

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Eager to get to the bottom of things

You're not fond of only knowing the tip of the iceberg. You have to know the gist of the topic, or you will lose sleep over it. Because you are inquisitive and do not like to rest unless you know the root of things, you may overstep boundaries along the way. You like to play a game of detective and apply the theory of deduction in knowing people.

As you are only making assumptions, and they might not be open to discussing their side with you, others will perceive you as judgmental. Belonging to this house, you are keener to explore the mysteries of life and the Universe, as well as learn things about Cosmos. But constantly probing might result in an existential crisis.

Don’t know how to concede

You are adamant with your thoughts, ideas, and actions. You will hardly change your stance towards something you're wholly convinced of. Because communication is your field of expertise, you have the ability to command others and wield your words to create an impact. Being articulate bridges you with the gaps in your life and aids others as well. Words bring you to a full circle with people from different walks of life.

You are also quick to be fixated on things that others would find too much for their liking. Nevertheless, you persist with your hobbies, with not an ounce of care.

Likes to project their mistakes unto others

People of this placement find it a hard pill to swallow to admit their mistakes. They would rather point fingers at others instead of owning up to their errors. They like to assume the position of the victim when they are the ones posing a threat. No rational explanation will convince them to see things from a different perspective because they believe everyone is out to get them.

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Communicates effectively with others

People born with the Scorpio in the 3rd house are the “curious cats” of the universe. They always strive to seek information. Always curious about everything and anything, which is quite similar to people born with Pluto in 3rd House. They have this concentrated and focused communication style. If anything, they hate engaging in superficial and small talks. They’re very attentive, so people like sharing personal things with them. They always try to get every gist of information when talking to someone to make sure they understand their situation.

What’s good about people who have this astrological placement is their ability to make someone feel comfortable easily. Because they are passionate and intensely focused when holding a conversation, they are able to preserve that person’s energy and understand them more deeply than others. They try to absorb the entirety of the situation so they give advice that would consider the consequences of both sides of the story.

When they are the one who shares information, on the other hand, they do it with all their heart. The other person will feel their sincerity by the way they dive deep into the details of their stories.

This is why people under this astrological placement only open up their thoughts and feelings among people they’re particularly close with. To them, the more intimate, the better they can disclose information. They are very cautious of whom to share their struggles and achievements with.

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When having intimate conversations, however, they don’t have to worry about being misunderstood. Scorpios in the 3rd house have these magical abilities in them to be able to penetrate the minds of the other person. Their energy impacts the other person’s thinking, making them get invested in the conversation as well.

Similar to having Saturn in the 3rd house, when the Scorpio is in the 3rd house, people under this birth chart are given the great guts to ask what’s wrong when they feel like something is “off” with their relationship with another person. Their extreme sensitivity gives them the tendency to be paranoid. When they have this “off” feeling about someone, they start to question other people’s intentions and sincerity.

Even if it’s originally a good characteristic for Scorpios to take words very seriously, this can bring out self-destructive thoughts in them. They will get mentally exhausted because of their over-critical probing of other people. Unless they’re satisfied with the answers they got, a Scorpio in the 3rd house will continue to gather information. No matter how it may affect them. They have difficulties putting a limit on themselves, and this is something that could extremely be draining.

One must also remember that Scorpios have the tendency to use other people’s words against them. To prove their point and protect themselves.

Scorpio in 3rd House: Struggles

You tend to struggle mentally often because you resort to overthinking when you’re establishing a relationship with someone. Because of these destructive thoughts, you often self-sabotage. It is the obsessive thinking that would pull you down in this house.

When you fail to analyze or understand certain happenings in your life, insecurity comes in. You start to feel like your presence doesn’t matter because you didn’t contribute something to the conversation or to the current problem. You have this need to constantly keep up just so no one could think less of you.

You have this “journalistic mind”. You try to solve problems by investigating them down to the core. You go beyond your way and gather as much information as possible for you to come up with something. Most of the time, it all stays in your head. You have all this overwhelming information, but you have a hard time letting it out when it bothers you.

The problem with you is your focus more on the negative side of things. You always think of the worst-case scenario. Unconsciously, you always think negatively of other people. Even if you have such a tough shell not everyone can break in to, you still need to let thoughts out of your system. No matter what kind. Negative or positive. You need to have a coping mechanism that will help you breathe.

By bringing these destructive thoughts up to the surface, you can feel a certain sense of renewal. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to open up to other people. If it’s too uncomfortable for you, you can release these thoughts through writing.

