The Scorpio Man: Everything you need to know! -

The Scorpio Man: Everything you need to know!

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If someone asks you to describe what a Scorpio man would look like in real life, you'd probably describe him as a guy who loves to wear black trench coats, rides a large motorcycle, and speaks like a real thug. Well, you’re not alone!

Scorpio men know no bounds when it comes to protecting themselves and those that they value so much. They indeed embody the scorpion, ready to sting anyone who dares to invade their privacy.

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One may describe a male Scorpio as intense, passionate, sexual, possessive, secretive, and sensual. They're the zodiac's real gentle giants, and their cool and calm façade hides the gentle and caring nature of a scorpion.

Secretive? not anymore if you read along and discover Scorpio Man Secrets.

This article will guide you in everything you need to know about a Scorpio man: his best and worst traits, his views on love and relationship, how to please him in bed, and even how to get him back if you lose him. Get hold and browse through this list.

Scorpio Man: Best Personality Traits


Of course, the first word that comes up to mind when someone mentions Scorpio is intense. They can’t help it because they’re always in a steady balance of calm and serene and playful and energetic. You can feel their intensity through their gaze. When you look at a male Scorpio straight through their eyes, you’ll feel intimidated and perplexed. Chances are, he will give himself away to you when you hold your gaze against a male Scorpio.


Scorpios exceed people’s expectations of being passionate. Their lives depend solely on passion. You'll know from experience that a male Scorpio has this innate passion for whatever he's doing. He's also passionate when it comes to love, and he's not afraid to show it in front of other people. Beware, though, once a male Scorpio feels that the other party does not reciprocate the same kind of passion, he'll get turned off by it.


You know it's weird when someone says he's a Scorpio. We stare in awe. We get turned on and drawn toward this guy despite knowing that he might be fooling around. There's something enigmatic about a male Scorpio. The feeling we get when in front of a Scorpio can't be described in words, and that makes Scorpio the most mysterious zodiac sign of all.


They might be playful in love and relationships, but all Scorpios share the same sense of creating an impact on the world. They want to step forward and share their idea with the rest of the world. This characteristic alone makes Scorpios ambitious and always looking for ways to climb up the ranks. Scorpios make the best businessmen and inventors.


Scorpios are not only smart, but they're also wise. They have a full grasp of the gears that run the world, and they understand people better than any other zodiacs. They observe from a distance and arrive at a conclusion based on the observations they gathered. If someone needs some advice, they can rely on Scorpios.


Much like the scorpions symbolizing the zodiac, you must never challenge a Scorpio. They'll protect everything important to them. Anyone who dares to get what's a property of Scorpio will be in great danger. Scorpios will retaliate and sting if they need to be protective.


Male Scorpios know their limits. They also have an idea of who they are, which is why Scorpios are confident anywhere they go. He'll accept criticisms if it's valid and let others slip through his back if he knows those criticisms won't help him. It doesn’t mean that he has an inflated ego. He knows his worth, and he's confident in his capabilities.


Given his confidence, Scorpios also embody self-awareness. He knows what to do given a situation, and he knows what his emotions are. He can analyze a situation and react to prevent giving too much of himself away. Scorpios know what they're doing, even if it seems they're doing it without a reasonable explanation at all.

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Because of their alignment as a water sign, Scorpios know how to dig deep through emotions and express them in ways not possible through words. Most Scorpios exhibit great talents in various art forms such as painting, marketing, digital creation, and even literature. Their emotional intelligence and self-awareness help them evoke emotions without acting it or saying it. They also know how to leave an impression on people, which makes them great artists as well.


The creativeness of Scorpios also stems from their natural curiosity about the world and the people around them. They have this curiosity because they’re eager to learn how to control their surroundings. His perceptiveness to the emotional environment around him makes him a great researcher, asking the most direct and most penetrating questions. He arrives at a conclusion based on the answers he gathered, which gives him insight into the world's natural workings. The natural curiosity of a male Scorpio also helps him to become successful in life.


Being persistent may be one of the best qualities of a Scorpio. They may be secretive of their real emotions but being persistent and stubborn in achieving their goals unite all Scorpios. They may crash and fall, but Scorpios will rise and push forward no matter how hard it’ll get. He'll meet a lot of growth opportunities, which he will take with great confidence. They have enough belief in themselves to become motivated and achieve their dreams.

