Scorpio man chasing Leo woman: There’s no need to run! -

Scorpio man chasing Leo woman: There’s no need to run!

What makes the cool Scorpio man chase the fiery Leo woman? Are these signs compatible?

The Scorpio man is not the chasing type of man, but if he forms a connection with someone, he will follow her wherever she goes. The Leo woman won’t need to run if she can form a strong enough connection with him.

There are many ways to form this deep connection with him, and it starts with understanding the ins and outs of his personality. As a Leo woman, this can be hard to do, as she can be someone who is all action and less talk.

But hard does not mean impossible, and the Scorpio Man Secrets guide proves that to you. 

This article will show how a passionate lioness like the Leo woman can tame her wild energy. This way, she forms a connection with the Scorpio man that will make him chase her without the need for her to run away.

Ready? Get set, go!

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The Scorpio man meets the Leo woman

When the Scorpio man and the Leo woman meet, their personalities clash. There won’t be any practical reason for them to stay together, but they are drawn together for reasons they can’t explain.

The Scorpio man is a Fixed Water sign who has a complex personality. He has many contradicting qualities that some people find hard to understand and live with.

The Leo woman is a Fixed Fire sign having a fiery and extroverted personality. She is energetic and stubborn, but some people may find her harsh and intimidating.

The Scorpio man and Leo woman attracting each other may be due to their similar ways of thinking, although that may not last. They always find some idea or topic that they will not agree on and fight about.

The aloof Scorpio man can dampen the spirits of the passionate Leo woman and drive her away. Her insecurities and reluctance to share her true feelings can also prevent her from connecting with him on a deeper level.

The Scorpio man and the Leo woman make a great team if they work together to get past their differences. They rely on each other to reach their goals because both are determined and unyielding personalities.

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What makes him chase her?

Much like the scorpion his sign is named after, the Scorpio man does not chase his prey but waits in silence for the perfect time to pounce. The lioness inside the Leo woman, on the other hand, is a powerful and aggressive hunter.

Because the Scorpio man prefers to date with care and caution while the Leo woman likes to be direct and fast about it, they seldom meet each other’s dating needs. The following are the only reasons the Scorpio man will chase the Leo woman.

She challenges him

If the Leo woman is too direct, she makes it too easy for the Scorpio man that he will not work hard to keep her. He will get bored in no time, and the hot and exciting attraction they may feel at the start of their relationship will soon die out.

For the Scorpio man to go after you, you need to show interest while intriguing him; you need to learn how to hold back and match his speed. He has to know that you are not always available for him so that he will not take you for granted.

She is intuitive

The Scorpio man changes his mind all the time, and he doesn’t make his thoughts and feelings evident to the people around him. The Leo woman needs to be quick in understanding him in every situation so that she can react well to him.

For the Scorpio man to crave your company, he has to feel that you can understand him and that he is comfortable being himself around you. You have to know when to give him attention and when to leave him to himself.

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She stays calm

Being calm is the best way to deal with the Scorpio man’s complicated and intense personality. If the Leo woman doesn’t learn to tone down her stubbornness and explosive temper, conflicts will arise that make him hate to be with her.

If you want the Scorpio man to chase you, you need to make him relaxed and at peace when he’s with you. It’s difficult for Leo women like you to rein in their emotions, but it’s something you must learn to do to keep him choosing to be with you.

She is patient

The Scorpio man can be the most difficult man to live with, and it takes a significant amount of patience to understand and make compromises with him. A Leo woman can be too rash and impulsive that she can take slowing down for granted.

Give your Scorpio man a chance to catch up to your pace; he has his own way of dealing with things, and his timeline doesn’t need to match yours. Slowing down will make you enjoy every moment of your relationship and is essential in building a deeper connection with him.

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She is confident

The Scorpio man is attracted to the Leo woman because she is confident and self-assured. He hates dealing with insecure and clingy women who micromanage their relationships because they have no lives of their own.

Don’t focus all your time and effort on your Scorpio man, but find a good balance in handling him and the other areas of your life. Don’t rely on him too much and show him that you are in control of your life.

She takes care of herself

The Leo woman catches the Scorpio man’s attention with her simple but regal style. She looks good in whatever she wears because of the inner fire that motivates her to care for her health and wellness.

Taking care of yourself shows that you love yourself and the Scorpio man admires that. He feels proud to be with someone who prioritizes her health so that she can continue going after her goals and helping other people.

She is honest and true

The Scorpio man can sense insincerity and pretense in an instant. He appreciates the Leo woman who is true to herself and doesn’t care what others may think of her.

Being open about your issues with the Scorpio man draws him closer to you and helps him understand you better. He only stays with people he can trust because he fears betrayal and deception.

However, even after being an open book to your Scorpio man, his severe trust issues might still hinder you from gaining his trust.

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She is loyal

The Scorpio man keeps a small social circle because finding people he can trust is not an easy task for him. If the Leo woman shows her loyalty and earns his trust, he will find it hard to let go of her and cut their connection.

Show your Scorpio man that he can rely on you to be there when he needs you and that he can trust you with his deepest darkest secrets.  Stay faithful to him; don’t try to keep things from him or play games like ignoring or making him jealous to test him.

They are sexually compatible

The chemistry between the Scorpio man and the Leo woman may be inexplicable, but it’s also undeniable. They have opposite qualities, but these only draw them closer to each other like the opposite ends of a magnet.

The sexual compatibility between you and your Scorpio man will last as long as you keep challenging each other. Let your bold and warm personality spark the fire in him while letting yourself open up your emotions to form a deeper connection with him.

They complement each other

The Scorpio man chases after the Leo woman if he thinks he’s the perfect match for him. She brings excitement to his sometimes depressing and dark life, and he loves it; he gives her the support and direction he needs to meet her goals in life.

You may find it hard to wait for your Scorpio man, but waiting and keeping your distance from him teaches you to balance your energy.  Struggling against your differences is futile; accepting them is the only way to have a lasting relationship with him.

They enjoy each other’s company

The Scorpio man and Leo woman love spending time together and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. They provide each other the rest they need away from their demanding and dull lives.

Let your Scorpio man live his life however he likes, even when you think he’s not making the most out of it. Share with him your time and enjoy his company while you teach him how to have fun doing simple things.

They have open lines of communication

The Scorpio man is attracted to the Leo woman because she can influence him to be honest and communicate with him. He is not easy to talk to, but she is somehow able to talk to her about everything.

Try your best to understand your Scorpio man even when he makes it difficult for you. Be ready whenever he wants to talk to you, and don’t force him to start a conversation with him if he is not ready.

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