This is only a good thing up to a certain extent. The amount of information you have about something, or someone can root to feelings of insecurity. You’ll get overwhelmed with everything you know. You’ll realize it’s not that easy to solve the problem and start to feel like you’re lacking in some ways. You will think less of yourself. When the truth is, you did it to yourself. You’re not lacking in any way, nothing’s wrong with your intellect, you just worked more than you actually have to.

Scorpio in 3rd House: Transforming My Energy

Scorpios’ share of people is among the most intelligent. They’re natural-born intellectuals and their mysterious power brings beauty to the world. For a person under this astrological placement to fully unleash her potential, one must turn that overly critical intellect that could hurt her or others into the type of intellect that would be of benefit to the world.

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Scorpio in the 3rd House: Intimate Relationships

Scorpios are naturally born “passionate”. They are deeply emotional and place a great value over intimacy. They realize how the world works at such a young age. This includes the awareness of love and sex.

In the 3rd house, Scorpios stick to their fiery nature, even in bed. They prefer to have intense moments with their partners. Once they are invested in someone, they will let them have a free pass of their wild side. People under this astrological placement think of sex in the car as something fun. They fancy what they see in those romance films and novels and try to perform them when they have the chance.

Due to their burning passion, they see sex as something that should be a normal thing to do in an everyday life. The deeper and more intense the sex, the more serious they think the relationship is. They fancy dirty talks and always try things that would help spice up the bedroom. They love having sex. But they only do it with people they share an intimate connection with. They just don’t give it to anyone. They can’t be intimate with people they don’t like.

Speaking of intimacy, Scorpio in the 3rd House develops intimate relationships with people with whom they can share alluring conversations. They hate being around dates who would bring out lame topics like the weather or the food. They like being with people who challenge their thinking. People that would make them forget about the rest of the world.

More than looks and aesthetic needs, they value having intelligent conversations more on a date. They find people with a wide knowledge of things sexy. As mentioned before, they hate small talk the most. They don’t like to be the only ones carrying the conversation. To them, successful communication happens when both sides are trying to keep the topic afloat.

So, if you fancy someone who happens to have this astrological placement, try to be attentive to what they say. Think of smart snide remarks that would keep them interested. Let your talking do the walking. If you’re someone who has this astrological placement, on the other hand, try not to overthink too much and enjoy other people’s company. Let loose every once in a while. Most importantly, don’t force relationships. Things happen when they’re supposed to happen. When you find someone, you click with, you just feel it.

Best Careers for Scorpios in the Third House

  1. Writer

Scorpio of this house cusp could have writing as their niche. Because of their desire to put themselves out in the world, they are capable of writing meaningful stories. Their vivid imagination allows them to paint beautiful scenes with words. Their natural curiosity will allow for their narratives to stretch on different worlds.

They would also do well with non-fiction as they like hypothesizing things. They like to find out whether their assumptions are true. Once they set their mind to find out the truth, they are rarely dissuaded.


They do well with debunking theories and have high efficacy with the methods they use. Not one to mince their words, they hold the lens of impartiality which is necessary for a workplace where their goal is to produce accurate data.

Public speakers or campaign manager

Because of your communication prowess, being a public speaker or a campaign manager should be on your career list. You are eloquent and are able to persuade your audience into believing your cause. Not only do you converse to talk, but you incite a reaction that makes the spectators for themselves. You know how to read the room, you listen, and you cater to your audience's needs.


You're good at logical reasoning and searching. You might as well consider yourself a Sherlock Holmes with how your mind works. Your persistence in looking for things in areas that are easily overlooked is a good trait for this job. Once you got fixated on an idea, you don't stop until you connect all the dots.

And even when you have the whole picture in your mind, you don't stop there. You verify it until there is no left for any doubts.

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How to Deal with a Handful Scorpio?

Since Scorpios are curious by nature, the best way to deal with them is to avoid their line of vision. Unless you want them to nitpick you in an incessant manner, you should get out of their hair. If you're having a horrible day and would prefer not to play 21 questions with this person, between fight and flight: always choose flight.

If you're naturally introverted, you might find their cheerful disposition a bit annoying. But if you want to try to be in their company, you can always go for a topic that's stimulating to the mind. Because they're easily obsessed with things, you might have a lot of things in common.

Past their bubbly nature, they're actually good conversationalists and might help you in a social setting when you can't hold your own. In a group project and you're not one for presentations, you can leave it to them.

There will be times when they will feel drained at being too intense and you can help them by letting them talk it out. You can unload some of their problems by letting them vent. But knowing how they don't easily open up to people, save for a selected few, you can stay by their side instead.

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