Experienced in Life

Scorpios embody a complex personality. They hide their genuine emotions beneath a calm and straightforward façade. The complexity of their character may have rooted in the personal experiences they had from childhood. He suffered so much from the challenges given to him, and each step of the way, they learned a lesson that they carried through adulthood. He may have successfully overcome the challenges of the past, but more will be up on the way, and Scorpio's resistance will be his greatest strength.

Problem Solver

Scorpios have enough curiosity, creativity, and logical reasoning to make them good problem solvers. They know several ways to tackle an issue, and if you need their help with your problems, they'll give you suggestions on what to do. They'll be honest and direct to the point, and they'll provide honest feedback if you need one.


They may be soft on the inside, but Scorpios can be the real champions of the war. They never back down from any challenge, and no matter what fears or doubts they have, they'll push through. He will do everything in his power to achieve his goals regardless of what challenges may come in front of him.

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Scorpio Man: Worst Personality Traits

Often Misunderstood

What makes Scorpios the most mysterious also makes them the most misunderstood. They've become so secretive that people interpret their behaviors in a way that creates disparity and conflict. For instance, one may see Scorpios as evil, twisted, and manipulative, while others will argue they're more passionate and greater in relationships. Even their sexuality is a big misunderstanding from other zodiac signs. This list will reveal more later.

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As a water sign, Scorpios exhibit the need for emotional connection from other people. They have this soft emotional core that needs constant guidance and care. They can also sense the emotional atmosphere around them. They may hide it behind a calm and indifferent façade, but once a person hits the soft spot, Scorpios will think about it for the next few days.

They never forget

Much like the other water signs Cancer and Pisces, Scorpios may forgive, but they will never forget. If someone wronged a Scorpio, they'd etch it in stone, and they will do anything not to let that happen again. That's why Scorpios do not trust anyone until they have a full idea of who you are as a person.


Scorpios tend to self-destruct whenever they find themselves in a predicament. When hurt, they may retreat into the corner and immerse themselves in feelings of self-loathe and self-pain.

Connected to death

All things supernatural, from astrology to occult, lie in the realm of the Scorpios. Supernatural and mystic events fascinate the natural curiosity in Scorpios. After all, Scorpio represents birth, death, and the afterlife. He has the natural tendency to understand the unknown, most especially death. Some Scorpios might not be even aware of their attraction to mysticism but present them some mystery drama or tales of the unknown, for sure, they’ll get aroused by it.


Scorpios may be emotional, but what makes them different from Cancers, and Pisces is their expression of emotions. Scorpios hate to feel vulnerable, especially in front of other people. He can express emotions through his artworks or act it out, but opening himself up for other people may be a little tough for the Scorpions. He does a great job at containing these emotions that people see them as indifferent and insensitive.

Guarded and Stand-offish

Beneath the tough and sturdy exoskeleton of a Scorpion lies the soft and caring Scorpio. You already know that Scorpios hate being vulnerable in front of other people. As much as possible, he will build a strong wall to protect this vulnerability, and only people that he trusts can penetrate through these walls. Scorpios need to feel that the environment is safe physically and emotionally. Always keep in mind that the sturdy and rigid nature of a Scorpio is only surface level. You must earn your way to know the soft and loving Scorpio underneath.


Scorpios’ real intentions may forever be buried in secrecy, even to Scorpios themselves. Even if a Scorpio trusted you and let his walls down for you, there may be some things he will keep out from your reach. His feelings and his intents run deeper than his subconscious that it's almost impossible to crack a Scorpio open fully. That's why most people see Scorpios as manipulative because people around them cannot decipher the whole personality of a Scorpio.

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Scorpios demand a lot out of other people, making them the most demanding of all zodiac signs. They demand attention, success, and even things that are important to other people. They feel that they need to be the center of attention, and other people must meet all their demands with great haste.


Scorpios love an intellectual debate. They need some form of mental stimulation, and they want it to come in the form of arguments. But, most of the time, these health arguments often lead to senseless conflicts and heated debates. What’s supposed to be a healthy discussion can turn into a battlefield because Scorpios hate to admit that they’re wrong. His pride and sensitive well-being make him feel offended if someone seems to be on the right side of the argument. Being on the wrong side of the argument makes Scorpios vicious, retaliating, and stinging back at their enemies.

