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When a Scorpio man ignores me, what do I do?: This Might Help!

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Scorpio is a paradox. His sign is listed as a fixed sign. 

It is usual for a Scorpio male to become distant at times, especially if they're in a relationship. There are times when he may be very responsive and mindful. 

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While sometimes, he may just leave, and might even ignore your calls or text. It is common for a Scorpio man to withdraw himself from his partner occasionally.

His sign is one of the most intimate, and he's an all-or-nothing sort of guy. So if he lets his barriers down, you can guarantee he's completely fascinated by you!

Why does a Scorpio man ignore you?

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He is angry. When a Scorpio man is mad, expect that he will surely disregard the presence of the person he's upset with. 

It's typical among Scorpios; the tendency is they stay away from conflicts and arguments. They like to live a positive-reinforced life and would not do anything to maintain that.

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He isn't sure about you. For someone who's generally confident about life, a Scorpio man will ignore you if he's uncertain about you. 

He will not open up about it either. When a Scorpio man does not recognize anything positive to come out of the relationship, he will not get involved, to start with.

His heart is crushed. When a Scorpio man has his heart broken, he will be going to ignore the people around him. 

He takes his time and lets his heart recover before he can be emotionally available with somebody else.

He is a Scorpio man. Yes, Scorpio men are sporadic and spontaneous. 

They have moods that they can change swiftly if theyis they are offended or insulted pretty badly. 

Being confident people, they always go with their gut feeling, especially in life.

He is in trouble. When a Scorpio man is going through a hard time, 

they're going to do a lot of unintentional actions.

The reason behind this is that Scorpio man maintains control in their life that they can't function well when a tragedy hits. 

Have faith in him and let him have all the time he requires. If he doesn't come around in a few days, then you can go toward the other signs above. 

For now, give him enough time to heal.

We suggest that you give him space and just let him be. To do this, you need to be patient and understand him from his point of view. 

A relationship is about compromise and understanding each other. If your Scorpio man is ignoring you, know that it does not mean that he doesn't love you.

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What to do when a Scorpio man distances himself from you?

Provide them with the space they much-needed. Once in a while, a Scorpio man needs to spend time with no one but himself. 

It's better to leave him alone if this happens. If he needs distance or alone time, give it.

Since you respect his needs, it will even make him more attracted to you. 

Giving him personal space, it'll make him miss you more. You know when a Scorpio man misses you when he does this.

Ensure they are not jealous. Scorpio relationships will have a jealousy problem at one point. 

To prevent this from happening, you must always try to tell the truth. Be as honest as possible when you're with him. 

You should make sure that it is not jealousy that is keeping him distant.

Always show him care and affection, for him to feel his importance, and make him feel as if he is the only one in your world and that no one else matters. At times, you may also consider appreciating his being jealous. 

It may sound a bit weird, but they tend to show that they are serious and really into you through jealousy. For them, jealousy may act as a reaction of protectiveness towards something bad, such as rivalry in getting your heart and love. 

Be patient. A Scorpio takes his time to open up, so be patient and try to get to know him slowly. Don't annoy him about things he's not ready to share just yet. 

He will distance himself if you've been nagging him for the sake of getting to know him deeper. They're scared deep down if you're too eager.

Approach first. If you're not patient enough to wait for him to make a move, you can approach him first. 

Guys who are shy often appreciate it if the first move comes from the girl.

Understand that he might be busy. The good thing about Scorpio is that they are focused and determined. 

There's a possibility that he gets carried away and briefly forgets you when he is working. You don't have to worry, though; all you need to do is understand and support him.

Stick to your word. Do what you said you would do because Scorpio doesn't like it when you don't keep your word. So, be on time, be honest, and do not be a hypocrite. 

He will run away from you if he senses that you are not trustworthy.

Don't control their life. Scorpio does not depend on others and is self-reliant. It's crucial to value his individuality. They hate being told what to do.

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How to handle a Scorpio man who stopped communicating?

If a Scorpio man stopped communicating, it means that you have to be patient and wait until he is entirely ready to open up and talk to you about his issue. He needs time to be alone to think before getting back to his normal senses and to be able to explain to you. 

Don't ever force him to discuss his matters when he is angry or keeping his distance. Things might get worse if you do that.

So, whenever a Scorpio man is being silent or is distancing himself from you, just leave him alone and give him time. 

But also, make sure not to prolong your distance towards him which might kill your connection to each other.  

Frequently observe his mood. If you sense his negative vibes, the best thing you require to do is to leave him alone in his own space and stop talking to him. 

He will approach you and openly talk to you about what is worrying him when he is ready. 

If it's your fault, apologize. Be the first one to approach and sincerely apologize to him. You don't have to ask for his forgiveness necessarily. Don't force him, just simply tell him you're sorry.

How can you tell if a Scorpio man is done with you?

He's starting to be rude and mean. A Scorpio man can be evil when he wants to break up with you. 

Scorpion men will never try to hurt someone they love.

So, if he's making you sad or hurting you, then it means something. He wants you to go before he needs to reveal the news to you. 

He's being secretive and is lying to you. Scorpio men are not good liars. It is easy to tell when they are lying. 

Is he fidgeting when you confront him with a question or looking away when talking to you? 

You will start to feel that he is keeping things from you or lying to you. There is no natural cheater living inside the Scorpio men but they can, and may start lying to you.

He's not showing intimacy anymore. For Scorpio, physical intimacy is very important. 

Either he is not interested, or he isn't initiating it anymore. Even if you do it, he doesn't seem to be into it anymore.

He's starting to doubt the future of your relationship. He will begin to wonder about your future relationship and point out the things that you both don't have in common. 

He'll suggest taking a break. Scorpio men are not good at breaking hearts. 

So, instead, they'll tell you that he wants some time alone. Asking to take a break is just a polite way of breaking up with you.

Whenever a Scorpio guy says that you two should take a break, he is never coming back to you. So, you should break up for good. 

You need to be the one to put an end between the two of you if he can't grace you with that respect. Like I always tell my friends, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

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