Scorpio Man Cheating: Why and How to Cope? -

Scorpio Man Cheating: Why and How to Cope?

Is the Scorpio man likely to cheat? What pushes him to be unfaithful, and how do you deal with it?

The Scorpio man cheats when he is uncomfortable and his needs are not met in his relationships. Patience and hard work in communicating with him are the only way to cope with his cheating, whether or not you stay together after the incident.

There is no way to tell when a Scorpio man is cheating, and it’s even harder to predict his actual reasons for cheating. He is not even aware of his reasons for cheating because his emotions take the wheel when he cheats.

The Scorpio is a master of secrecy and mystery, and you will find it hard to figure him out unless he allows you. And that is only possible if you have earned his complete trust and given him your trust.

While it is difficult, a comprehensive guide that sees through the eyes and soul of the Scorpio man like Scorpio Man Secrets proves to you that it is not entirely impossible.

Finding the Scorpio man’s reasons for cheating and how to deal with it is essential to making a relationship with him last. Keep reading to learn how to do it.

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The cheater inside the Scorpio man

Is there a natural cheater living inside the Scorpio man? Like the Libra man, there is no cheater inside the Scorpio man, but he has some personality traits that can push him to cheat on his partner.

The Scorpio man is a Fixed Water sign; he is persistent and has instincts like the scorpion. There is a reason that this sign is named after a predator; he is relentless in pursuing his prey and would not give up until he catches it.

The Scorpio man’s love for the chase is sometimes greater than his love for the woman he’s chasing after. He also tends to lose interest once the chase is over and he’s gotten what he wanted.

There is a duality in the Scorpio man’s personality that makes him prone to cheating. He is ruled by two planets: the mysterious Pluto, which gives him his love for secrecy, and the aggressive Mars, which makes him follow his emotions.

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The Scorpio man is honest and loyal, but he can be driven to cheat if his emotions are too much for him to handle. He is not a conflict-loving kind of guy, and he would rather sit and listen to you talk while he forms his thoughts and opinions in silence.  

What are the reasons for the Scorpio man cheating?

The Scorpion man has the potential to cheat, as do all the rest of the signs. Cheating is born from the state of the relationship and comes very little from an individual’s personality.

Cheating is always a choice. Below are the possible reasons why the Scorpio man chooses to cheat and break his commitment to you.  

He wants to vent out his emotions

If a Scorpio man experiences emotional frustrations from his relationships, he may want to vent out through cheating. If he can’t form a trusting connection with his partner wherein he can express his feelings without hate or judgment, he will seek someone else with whom he can make that connection.

The Scorpio man hates to form a conflict, so he would rather see someone in secret to escape and avoid any emotional confrontation and arguments. He will decide to cheat based on his emotions; there is no guarantee that it’s a one-time or long-term thing.

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He doesn’t feel in control

When the Scorpio man feels powerless and inadequate in his relationship, he will be drawn to someone who makes him feel comfortable and wanted. He is not one to speak out and be upfront with his feelings, so he would rather stay quiet and seek his needs somewhere else.

The Scorpio man loves to keep things to himself, so his partner most often decides for him. He is not always willing to share his feelings and opinions, but he wants his partner to consider his worth and role in the relationship.

He wants to take revenge

The Scorpio man is not a vengeful person, but he will cheat as a form of revenge if he is hurt. He feels deep and passionate love that can turn into intense hate and anger if his feelings get hurt.

When the Scorpio man suspects or finds out his partner is cheating, he will cheat on her as payback. He knows that cheating as an act of revenge is never a good idea, but he follows his anger and bitterness anyway.

He has low self-esteem

The Scorpio man is not open to his feelings, and sometimes his partner is not aware of his inner struggles and issues. His need for attention and support may be lost to his partner, which will drive him to someone willing to satisfy his needs.

The Scorpio man may also have an unhealthy way of seeing himself, which leads him to jump from one person to another to boost his self-esteem. If he doesn’t get validation and assurance from himself and his partner, he will seek them outside his relationship.

His sexual needs are not fulfilled

It takes a long time for the Scorpio man to open up and be vulnerable to anyone, making it hard for him to form an intimate and fulfilling sexual connection right away. Sexual acts have to have meaning before he can enjoy and be satisfied.

If the Scorpio man can’t form the kind of sexual connection he needs, he will look for it elsewhere. Physical desire and lust might draw his attention, but he needs something more to remain committed and loyal.

Scorpios are known to be the soul snatchers in bed, so blowing his mind back will impress him and guarantee his devotion and loyalty to you. 

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He is suffering

The Scorpio man will often dismiss his emotions only to avoid fighting and arguments. The bad news is that these emotions do not go away, and they build up inside him and make him suffer.

If the Scorpio man feels disrespected and pushed around, becomes unsatisfied, or can’t find happiness in his relationship, he is not likely to voice it out. He will wait for his partner to address the issue, and if she doesn’t, he will find another person who will alleviate his suffering.

He doesn’t feel trust

Trust is vital for the Scorpio man to stay in a relationship, and when he feels it’s gone, he will look for it somewhere else. He will not appreciate someone doubting his loyalty and accusing him of lying, but the truth is he is so secretive that it’s difficult to trust him.

The Scorpio man is also not easy to trust, and earning his trust takes a long time and a lot of patience. Being honest and reliable and constant communication are some of the few things that will make someone earn his trust.

How to deal with the Scorpio man cheating?

The Scorpio man has a complex personality, and you will never understand his entire thoughts even if you try. He has many contradictions in his character that you will never predict his following actions.

Being cheated on, in general, is not an easy thing to handle, and being cheated on by the Scorpio man has its added complications. Below are possible ways of handling and coping with the unfaithful Scorpio man.

Have a break

The Scorpio man needs time to process his feelings and will need time to decide his next steps. Taking a break from him is also an excellent way for you to decompress and collect your thoughts.

Deciding when emotions like shock, fear, or pain are at their highest levels will cloud your judgment. Learn to accept these feelings and let them settle down before evaluating your reasons to stay or leave your relationship.

Get to know his side of the story

Cheating is a result of unresolved relationship issues and is not the sole fault of the cheater. Open an honest and non-judgmental dialogue with your Scorpio man and let him tell his side of the story.

Learning about his reasons doesn’t justify him cheating on you, but it’s a great way to understand and get to know your partner more. From here, you will know his plans for your relationship and also find out how you feel about these plans.

Don’t blame him or yourself

Blaming never solves anything. Blaming your man will only make him resent you and close his feelings for you while blaming yourself will only lead to depression and detrimental thinking.

Work hard with your Scorpio man to understand the whys of his unfaithfulness. Look into the areas in your relationship that need to improve if you plan to stay together and rise above this challenge in your lives.

Don’t seek revenge

Rage is a natural feeling if you get cheated on, but you are only destroying yourself and your life if you give in to that rage and seek revenge. You will also destroy that small piece of hope that you and your Scorpio can still work things out and carry on with your relationship.  

Revenge only gives a momentary feeling of satisfaction. It will also fuel your anger, which should be diminishing and allowing you to heal and move on.

Seek a professional help

Whether you and your Scorpio man decide to stay together or separate, seeking professional help will give valuable insight into your decisions. It helps to have someone outside the relationship to listen without bias and who has experience with your issues.

A therapist or a counselor will help you communicate better with your Scorpio man and make him express his feelings for you to understand them better. If you choose to separate from him, an experienced professional is indispensable to help you move on to better things.

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