Likes being in the spotlight

Scorpios will bask in the limelight and enjoy the attention of people around them from time to time. Scorpios do not always come out of the sun. They enjoy their own private spaces where they can relax, enjoy, and understand their emotions. But given a chance, Scorpios will take the chance to shine and perform so other people can give them the attention he wants. He also knows how to please people, which makes him an attention-grabbing people-pleasing Scorpion sometimes.

Slow but explosive temper

How a Scorpio processes his anger makes him one of the terrifying zodiacs in the world. Scorpios bite back and sting if they feel that the threat is too much for them to handle. They may be cool and calm in the exterior, but when you hit the sensitive spot in Scorpios, they will retreat into the corner. They will allow the emotions to simmer and boil first before exploding into a full-blown rage. This slow but explosive temper of Scorpios makes them hard to understand and to predict.


Scorpios feel empathy most of the time, but whenever they feel down and depressed, they will retreat from the world and exhibit apathy and disinterest in the world around them. When this happens, Scorpios will shut down and will retreat from the rest of the world. People will find it difficult to communicate with them as they become hermits in their own personal and emotional world. This sudden fluctuation in the personality of Scorpios creates the misunderstanding that Scorpios are unpredictable and manipulative.

Love And Relationships Of A Scorpio Man

Now that you know the best and the worst characteristics of a male Scorpio let's dig deeper into how a Scorpio man views love, sex, and relationship. They may be cool and calm, but male Scorpios know how to please a woman they care for and adore.

Of course, you should also know how to please Scorpio guys. They're intense, passionate, and sensual. Get ready because this article will give you the right tools to please your Scorpio guy.

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How to know if a Scorpio is in love?

How do you know if a Scorpio is falling in love? They may be complicated personalities and show hot and cold attitudes, but there'll be tell-tale signs to see if they're attracted to someone.

He likes to go deeper into your personality.

Scorpio men value emotional connection more than anything else in the world. If a Scorpio fell in love with you, they’ll dig deeper into your personality. They’ll want to know you better and deeper. They need some insights into the depths of your personality.

Don't fret if a Scorpio guy asks you some deep and penetrating questions. That means they're interested in you and want to know you better before letting you into their lives.

He's getting physical.

When a Scorpio guy fell in love, you'll notice that he's becoming very physical with you. He becomes clingy, and he demands a physical connection with you. He may start cuddling and giving you kisses. He may even ask for sex. Without physical connection, Scorpios may feel invalidated and may retreat to the background. When this happens, you may have lost your chance at getting him.

He becomes over-protective

A Scorpio guy in love will do anything to protect what's dear to him. They'll give anything to be protective, and their intentions will always be for the better. But there'll be times that their overprotectiveness will border into possessiveness and over shielding. Their overprotectiveness can become suffocating, so always tell your Scorpio their boundaries. They'll appreciate that.

He’s loyal

Contrary to popular belief, a Scorpio man in love tends to be very loyal to their partner. Other people may see them as sexually active people, but Scorpios run deeper than that. For them, sex represents physical connection, and Scorpios view that as a surface-level connection. They long for emotional linkage between him and his partner. Once he finds someone worthy of sharing all his emotional baggage and trauma, he'll be very loyal.

He sets a time for you.

Once a Scorpio guy finds a woman he'll love, he'll set time for that woman and make sure he won't be a burden. As water signs, Scorpios attune themselves to other people's emotions, more so with females since Scorpio is a feminine water sign. With that said, Scorpios know how to make a woman a priority, and he knows how to give them what they need. Attuning themselves to their partners makes Scorpios loyal and connected to their partners.

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How to Attract a Male Scorpio?

Now that you know how a Scorpio man falls in love, it’s time to show you how to attract those Scorpions. They may be complex, but you can do many ways to earn their trust and let them have you inside their circle. Brace yourself for here are the ways that you can attract a male Scorpio.

Know his personality deeper

Knowing a Scorpio's personality might be a little bit difficult, but knowing a Scorpio man's personality will take you a long way. You should know how he works. This article already gave you the best and the worst personality traits of a Scorpio man, which is the first step of the way. Please get to know him by talking to him and introducing yourself little by little to him.

Be as genuine as possible.

Scorpio men hate ingenuine and insincere people the most. If you’re a person who also stands behind a mask or you have your walls up, don’t bother because Scorpios can see through it. He loves genuine people, and he likes sincerity from their partners. He can also see some of the nonverbal cues, and they understand human emotions more than any other zodiac signs. If you want to attract a Scorpio man, be as genuine as possible, and be true to yourself.

Be confident

Confidence, composure, and independence attract Scorpio men. They love women who are confident with themselves and exhibit great control over their lives. You should also stand out from the crowd for the Scorpio to notice you. They love quiet strength in a woman, and you don’t even have to try. They can sense it. They can feel your aura. Just sit back and do the things you love the most, and your Scorpio guy will get attracted to you.

Show your femininity

One of the surest ways to get straight into the heart of a Scorpio man is by showing him your feminine charm. Scorpio men tend to get attracted to females who exude femininity and woman charm. They also get attracted to submissive women who will submit to them when in a relationship. That doesn't mean that you have to be submissive to the world—Scorpios like women who are strong and powerful but submissive to Scorpio's demands.

Show your powerful side.

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Show this Scorpio guy your most powerful side. Show your side envied by other people. It would be best to show him that aspect of your personality that most people would die to have. If the Scorpio guy realizes that you have the qualities that stand out from the crowd, he'll be attracted to you. Show him your achievements, your sense of humor, your independence, and most of all, your self-confidence.

Be the best at all times.

Even though Scorpio men crave emotional connection, they also value physical appearances. They appreciate it if you're hygienic and always trying to be at your best in front of other people. He also appreciates a woman who is physically active and likes to stay in shape. He also notices the way you dress and the way you take care of yourself. Scorpio guys put so much value in physical appearances, so always do your best to look pretty but mysterious.

Pay close attention to what he tells you.

As already mentioned, Scorpios never reveal their identities unless they trust the person so much. When the time comes that your Scorpio guys share some part of themselves with you, pay close attention. Focus on the things he'll tell you because he might reveal something important to his personality.

Be honest

Scorpios know when someone’s lying straight to their face. To be on his good side means to be as honest and sincere as possible. Even if you manage to lie about something from him, he'll eventually find out, and things may get dicey for you. You'll be out of his circle sooner than you can imagine.

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Respect his privacy

Scorpios respect privacy, so they expect that other people will also respect their privacy. They don’t like sharing pieces of information about themselves because they hate vulnerability. When you’re trying to attract a Scorpio man, respect his privacy and preference not to share everything about himself. He'll give you something when you ask about it, but it will never be the full picture. Don't push him or rub him off the wrong way. Respect his tight-lipped nature, and everything will go smooth.

Help him open up

After respecting his privacy, work by helping him and supporting him. Doing this way, you'll earn his trust you'll be able to help him open up himself more. Make him feel that being with your company is a haven where he can be who he is. Doing this way will make you earn his trust faster.

Don’t control him

One of the things you must never do is to try to gain control of a Scorpio. Scorpio men hate getting controlled, especially if they're imposing him to do things they don't want to do. To attract a Scorpio, let him do things independently and respect his need for freedom and independence. Also, you should never depend on your Scorpio guys. They also respect your independence, and the more carefree you are, the more they'll like you for it.

Don't falter if he's acting hot or cold.

When you're dating a Scorpio, don't falter if he acts hot or cold sometimes. Scorpios will be having a hard time opening up in a relationship, so they have to test if you're worthy of all their trust. They'll play passionate and caring one day and then turn cold and indifferent the other day. He does this to see how you'll react to their nuances. When they see that you accept them with your whole heart, they’ll let you in their lives.

Don’t be unnerved by his blunt personality.

Scorpios have the tendency to be blunt in their words and strong in their resolve, which may intimidate other people. This bluntness also helps the screen, which is worthy of their love among the people surrounding them. Don't get unnerved by their sudden aura of strong personality. It's one of their methods to see who will stay and who will go.

Don't gratify his ego.

They may not look like it, but Scorpio men know their worth, and they don't need someone who will pamper their ego for them. Unnecessary flattery and back-handed compliments turn off a Scorpio, so refrain from doing that. He’s not a Leo who needs constant praise. Always giving him some compliments will make him question your motives and intentions.

Reveal yourself slowly

Scorpio’s water placement makes him a good detective of people. He can figure out your motives and intentions by observing you. If you want to attract a male Scorpio, make sure that you appear to be mysterious. Scorpios love decoding mysteries and the unknown, so if you appear mysterious to him, he'll enjoy your company.

Play a little hard to get

One of the things you must never do when trying to get a male Scorpio's attention is going desperate for their attention. Scorpios don't want someone desperate and an easy girl. They like the thrill of the chase to make sure that the woman they adore is worthy of all their attention. He’ll be even more interested and attracted to you if you play aloof and disinterested to him. He’ll take the extra mile to get to know you better and stay close to you.

Be loyal

Scorpio men long for loyalty from their partner. They value loyalty so much that they expect their partners to be loyal as well. He always fears that someday, the person whom he trusted so much will betray him. He's avoiding that scenario, so it's better if you build loyalty with your Scorpio.

Be involved in a charity.

Scorpios have a superhero complex, and they like to help people as much as they can. They want to leave an impact on this world, and they want to see other people succeed as much as he wants to succeed himself. When they see that you're also a person trying to impact society, Scorpios will fall deeply in love with you. As such, be sure to involve yourself in fund-raising causes such as charities, fun runs, party-for-a-cause, and similar events.

Don't humiliate him publicly.

If you’re that type of person who likes to challenge someone in public to prove a point, then your chances with your Scorpio will drop down to zero. Scorpio men love good challenges that stimulate their mental capacities. Still, if he senses that you're doing it to humiliate him and set them back to the ground, he'll retaliate and reject you at that instant.

Toss some sexual jokes

Scorpios are intense, passionate, and sexual. They’ll like it if you can toss some sexual innuendos to the always sexual Scorpios. He'll be intrigued with how much sexual activity you can perform and the extent to which you can last. Just thinking about those things turns on a Scorpio, so that's your tip.

Create a healthy environment

Scorpios love themselves with a peaceful and homey environment. This need for a comfortable environment makes Scorpios a good match with Cancers because a Cancer woman has the innate ability to turn a place into a home. Whether you're a Cancer or not, being a homey type of person can attract your Scorpio guy.

Don't change yourself for him.

We mentioned this before, and we'll repeat it. Scorpios love a genuine and authentic person whom they can trust. If you try to change yourself just to please him, he'll notice it, and he'll be disinterested in you. Scorpio men would love to have a strong and independent partner, not someone who'll follow them around.

Want to know more about how to attract a Scorpio Man? I have the right article for you. I wrote a detailed article on how to make a Scorpio man pursue you.

Signs that a Scorpio man has an interest in you

Say you followed some or all of those tips to attract a Scorpio man. How would you know if he fell for the bait and is interested in you? Here are the signs that will conclude that a Scorpio man has fallen deeply in love with you.

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You often catch him staring at you.

You’ll know a Scorpio man likes you when you often catch him staring at you with those deep and piercing eyes. Yes, that’s correct. Male Scorpios like to study something that interests them by staring at them. When you catch him doing this, the chances that he’s decoding you like a mystery box will be astronomical.

Don't fret if you catch his deep and penetrating gaze. It's his way of showing interest, although it might be a little bit scary.

He's asking other people about you.

When a Scorpio man focused himself on someone, he becomes so fixated that they border on obsession.

A Scorpio man in love will inquire about you from other people. They need to know everything about you before they hop on a relationship with you. They do this because they're sparing themselves the wasted effort and the trauma of a painful breakup. When the Scorpio man snoops around, he’s definitely in love.

He’s focused on you

You’ll know he’s fallen in love when he shifts his focus on you. Of course, this will be tricky to determine, and you might not even know that his focus is on you.

With Scorpios, their focus will be much more on the person than on some other things. He'll search your social media and update himself on your whereabouts. He'll check your Twitter and Instagram to see where you've been, who you're with, and what you were doing. Borderline creepy, yes, but Scorpios will do this when they’re interested in you.

He's a little bit touchy.

When he’s in love, Scorpio’s get very physical. They like to cuddle and to touch their partners just to feel an emotional connection. To know that he’s interested may be more subtle. When they pass around you, they’ll brush their shoulders with you. They’ll put their arms on your shoulders or touch your back to assist you. These things add up to the fact that he likes you.

He's always testing you.

Once a Scorpio knows how you work, they'll try to test you to see what you would do. When he tests people, he likes to see their emotions, what held them back, and their motivations. He may never admit that he's doing it to test you, but this only means that he likes you.

He spends his time with you.

If you find yourself being invited by a male Scorpio for lunch or a day out, consider yourself one of the lucky few. Scorpios value their privacy and, as much as possible, would like to spend their time alone.

If he seeks you out, then that means you're special. Take advantage of it and get to know him even better. Also, get to reveal yourself slowly so he can have ample time to analyze your personality.

He's eager to know your secrets.

Aside from the way you slurp your cereal or how you like your coffee, Scorpios will be very eager to learn your deepest and darkest secret if he's interested in you. They would want to know the trauma you experienced or the greatest fears that you have.

He included you in his social network.

When a Scorpio introduced you to his friends and family, doubt no more. That guy will dedicate his life to you. Scorpios value their closest friends and their families, so if you find yourself in his network, then that means he's letting you into his life. It also shows that his fondness for you transcends that of being a friend.

He opens up himself to you.

Scorpios hate the idea of opening themselves up to other people. Even their close friends and family would have a hard time deciphering the true emotions within a Scorpio. When he opens himself up, or if you notice that he's starting to give away pieces of information about himself, then that guy is onto you. There can be no other reason to explain that behavior.

He analyzes you from a distance.

This need to analyze you comes with him trying to observe you by staring at you. When they can't declare their intentions, they'll try to stay outside of your range. That doesn't mean that he's not interested. That means he's still shy to open up and tell you that he's interested in you.

Of course, a Scorpio can tell you that they like you. They can be as blunt as that sometimes after they did all the testing and analyzing of your personality. Now, if you know that your Scorpio is 100% in love with you, here are the things to consider when dating your Scorpio guy.

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Things to consider when dating a Scorpio man

If a Scorpio man asks you to go out on a date, you must remember certain things at all times. You might be secure with your man, but small nuances and miscalculated moves might ruin all your efforts. This list will give you everything you need to know about dating a male Scorpio.

Allow his chivalry

Scorpios like to be in control when they’re in a relationship. They’ll assert their dominance over their partners and make sure that everything’s in control.

If you’re a strong and independent woman, you can let go of that in front of your male Scorpio. He would like your submission only under him and no one else. When you're on a date, allow him to open the door for you, pull the chair so could sit, and order the food for the both of you.

Show him your independence.

You may allow his chivalry, but that doesn't mean you have to be clingy. Scorpios love independent women, and if he sees that you exude the aura of a strong and powerful woman, he'll fall deeper into you. He wants your attention, but he also needs someone who can handle themselves alone.

Take things slow and steady.

Scorpios won't tolerate being open in front of other people. He will only reveal his true self to the people worthy of his trust as much as possible. He's careful that other people will use the pieces of information he provided to betray him, so he's extra cautious.

That said, take things slow and steady with your Scorpio guy. If possible, allow him to take control of the whole “get-to-know” process. You have to understand that it's not easy for him, so remain discreet and mysterious when in front of him. Better yet, play with this characteristic of him and tease him into unlocking the mystery which is you.

Always support him in front of others.

For Scorpios, the world has no gray areas. Only black and white. You’re either with him or against him.

In social situations, always stand by the side of your Scorpio. When others mocked him or gave him helpful critiques, you must boost his motivation and help him process everything. If he senses that there's an ounce of you not willing to support him, he'll retreat, and you’ll lose him forever.

Let him have his female friends.

Femininity governs the planet of Scorpio. Thus, they become attracted to strong female impulses and aura. Male Scorpios tend to have more female friends than males because of this attraction to women.

Thus, dating a Scorpio means respecting his decision to have his own set of female friends. Don’t worry because once he’s committed to you, he’ll introduce you to his female friends and will assure you not to be jealous of them.

Be ready for him to amplify the emotions you gave him.

As water signs, Scorpios have a high perception of other people's emotions. Also, they have the tendency to amplify any emotion that you show them. For instance, show him some negative emotions, and they'll reciprocate it more intensely. Show him some love and expect more than that in return.

Be aware of his possessive nature.

Every Scorpio has a possessive nature. They’ll do everything they can to protect what’s theirs.

As early as now, accept the possibility that your Scorpio will be very protective of you. When threatened or jealous, Scorpios tend to get over-protective, which can border on aggression, obsession, and paranoia. To avoid these tendencies, assure him of your loyalty as early as possible.

Assert yourself

With their tendencies to get over-protective, it'll be best if you can assert your freedom and independence to the Scorpio. Some of them may get extra clingy, and they'll appreciate it if you can set a boundary to what they can do. He also tends to consume all of you, so make sure that he can only have what you're willing to give him.

Show him your emotional loyalty.

Scorpios value emotional integrity and loyalty the most, which is why they demand it from their partners. In the complex world of Scorpios, the only thing that will matter will be their emotional connection with their partner. Thus, you should assure your Scorpio that you'll be there for him when he needs emotional support. He needs to feel that he can have some kind of ownership over both of your emotions.

Be open to your sexual desires.

When you’re with a Scorpio, be prepared to give all of yourself to the real kings of the bed. They would want to consume each piece of your body, ravish it, and make you feel the best sex experience you’ll ever experience.

Let your Scorpio possess your body and give him full control and dominance over your life. As long as respect is there and you don’t feel violated, give in to his sexual desires. One of the surest things with Scorpios is their power in bed.

Dating a Scorpio would be like a dance with the devil. You don't know what's in store until he presents it in front of you and shocks you to your very core. You cannot compare the experience of dating a Scorpio to dating the other signs because Scorpio is the most complex zodiac.

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How to please a Scorpio Man in bed?

Now that you know what to do when dating a Scorpio, now is the time to get more sensual and passionate. Scorpios boast of themselves as the real Kings and Queens of Sex because of their incomparable passion and sensuality.

Here are the tips and tricks that will help you satisfy your Scorpio man in bed.

Let him take control.

The first you need to remember is to let your man take control of the whole sex experience. Being with a Scorpio will feel like riding a roller coaster: expect it to be rough and wild.

During sex, make your Scorpio feel like he’s an alpha male. Let him dominate you and ravish each piece of your body and soul. He needs complete submission from his partner but rest assured that the experience won’t be the same with the other zodiacs.

When you know that you're more experienced, don't emphasize it and let him explore things. He may assert his kinks and sexual motivations, so get ready for it.

Let him view sex as a form of spiritual connection.

Due to their fascination with the unknown mystical, Scorpios see sex as a spiritual connection with their partner. You may be weirded out but expect that there may be some form of rituals before you begin sex. It can be as simple as rubbing some lotion or spraying perfume, to kinkier role-playing and intense foreplays.

He needs sex to be a form of bonding.

As mentioned in the previous sections, Scorpios like physical connection in addition to emotional loyalty. For him, the best possible form of physical connection is sex. That means that above the emotional satisfaction they derive from sex, they also crave the intense physicality of rubbing and having sex.

Give him all of yourself.

Having sex with a Scorpio means forgetting everything you know about yourself and the world around you. You're there to experience the best sex, and you should never hold back. You may say things you wouldn’t normally say, or you may do things you know you wouldn’t do. That's the best part of having sex with a Scorpio.

The list here shows the key things you need to remember before having sex with a Scorpio. If most of these overwhelm you, inform your partner and allow him to take control of the situation. Be honest and sincere, and he'll appreciate it.

How to get a Scorpio man back?

What happens when your Scorpio man seems to be a little bit disinterested? What if he gave you a chance, then you blew it?

These questions may be odd, but this section will tell you what to do if your Scorpio retreats and hides into the safety of their shells. Take note and apply to get your man back.

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Coax him out of his tendency to shut down

When they feel threatened or vulnerable, Scorpios would like to retreat into their shell and dismiss anyone who comes knocking on their door. When Scorpios do this, they protect themselves from further pain and hurt. It doesn't mean that he wants to hurt you.

When you notice that your Scorpio starts to retreat into their shells, give them enough space, and don’t rush things for them. Talk to him and be gentle with him. Give enough understanding and wait for him to come out and talk to you.

Make him feel jealous.

Use his attraction to your independence and freedom against him after your breakup with him. After the breakup, make him feel that you're better off without him and that you can handle yourself. Make him realize that losing you would be a mistake.

Scorpios will take that and feel nothing but insecurity and jealousy. It'll affect their self-esteem that the only way to appease themselves would be to get you back. They get jealous in an instant, and that'll be your ticket to get him back.

Of course, overacting it might make him boil with outrage and jealousy that he might lose interest in you. So, take it easy.

Remind him that you’re reliable

Issues may have arisen that made the relationship break. It may be because of the Scorpio or because of the little inconsistencies you gave Scorpios.

You may have told him that you'll give 100% of emotional support but failed to do so, or you may have failed to give the emotional loyalty that Scorpios crave. Either way, you're losing him, and you can't undo the past.

What you can do is to remind him of your reliability as a person. Show him that you've changed for the better, and you're stronger for him. Make him trust you again by being consistent with what you give him.

Stop forcing him to change.

When the fault came from the male Scorpio, don't be a fool and rush him to change because of his faults. There'll always be some things that you don't like about your partner, but it's not your job to force him to change. If you want the relationship to work, accept his flaws, and love him as he is. Scorpios crave emotional connection only and nothing else.

Make him miss you

Bring your Scorpio back by shoving your independence in his face. Make him realize that you can do things on your own and don't need him to be happy. Show him that you can stand alone and find another man who will value your freedom and independence.

If you Scorpio man decided to come back and you’re willing to accept him, take the extra step to be submissive to him and only him. He loves your independence, but he needs to be dominant in the relationship.

Get in bed with him

Of course, you won't win a Scorpio back without engaging in mind-blowing sex with him. Show him that you missed him emotionally, more so physically. Remember that once you got in bed with him, that's like throwing the white flag and meaning complete surrender.

You must keep these things in mind just if things go south and you ended up breaking up with each other. The last section of this article would be the compatibility of Scorpios with other Zodiac signs.

Scorpio Man's Compatibility

You might be wondering if your Zodiac sun sign sits on the good side of those born under the Scorpio sun sign. This list will give you which zodiacs can tame Scorpios' wild and intense nature and which signs can clash with the Scorpions.

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Match Made in Heaven: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces

The earth and water signs of the zodiac seem to match with the nature of Scorpios. This perfect match might be because water signs understand the emotional needs of a Scorpio. They'd be the first to react and perceive the emotions ruling over a Scorpio among all the zodiacs. On the other hand, the earth signs can provide stability and practicality to the emotional and romantic Scorpio.

Cancers may be the best match with Scorpios because they can relate to each other's emotional needs. Both zodiacs have the natural tendency to bond with people whom they feel as important to their lives. The relationship between a Cancer and a Scorpio will be full of sympathy and compassion.

Both Scorpio and Virgo share the need to analyze before letting things into their lives. They may view the world from different perspectives, but their introspection and practicality will take them a long way. Scorpios may be stubborn, while Virgos may be cautious and careful. Their differences may lie at the extremes, but both can adjust to a level that suits each other's needs.

Scorpios and Capricorns also represent the relationship that can meet halfway. The thing that binds these two together is their natural tendency to build a façade to protect their personality's vulnerable side. They can work slow and steadily to achieve harmony. They can open up to each other and let their partners consume what the other gave them. Overall, the relationship between a Capricorn and a Scorpio is great.

Another water sign, Scorpios, relates with Pisces on a deeper, more emotional level. The bluntness and sensuality of a Scorpio balance the submissiveness and complete surrender of the Pisces. This relationship will work because the Pisces will provide what the Scorpio needs. In return, Scorpios validate the feelings of Pisces, which makes the relationship harmonious and peaceful.

Disastrous Relationship: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Aquarius

The fire and air signs will have a hard time dealing with a Scorpio. Their temperament and criticisms may be overwhelming to the hyper-sensitive Scorpio. When matched with a Scorpio, Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius will be a disaster in the making.

The fire signs Aries and Leo will be a bad match because of their enthusiasm and authoritarian personalities. Scorpios need an emotional connection, which the Aries will dismiss because emotions for an Arian is trivial. Leo and Scorpio won't last since their intensity will be a problem in the long run. There'll be a battle of wills, and that's a recipe for disaster in a relationship.

On the one hand, air signs will also be difficult because their signs are so different that they will repel each other. Scorpios have great emotional attachments, while Geminis will be less involved with their emotions and more intellectual. The same goes for Aquarians, who are more cerebral and rational when deciding and looking at things.

Anna Kovach lets you in on Scorpio Man Secrets to guide you in knowing more about him, gaining his trust, and satisfying him in all aspects of your relationship. 

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